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Due to my excellence in research i won over several

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Unformatted text preview: ce, in physics I won 1st in province and 21st in China. I think I was fit for study physics. I set for my goal: explore the arcane of the universe. My capacity of remembrance, analysis, observing and synthesis make me great prepared for future study and research in physics. So I entered PPP University, department of Physics. I have chosen physics as my major and I will do my best to do it. 点评 这个段落的缺点在于句子结构单调,大多数句子都以“I”来开头,且以 短句为多,读来就像是初学英文者写的。没有有效地写出很强的专业背景。请 对比修改后的段落: The passion for sciences was formed in childhood and is now concentrated in physics. My parents, who lived through those years in China with people’s attention to sciences only, ·119· 成功留学文书写作必备 deliberately guided my interests in sciences by bringing me lots of scientific readings and stories. With my curiosity aroused, I found myself spontaneously se...
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