2as an undergraduate major in telecommunication i

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Unformatted text preview: eking knowledge of science and was deeply absorbed in it. Meanwhile, I was always my parents’ pride at school. My excellent performance record and deep understanding and solving abilities enabled me to participate in Olympic Competitions of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry at the same time. I won first prize in mathematics and physics at the provincial level, and finished first in physics in the province and 21st nationwide. From these highly challenging competitions, I saw my strength and capabilities in observing, analyzing, synthesizing, and memorizing in the field of physics, and I chose it as my major when I was admitted into PPP University in 1999. 9.4 简洁正确的词汇 您应当时刻谨记要用尽可能简洁、正确的词汇,切忌用豪华累赘的词藻堆砌句子。 删去那些可要可不要的修饰词,避免柔和、无色彩、犹豫和不果断的语言。真正的文章 高手不是运用词汇最丰富的人,而是能够深入浅出表达思想和感情的人。正如 William Strunk 和 E.B.White ...
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