Moreover as my understanding of green chemistry and

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Unformatted text preview: 落之间良好的过 渡来体现的。文章读来是否条理顺畅、论点论据充分、甚至一气呵成,除了取决于取材 立意外,就是对段落句子间过渡的安排了。英文中有许多用来表达不同的意思过渡的词, 现列举如下: 叙述下文进一层的事实: as well, and, additionally, furthermore, also, too, in addition, another, besides, moreover 用来表示事件的先后顺序: first of all, meanwhile, followed by, then, next, before, after, last, finally, one month later, one year later 表示事物不同的重要性: first, second etc., next, last, finally, more importantly, more significantly, above all, 成功留学文书写作必备 primarily 举例说明: for example, for instance, to illustrate, this can be seen 表示事情的结果或效果: as a result, thus, consequently, eventually, therefore 引出与前面观点相反的内容: nonetheless, however, yet, but, though, on the other hand, although, even though, in contrast, unlike, differing from, on the contrary, instead, whereas, nevertheless, despite, regardless of 表示与前面内容相比较: in a diff...
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