This is not the sort of book a mets fan is likely to

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Unformatted text preview: 的节奏写 下来,短句可能只有主谓宾,中等长度的句子则可以包括不同形式的从句或分词短语, 长的句子则可能包括两个从句,或从句外加插入语,或从句加长的介词词组等。从字数 上说,15 个字以下的可算是短句,30 个字以上可算是长的句子了。一篇文章,如果一味 地追求长句子可能会令读者喘不过气来,也会给人以晦涩难懂的感觉。所以真正的写作 艺术是在中短句里偶尔掺杂长句,造成语言的气势。请比较下面这两段经过润色前后的 文章,来评判句子结构的多样化有多么重要: As a child, my parents brought me a lot of books on science. I always remember my parents pride for me. I love my parents, and I want to make them happy. I rank 1st in the class all the time and honored the best student of school. After I entered the No.1 Middle School and start with a new life full of energy, I took mathematics, physics, chemist Olympic Competitions at one time. In math and chemistry I won 1st prize only in Provin...
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