Meanwhile i was always my parents pride at school my

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Unformatted text preview: 述一件很值得一提的个人经历,很难来一个煞风景的总 结性话语,那么也不要勉强。英文散文同中文散文的主要区别,在于英文表达得直接明 了简洁,没有中文的“形散而神不散”这种说法,不能先兜一个大圈子再回到正题上来。 放置主题句的好处是让作者循着某个主题,用几个相关的小主题及例子阐述开来,不至 于离题;也让读者非常快地明了您要说的东西。这一点对是否能留住面对大批申请文书 的评审教授能起到积极的作用。请看下面这段是如何围绕主题展开的: In addition to my course work and research, extracurricular activities provide me another wonderful life stage of learning. As the vice chairman of the Student Union in the School of Chemical Engineering, and the class leader helping with interactions between instructors and fellow students, I honed my skills in organizing meetings and coordination. As a member of the theatre troupe, I enjoyed myself in performances and improved my taste for the arts. As a lover of sports, I joined campus-wide volleyball and tennis games, which not only refreshed me, but also won me...
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