Biological control and bioremediation are very useful

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Unformatted text preview: 那本备受推崇的英文写作畅销书“the Elements of Style”中所提倡 的,让每一个字都发挥其作用“Make every word count。 ”他们说: Words such as rather, “ pretty, very, and little, are the leeches that infest the body of prose, sucking the blood of words. We should all try to do a little better, we should all be very watchful of this rule, for it is a rather important one and we are pretty sure to violate it now and then.”如果以此为标准斟酌 您的遣词造句,那么一段时间后,改过的文章与最初的稿子相比,其提高程度一定是非 常明显的。 请对比下面修改前与修改后的句子,来体会简洁词汇表达出的清晰明了的意思: 1.原句:Having been involved in theater arts activities for many years, on a wide variety of levels ranging from high school to independent repertory theater, I have naturally gained a fairly comprehensive acting experience. 修改后:My knowledge of acting comes...
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