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Unformatted text preview: 第 11 章 优秀自传范文 Architecture/Urban Planning Personal Statement While some people view the Great Wall as a symbol of ancient China’s reluctance to change, I regard it as an architectural achievement that transcends time. No matter how many times I have hiked the Great Wall, every time I am there, a newer and stronger sense of amazement and pride thrills me. The Great Wall perfectly complies with the “good architecture” standard that the remarkable Roman architect Vitruvius set in his time. According to Vitruvius, a true piece of architecture must be structurally safe and sound, functionally logical and useful, and compositionally harmonic and aesthetic. As a senior architecture student, I consider the ability to design timeless architecture with durability, functionality, and beauty to be the pinnacle of achievement and have been actively pursuing every opportunity to reach this goal. In 1998, with an excellent high school academic record, I applied to China’s top architecture program in the Department of Architecture at TTT University and was admitted to the program, winning the Freshman Scholarship. Gathering top students from all over China, TTT University is famous for its intensely competitive environment. Most students spend 80% of their first three years working on the required class assignments and preparing for frequent quizzes and exams, leaving little time for other activities. Benefiting from my solid training since childhood in traditional Chinese painting, watercolor, and oil painting, as well as my early awareness of many architecture concepts due to the influence of my prominent architect uncle, I completed most assignments much faster than my peers and often with the highest 成功留学文书写作必备 scores. This offered me wonderful opportunities to engage myself in real-life architecture design early in my college years. In 1999, my friends and I started a design workgroup, Studio AAA. Among my talented friends, there are art students, an experienced interior designer, and an art teacher. Working with my friends, I have learned a great deal in the practical operation of the architecture industry. Each of our team members has a unique strength and although I was not initially as experienced as some of my friends, my creative ideas have inspired the development of several projects. Working diligently together, our Studio has achieved significant success. Since our opening, we have taken on and completed many projects. Among them are the interior and exterior design and construction of many residential houses, two Café Bars, one elementary school district plan, and several contemporary furniture designs. We have also participated in regular exhibitions and academic salons. Our latest achievement is winning the 3rd Prize in the Design Competition of the Educational Building of the Central Drama Academy, coming out ahead of many well established large design corporations. I have paid great attention to the construction and fabrication aspects of building architecture while working in Studio AAA. I have learned to feel the substance of a building while drawing lines and colors on my design blueprint. Only when I can naturally translate those lines and colors into concrete, steel, glass, and brick am I able to feel confident about my design. The more I work, the more I learn. I have gradually learned to appreciate and evaluate other architects’ work while accumulating more working experience. As a result, in May 2000, I won 2nd Prize in TTT University’s annual Challenger Cup of Science and Technology Competition with a unique furniture design. In May 2001, I won the Gold Cup in the First SSS Cup National Competition of Architecture Students, the most acclaimed national competition for Architecture students in China. My experiences outside of the college have, in turn, broadened my scope and allowed me many opportunities to participate in various research activities at school. In May 2000, due to my proficient command of English and sound academic background, I was selected to work with a visiting professor from Germany. Coming from different backgrounds and cultures, we discovered many interesting differences in our ways of thinking. Taking advantage of the differences, the German Professor and I had many long hours of discussion and eventually ·150· 第 1 部分 自 传 developed a very creative exhibition entitled “Architecture and Image: The Modernism Urban Buildings of Beijing”. In this exhibition, we displayed a rich collection of research and analysis work. Among them is my digital video piece that recorded and analyzed emerging issues with the urbanization of Beijing. My performance in this project won me immense trust from my professors. In April 2001, I was entrusted with another interesting and challenging assignment. This time, I cooperated with researchers from Britain’s YYY University to study one of the oldest districts in Beijing, the HHH District. In this project, we not only conducted detailed analysis on challenges facing HHH’s current situation but also completed a thorough mapping of the area. Upon completion of this project, I again won high praises from my professors and British colleagues. Both of these projects have allowed me to reach a deeper understanding of traditional Chinese architecture and the effects of urbanization on this area. I have developed a strong interest in the relationship between architecture and urban city development and have been paying closer attention to the historical and cultural background of building sites since then. Through my experiences working with international researchers, I have observed efficient working paces, creative approaches, advanced design and analysis techniques, insightful interpretations of architecture, and an in-depth knowledge base. Realizing modern architecture theories originate from the western world, I have a strong desire to study architecture in the United States. For the past 20 years, China has experienced rapid economic development that has greatly benefited Chinese people. Because architecture is about building for people to keep up with the speed of economic development, China’s architecture industry needs great improvement. Although I have been admitted to the Ph.D. program of TTT University’s School of Architecture and exempted from National Graduate School Entrance Examination, I believe that pursuing a Ph.D. Degree abroad will more greatly widen my horizons and, in the long run, benefit myself and the Chinese people. I am deeply impressed by your program’s strength in Buildings in Urban Space. I noticed that members of your faculty hold the leading position in this area. Since I intend to concentrate my graduate study in this field, I am confident that your program is a perfect place for me to absorb theoretical knowledge and to gain extensive research experience. I believe my outstanding academic performance, rich research and working experiences and years of training in ·151· 成功留学文书写作必备 literature and painting have equipped me with the basic tools to design a piece of architecture that Vitruvius would consider robust, useful, and artistic. However, for my architectural work to become a reality that would stand the passage of time, my tools need to be sharpened. I believe I have found the right place—XXX University! ·152· 第 1 部分 自 传 Personal Statement It was a cold gloomy night. I must have been woken up by the howling wind bashing against the fragile window next to my bed. Frightened by the flood surging into our house, I dashed into my mom’s arms the moment I heard her anxiously calling my name. That night, my warm and sweet home was forever gone with the rushing river. I was eight years old. I was desperate. Later, my family and I moved to NNN City, known as one of the “Four Ancient Towns of China”. In our history class, I learned that Foshan was built in 214 B.C. and the architecture of many sites and structures in this town is famous for its historic, scientific, and artistic value. Unfortunately, due to inappropriate urban planning, several historical sites have been destroyed over the years. Additionally, many of the remaining ones are losing their historical value as more and more modern structures are improperly built next to the ancient ones. It was in that history class that I first learned what “urban planning” means and it was also in that class that I learned that my home would not have been swept away in a flood if basic urban planning theory had been applied. Oscar Wilde once said, “Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us.” True. My childhood memory has turned the notion of urban planning from a curiosity to my passion. During my four years of study at the Department of City & Resource Planning of EEE University, one of the most prestigious universities in China, I won the Outstanding Student Scholarship twice. I not only won the highest scores in several major courses such as Economics Geography and Residential Planning, I also successfully achieved a high overall GPA of 3.56 and major GPA of 3.79. My academic competence and leadership excellence earned me enormous trust from my professors. I was picked to fill the only Teaching Assistant position when I was just a sophomore. Besides helping professors prepare handouts and grade homework, I actively collected students’ feedback and helped professors to make corresponding changes to their teaching agenda. What I enjoyed the most was organizing in-class discussions that helped students to thoroughly comprehend new concepts. My academic performance not only equipped me with good grasp of basic urban planning ·153· 成功留学文书写作必备 theories such as Central Place Theory, Core-Periphery Theory, Growth Pole Theory, but also gained me many opportunities to work on complex projects that were only assigned to top students. My first project was to participate in the Desheng Holistic CBD Design in DDD, China. Later I was assigned to two bigger projects—Planning of Towns and Cities System in HHH Metropolis Area and Planning of Towns and Cities System in QQQ Metropolis Area. In the latter project, participating students were divided into six groups and I was selected as the lead for the first group. I designed an effective research and planning approach. During the day, each of the group members visited various departments to collect data. At night, we worked together to analyze the data and write a research journal. We also made sure that we reported our progress to the professors periodically. Under my leadership, our group made rapid progress! At that time, continuously working several hours became a daily routine for me. Skipping meals or losing sleep was not tiring because I was totally fascinated by my work and once again I recognized my passion for urban planning. The longest and the most challenging project I have participated in was the Residential Mobility and Urban Restructuring Under Marketization. This was a cooperative work between EEE University and Hong Kong PPP University. From EEE University, a Ph.D. student and I were responsible for research in the GGG region of China. After two months' preliminary research, one month’s widespread residential surveys and three months' data analysis, we concluded that in the recent twenty years, under the changing influence from a planned economy to a free-market economy, residents of GGG have been constantly moving. The spread and centralization processes have changed the urban structure of GGG. To explain these changes, we used the Concentric Ring Model by EW Burgess and the Rent Theory by Hurd, Haig, and Ricardo. The completion of this project is, I believe, the best proof of my capability. During the six months that I worked with the Ph.D. students, I was not only able to bring up new ideas but also to focus on specific issues and reach final solutions independently. My performance impressed both the Ph.D. students and the professors to the extent that they almost forgot I was an undergraduate student. As the only undergraduate student working on this project, I was indeed very proud that our work was a success. My confidence has never been stronger and my passion for urban planning has never been more intense. My one-month internship at the Urban Planning Bureau of GGG City helped me set a clear goal for myself. ·154· Although I only worked for there for a short time, I was able to work closely 第 1 部分 自 传 with the urban planners at the Bureau. To my surprise, all of these planners have graduate degrees in urban planning; some even graduated from top universities abroad. All of them demonstrated solid professional knowledge and exemplary skills. Witnessing their efficiency in project management and execution, I realized that I was just starting in the field of Urban Planning. To achieve my goal of becoming a prominent urban planner, it is critical that I pursue an advanced degree in this field. The field of urban planning is broad, profound, and amazing. It is important that I choose the right program and devote all my energies to succeed in that program. With its 56-year history, North Carolina’s City and Regional Planning Department looks at the economic and social implications of city and regional planning, focuses on the economics, quantitative analysis, and social factor studies of the city and regional planning. This is unique in that other city and regional planning programs tend to study only the architecture, design, and engineering aspects of urban planning. To me this difference is absolutely critical. Your Ph.D. program is internationally renowned as THE best place to prepare students for careers in advanced research and professional practice in the field of city and regional planning. While I eventually hope to earn a Ph.D. degree from your program, my short-term goal is to enter North Carolina’s Master of City Planning program. The areas that I am most interested in studying include transportation planning, housing and community development. These areas are critical in today’s fast growing society. I believe studying in your program will allow me to not only achieve further understanding on the development of city and community planning but also to grasp the key points of transportation planning. Upon receiving a Ph.D. degree, I will return to China and devote myself to the advancement of China’s urban planning. My dream is to comprehend the urban thinking of the West, understand the urban concepts of ancient China, and eventually bring West and East together to influence China’s contemporary urban planning policy. I hope to help create a policy that addresses and solves issues like historic preservation and restoration, redevelopment of old city areas, modern urban ecology and quality of living, and regional growth and coordination. My dream is to become a responsible and knowledgeable urban planner so that no eight-year old child will ever wake up in the middle of the night to find his or her home taken away by the flood. I also hope that generations from now, children of Foshan City can proudly renew the wisdom of their heritage that goes back to 214 B.C. ·155· 成功留学文书写作必备 Personal Statement When a group of architecture students from Brazil, France, Spain, Turkey, Vietnam, and China won the first prize at the Workshops of Planning and Urban Design held at PPP city, Spain in summer 2002, I was among them. Beyond the joy and pride receiving this award, I cherish the memories of my international colleagues and our unforgettable days together where several languages mixed to exchange rich ideas, to have heated debates, and to often laugh out loud. The chemistry among us felt magical. Coming from different continents with different cultures, religions, and perceptions, and working toward a solution to help PPP city identify its unique personality and future path, the six of us agreed to disagree and impressed the workshop committee with our final convincing proposal—reload. By reload, we proposed to take full advantage of PPP city’s invaluable cultural and historical thickness while instilling new layers of contents to the city. Our design focused on enhancing traffic and vision connections, revitalizing public spaces, and improving the functional flexibility of different facilities, all to drive the maturity and development of PPP city. Without each of us contributing his or her knowledge and experiences to the fullest, our success would have been impossible. The best of each individual was brought out. I treasure the confidence I gained and the lessons I learned through this experience; I cherish even more the inspirations that have grown in me ever since. After the workshop, I spent forty-five days traveling Europe, visiting countries whose great architecture had been familiar to me only through books. These great works finally stood in front of me in reality. Words can barely describe my exhilaration the moment I step on the stairs of Guggenheim Museum that Frank O. Gehry had built and so many great architects before me must have paused at. The titanium-covered curving and bending forms were like blooming wild flowers flying and dancing under the eternal golden sunshine. Inside the flowers, a world of extraordinary order, wondrous structures, and mysterious lights and shadows was hidden. No picture or word can do its beauty true justice. As an architect, I was stunned by its charm; when countless non-architect visitors took pictures and chatted with each other about other interests, my heart was filled with thrills. Gehry’s creativity has not only produced an architectural wonder but also brightened Bilbao’s cultural life and dim economy. Who can deny ·156· 第 1 部分 自 传 the power of great architecture? Whenever I see architecture that embraces human needs, I recognize the most important component that makes up a true piece of architecture; I understand better what it means to be a great architect. Almost every moment of my days in Europe and every angle of the views in my scope fascinated me. I was amazed at the distinctive design of the spectacular Blaak Cube Housing, the Kunsthal, and the Netherlands Architecture Institute. I was even more struck by their details. No matter how unparalleled the architecture was, all of these structures incorporated seemingly small yet admirable human- friendly designs, from handicap convenient elevators and path access, to pleasant resting areas. Considering my own design philosophy, I was delighted to realize that although I am only a junior architect now, I have always paid great attention to human needs in my design, from small projects such as designing chairs and street lights to bigger challenges such as regional urban planning. I feel fortunate to have learned the important principal of helping and respecting the needs of all human beings equally while working as a volunteer at local orphanages, schools for handicapped children, and senior care centers. Finally observing kindness ingrained in great architecture with my own eyes has further strengthened my belief and encouraged me to work even harder to plant human spirit into each of my designs. My consistent diligence has always ensured me top places in my class. I was ranked No.1 in my junior high school for three consecutive years. After being admitted to ZZZ High School, the best high school in GGG province, I steadily remained in the top 10 list among the 300 students. Following my passion, in 1997, majoring in Architecture, I entered the College of Architecture and Civil Engineering of UUU University, the best Department of one of China’s most prestigious universities. If I had not proved my competency by winning scholarships every academic year and maintaining a No.2 status in architectural design and English courses, I would not have gained the privilege to attend 1999’s UIA in Beijing as one of the limited student representatives. I also would not have been selected as one of the only two Chinese students participating in 2002’s Workshops of Planning and Urban Design held in PPP, Spain. In June 2002, I graduated from UUU University with an excellent score on my thesis project. In my thesis, I made a comprehensive proposal to improve GGG city’s oldest yet liveliest business district, FFF. Through substantial field survey, careful investigation, resource ·157· 成功留学文书写作必备 collection, and data analysis, I derived a complete set of design plans. My plan not only proposed the urgency of protecting this region’s historical value in the short-term but also raised the importance of transforming traditional bamboo-structured houses into modern buildings to meet the long run demands of the Information Age. My proposal was later adopted as THE plan for FFF’s urban development plan. I started working at the GGG Province Architectural Design Institute after I graduated from college. So far, I have been involved with several projects, including the designs of hospitals, office buildings, commercial centers, and residential parks. Working in the real world has not only helped me learn valuable practical knowledge, but also made me realize today’s vast opportunities, as well as limitations, facing modern architects in China. Joining the World Trade Organization has brought boundless possibilities to China, as well as Chinese architects. While it is critical we build functional new structures required by the ever increasing pace of society, we must preserve the traditions passed on to us from hundreds of previous generations. Every time I read a news article reporting that a poorly designed urban plan has caused the extinction of yet another historical structure, my heart aches. Then I remember the harmony I enjoyed walking down the streets in Germany, Italy, and France, tasting the brick and stone wearing history on one side and digesting the glass- and steel-fused future on the other. An astonishing balance was born from the contrast. The more I think about it, the more intrigued I am. The more intrigued I am, the clearer I see my desire. I long for opportunities that allow me to learn to balance history with reality; I long for opportunities that inspire me to dissect the eastern and western urban design philosophies and understand them. I long for a moment where my dream becomes a reality. The graduate architecture program of your prominent University is where I am eager to devote my heart, time, and energy to in the next few years to obtain a Master Degree in Architecture. Besides an excellent academic record, I have also equipped myself with strong leadership abilities through taking part in various leadership positions. I was elected the Vice President of the Student Union at the College of Architecture and Civil Engineering. My passion for literature and arts led to many early mornings and late nights dedicated to the popular university journal “Architect”, where I served as the editor-in-chief. My love for sports has taught me that success and failure make life more interesting. I have full confidence that the professional knowledge and experiences I have accumulated through years of hard work, as ·158· 第 1 部分 自 传 well as my good nature and love for life, have prepared me well for facing new challenges and contributing myself to the success of your program. Although I had never dreamed that a love for painting would lead me to a wonderful career of architecture, I have often dreamed of using my pen to make this world a more beautiful place to live. Although I had never dreamed that helping people in need would one day inspire me to center urban planning on people, I have dreamed of using my heart to make this world a warmer place to live. Although I had never dreamed that I could visit Europe and win an International award one day, I have dreamed of making efforts to make this world a friendlier place to live. Life is filled with challenges and opportunities. I may not know which of my dreams will come true the next but I know that I am determined to reach my full potential to become the best person I can be, to make the world the greatest place we can imagine! ·159· 成功留学文书写作必备 Personal Statement Ever since I learned to write, I have made notes in my precious journal titled “My Dreams”. From the smallest plans such as winning the regional grade school students’ painting competition to the most ambitious desires like becoming a professor or traveling the world, I have captured these achievements in my journal. While life is not always as simple as setting agendas and completing tasks, the idea of conceiving, believing, and achieving has inspired my passion toward my goals and driven me to work diligently to fulfill them. William E. Holler said, “What the future holds for us depends on what we hold for the future. Hard working todays make high-winning tomorrows.” I hold the same philosophy. A Solid Start Although my parents earned meager wages working as ordinary clerks, they have invested generously on my education since I was a child. I started to learn painting and piano at age XXX. Unlike many of my childhood friends who resented their parents for forcing them to take extra classes, I was grateful for my parents’ confidence in me and was determined to make them proud. I enjoyed those classes and made the most use of them. As a result, many of my paintings and hand-crafted works have won top awards in local and school Arts and Culture Festivals over the years. In high school, I studied hard and was honored as the “Outstanding Student” for three consecutive years. In 1995, as I was graduating from high school, my excellent performance won me admission to the Department of Architecture at JJJ University after being exempted from the National University Entrance Examination. Studying Architecture in China’s best Architecture program was a dream comes true for me. I totally immersed myself in the highly competitive and dynamic learning and researching environment and thirstily absorbed new knowledge. My eagerness to quickly learn and grasp new concepts led to many long hours of reading, actively attending seminars, and working on projects day and night. My hard work paid off. During the five years studying in JJJ University, ·160· 第 1 部分 自 传 I won numerous scholarships including the University Top Scholarship. A Bloomed Passion My interest in Urban and Regional Planning started when I attended various national symposia, academic seminars, and international academic exchanges held regularly by the College of Architecture and Urban Planning. I became fascinated by the various issues discussed in these activities and was eager to know more. I took every possible chance to sit in Urban and Regional Planning classes. To keep myself informed of the latest Urban Planning research development in western countries, I frequently read journals like “Landscape Architecture” and “Journal of The American Planning Association”. To enlarge my scope and enhance my skills, I also actively participated in programs including internships, field-trips, part-time jobs, and social investigations. I decided to pursue Urban Planning as a lifelong career during my internship. In 1998, while working as an Intern in SSS Architecture and Design Institute, I got involved in the “HHH Province XX City’s New City Center Urban Planning Project”, my first professional Urban Planning project. In this project, I was responsible for conducting field investigations and generating regional situation analysis drawings. To deliver the best results, while doing fieldwork, I made careful observations and recorded every detail. The drawings I created reflected the detailed geographical, historical, and structural aspects of the small and mid-sized cities in this region; it also studied how these aspects have helped shape these regions’ characteristics. These drawings provided valuable information for our proposal to help achieve effective maintenance, protection, and development for cities in this region. This project was a huge success. Through this experience, I further expanded my knowledge in regulatory and overall planning. I came to fully understand the importance of meticulous research and gained a strong sense of cooperation. My performance won me high praises from my colleagues, advisor, and the management team in the Institute. I was honored with the title of “Excellent Intern”. I enjoyed every moment of my internship and recognized that my passion lies in Urban Planning. Successfully completing my first Urban Planning project independently not only encouraged my determination to study Urban Planning but also stimulated a stronger ·161· 成功留学文书写作必备 enthusiasm to devote myself to this area. An Exciting Discovery Since graduating from college, I have worked as a junior architect for SSS XX Architecture and Design Consulting Company for two years. During these two years, I have completed many projects including the NNN Southern Region Planning, MMM Business and Commercial Center Planning, and the DDD New Development Planning International Consulting Contest. My highly demanding job has allowed me to fully utilize my technical and interpersonal skills. I have dedicated tremendous efforts to my job. In turn, I achieved great confidence in my ability to excel in projects and exceed customers’ expectations. I have learned that accomplishment comes from believing in oneself, setting clear goals, and pursuing goals persistently. My company has close relationships with several foreign companies. Working with them, I have become aware of Urban Planning on an international scale. At the same time, I have realized the immaturity of China’s Urban Planning development. Working with NBBJ and other American companies on the DDD New Development Planning International Consulting Contest, I was deeply impressed by my American colleagues’ rigorous logical thinking, creative experimental spirit and professional expertise. I realize my American colleagues’ successes are deeply rooted in the unique, open culture in which they live. While extremely proud of my Chinese heritage, I am fascinated by Western thinking, research, and creative approaches to problem solving. For these reasons, I have decided to pursue a graduate degree from a prominent University in the U.S. An Ambitious Outlook China’s rapid economic development has created great opportunities to establish modern urban developments. Urban planners must fully understand the ever-changing society, new technology, and changes in people’s perceptions. On the other hand, urban planners also face challenges to preserve and protect the historical and cultural values of the existing structures while building new ones. All these require advanced Urban Planning theories and techniques ·162· 第 1 部分 自 传 that fit the rhythm of China’s economic development. I believe that pursuing a Ph.D. degree will not only fulfill my personal goals but also benefit the Chinese people. I plan to devote all my energy to obtain a Ph.D. degree in Urban Planning within 4 years. I plan to not only conduct research on current issues of Urban Planning but also study the social and political implications of Urban Planning. While studying toward my Ph.D., I would also like to explore areas such as Community and Economic Development. My ultimate goal is to become a University professor. By achieving this goal, I hope to combine my experience in China with the Western research methods and philosophy to broaden my horizon and become a leading person for China’s Urban Planning development in order to help policy makers and urban planners reach the best solutions. The University of XXX, prestigious for its work ethic and nurturing academic and research atmosphere, is a university I have long admired. The faculties in your Urban and Regional Planning program lead the research fronts in XXX, XXX, and XXX. Since I intend to conduct research in these areas, I consider your program an ideal place for me to conduct in-depth and meaningful work. A Determined Heart “We should try to make the life of others more meaningful and beautiful because of our existence,” Romen Roland once said. I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment. I appreciate that my parents sacrificed many of their needs in order to provide me with abundant educational opportunities early in life. Their sacrifice has made my life more meaningful and beautiful. As an urban planner, and having witnessed China’s sensational and magnificent development over the past 20 years, I feel that only when I am using my knowledge and experience to contribute to China’s Urban Planning development and make other people’s lives more beautiful, will my life become truly meaningful. Like I always have, I will give all I have to succeed in your program. Like I always have, I will contribute all I have to make your program proud of me. ·163· 成功留学文书写作必备 Biology/Biomedical Personal Statement My interest in Biomedical Engineering was inspired by many amazing discussions between my parents at home. Mom, a doctor practicing Chinese medicine, believed that human proficiency is the most important factor when treating a patient. Dad, an electrical engineer, held the view that advanced technology is more critical. I remember many times when their debates heated and I would say, “Come on, why can’t we have something that combines the strengths of both aspects?” I said it so often that I became a believer of integrating traditional medical practice into efficient engineering techniques. In fact, I was so eager to explore this field that I chose to major in Biomedical Engineering when I entered OOO University (OU)in 1995 after earning an excellent score in the National University Entrance Examination. Seven years have passed and I have since graduated from college with honors, earned a Master degree from China’s most prestigious biomedical engineering research center, Institute of Acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and am now working as a research staff in SSS Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. With a solid background in biomedical ultrasound, biomedical signal processing and speech signal processing and with an eagerness to learn more, I have decided to pursue a Ph.D. degree in your acclaimed program. During my undergraduate study in OU, one of China’s top Science and Engineering universities, I devoted most of my time to my major course of study and enjoyed a great sense of fulfillment after the successful completion of each course and project. I was ranked No.2 in the 30-student class and maintained an overall GPA of 3.51 and concentration GPA of 3.8, despite the strict grading system and keen competition. I won the “Excellence Scholarship” for four consecutive years and was honored with the title “The Outstanding Student” and “The Excellent Student”. ·164· 第 1 部分 自 传 My first exposure to Ultrasound Signaling Processing started when I joined the Biomedical Ultrasound Instrumentation Laboratory during my senior year. I was fortunate to study under Professor CCC, the Chair of the High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) program. Studying the applicability of HIFU, we found that no abnormal change was detected in the inferior veins of swine which had been insonated in HIFU. This experiment confirmed the safety of HIFU, especially to large blood vessels. I extended this research to my undergraduate thesis: HIFU System Software Programming. In this research, I not only developed a Graphic User Interface using Delphi 5 but also created image processing algorithms and conducted simulation tests. In order to enhance the clinical tumor recognition capability, I applied different image processing algorithms, including histogram equalization, gray transformation, Edge Enhancement, and image segment to the HIFU B-Ultra. My painstaking efforts paid off and I received positive comments on my work from the doctors. My excellent academic and research performance earned me the opportunity to conduct research in Ultrasound Signaling Processing as a graduate student in the Institute of Acoustics, part of the prominent Chinese Academy of Sciences. In my first year there, I participated in a joint project between my lab and Shenzhen Delicate Electronics Co. Ltd. Our group was responsible for designing the Multi-channel Transcranial Doppler (TCD) algorithm and conducting simulation. My focus was on Doppler signal processing. In order to accurately interpret the information in Doppler signal, I read a variety of papers about haemodynamics, physics of ultrasound propagation, ultrasonic fields and the Doppler power spectrum. Enlightened by these readings, I divided my project into several components: (1) Cascaded Integrator-Comb(CIC) filter used to reduce sampling rate; (2) phase-shifting filter (101-order Hilbert filter) used to extract forward and reverse sound components; (3) wall filter(6-order IIR filter); (4) base-line adjustment of sonogram; (5) envelope extraction of sonogram(Modified Geometric Method); (6) characteristics extraction of Doppler signals, including the zero-pole model method and the Teager energy method. This research introduced great clarity and efficiency into my project. I worked days and nights and, in the end, successfully completed the project in spite of many difficulties I had encountered during the process. I produced a 100-page algorithm report that described my design and findings in great detail. Based on this research, I later published a paper XXXX on the Technical Acoustics. I am most proud of the fact that my algorithm design has been adopted on the successful product EMS-9A TCD. ·165· 成功留学文书写作必备 The second project I engaged in during my graduate study brought me even more satisfaction. Using a text-dependent speaker recognition system I had developed, the XXX Police Department was able to pick out a kidnapper from a line of suspects and solve a seemingly difficult case. This text-dependent speaker recognition system was funded by the National High-tech Plan and is based on the Hidden Markov Model using Mel Frequency Cepstrum Coefficients (MFCC) and ∆MFCC as feature vectors. This system, which is implemented on a PC with Visual C++, achieves high recognition accuracy. Audio Engineering accepted my paper, XXXXX, which summarizes this project. After finishing graduate school, I joined SSS Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. to apply my theoretical knowledge to real life and to explore new horizons. I was responsible for the research and development of the Frequency Doppler Module, a part of DP9900: the Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging System (B TYPE). Thanks to my solid signal processing and ultrasound background, I finished the algorithm simulation and hardware design before the deadline. During the test, doctors were impressed with the great performance of the module. Technically, I was more ambitious, contemplating further improvement of the product. I used FFT as the spectral estimation method. The limitations of the periodogram approach have driven me to search for alternative methods. Currently, I am testing the feasibility of using AR model because AR model has many advantages over FFT such as accurate estimation of frequency from a much shorter segment of data. I have made great progress in hardware design during this process. I studied B-ultra thoroughly and consequentially I am able to understand the application of FPGA (ALTERA), embedded CPU (Motorola MCF5206) and digital signal processors (TI TMS320C6711). Furthermore, I have conducted experiments for Dr.xxx’s paper: “Evaluation of Right Ventricular Systolic and Diastolic Function with Tricuspid Annular Doppler Spectrum”. Having accumulated a wealth of valuable theoretical knowledge and practical experience, I firmly believe that biomedical ultrasound and signal processing are fields worthy of my life-long dedication. Now I am enjoying every minute of my research and looking forward to going deeper and further. With its pioneering faculties, variety of advanced courses, and state-of-the-art facilities, your renowned Biomedical Engineering program, will certainly facilitate my achievement of remarkable academic progress and fulfill my aspiration to become ·166· 第 1 部分 自 传 an excellent BME research scientist. Malcolm Forbes said, “It is great to arrive, but the trip’s most always most of the fun.” I am truly ready for the trip to come! ·167· 成功留学文书写作必备 Chemistry/Chemical Engineering Personal Statement I believe a meaningful life should be all about aiming high and working hard to reach that high. When I finally made the risky decision in spring 1999 to apply for WWW University, one of the best universities in China I knew I needed to try and realize my full potential, even if I might lose. In China, competition is so intense that if one misses his or her target 1st-choice college, s/he may miss the chance of entering other good universities at all. In my case, I hadn’t done very well in several practice examinations before the National College Entrance Examination (NCEE) and so, to be on the safe side, my parents and friends suggested that I consider other colleges although they all knew I had my eyes on WU. However, I had always dreamed of studying in the dynamic academic environment of WU. I so was determined to acquire admission that I studied days and nights to pas the NCEE in the few months after I submitted my applications to WU. Someone once said other people know who you are by what you have done but you know who yourself is by what you are capable of doing. With my tremendous efforts and confidence in myself, I improved my score by nearly 100 points in the NCEE and was accepted by WU. After entering WU, I chose Chemistry as my major because I had long been attracted to this area. In high school, Chemistry was my favorite course and spending time in the chemistry lab doing interesting experiments was always a high point for me at school. In WU, I have opportunities to access the most advanced experiment equipment in China and have learned many advanced research methods, making me even more attracted to the field of Chemistry. I have studied very hard through the four years in college and have built up a well-rounded background not only in Chemistry, but also in other areas including Mathematics, Physics, and Biology. As a result of my excellent academic record, in 2001, I was awarded the People’s Scholarship, the highest academic award of WU. ·168· 第 1 部分 自 传 Understanding that good research skills are essential to a successful scientist, I joined Prof. XXX’s group when I started my sophomore year. Because most students wait until their third year at university to start research, Professor XXX was surprised at my application. After having a long talk with me, discovering my background, and understanding my goals, Professor XXX gladly accepted me to his group. Professor XXX’s research lies mainly in the XXXX area. For the first few weeks working in the group, I found myself almost overwhelmed by unfamiliar technology and advanced research methods. I tried my best to catch up by spending most of my leisure time in the library reading research papers and books, doing my best conducting each experiment, and having discussions with professor XXX and other team members whenever I encountered problems. In a short period of time, I not only understood what was going on, but was able to contribute to the research with creative ideas. My main research task is to XXXX. This gives me a very good opportunity to utilize advanced synthesis and analysis methods and experience various experimental equipments. Though my outstanding lab skills help me carry out tasks efficiently, from time to time, I have to overcome difficulties in my research. Sometimes success only comes after many failures. I find failures are as valuable to my work as successes because failures not only help me become a stronger person but also to become more technically competitive. My diligence and perseverance comes from devoting myself to my coursework and experiments. This diligence has helped me accomplish my tasks ahead of task ever since high school. In 2002, when I was still a junior, my paper, “Ammoxidation to 3, 4-Dichlorobenzonitrile over VPO/SiO2 Catalyst”, was published in WWW University Journal of Natural Science, a prominent scientific journal in China. This paper is also the very first paper published by any student in my class. In XXXX, I presented ‘name of the paper’ in the 11th National Catalysis Conference. Besides spending time on studying and research, I have participated in a variety of social activities, both in and out of school. I won the second prize in a University Speech Competition in 1999. As the President of the Debate Association of the Chemistry Department, I successfully organized several competitions inside our department. As the captain of our department team, I won the prize of “Excellent Debater” in a school-wide debate competition. When I was the President of the Student Union of the Department of Chemistry, one of my classmates had leukemia and was seriously ill. I organized a campaign and raised XXXX to cover part of his medical expenses. Personally, I donated 50 RMB, nearly a quarter of my monthly expenses for school. I value these social activities for they have given me ·169· 成功留学文书写作必备 opportunities to realize the importance of human kindness, working in a team, being a good leader, all qualities that are desired of a successful scientist. As I am graduating from WU, I am proud that I have reached the high goals that I set for myself four years ago. Now I am aiming even higher - to apply to the world famous university XXX. Four years of hard work and research have well prepared me with a solid academic background and I have decided to extend my research and study in your Ph.D. program. XXX University is an internationally prestigious university for research in chemistry. The Ph.D. study in XXX University will be a start of my concentrated research in chemistry and it will be the most precious experiences in my professional life. I believe life is a continuous process of reaching for higher and higher and I am ready for that. ·170· 第 1 部分 自 传 Communications Personal Statement China’s entry to the World Trade Organization (WTO) is a turning point in its rapid economic development. It signifies that China is ready to join the global community and follow international trade rules. While in the past 20 years China’s economy has experienced tremendous transformation that benefits Chinese people and people abroad greatly, its political policies have stayed the same. Majoring in Communication, I understand the critical role mass media plays in influencing people’s perceptions. As one of the first students in China to study the impact Internet and Computer networks have on China’s political and social improvement, I understand the how the revolutionary Internet and the conventional media such as newspapers, magazines, radios, and televisions are becoming powerful forces consistently driving China’s slow yet inevitable democratization. People, the organizations they in which they work and the society in which they live will go through dramatic changes in this process. In turn, these changes will shape China’s future political systems. In-depth studies on traditional and contemporary theories of Interpersonal Communication, Mass Communication, and Organizational Communication will help scholars, managers, entrepreneurs and policy makers better understand the role of mass communication in society’s progress and to make the most effective use of it. Through many research projects and field trips during my undergraduate years BBB, I have realized the importance of Communications and am deeply fascinated by the potential difference I can make as a junior researcher in the field of Communications. Upon graduating from college next year, I plan to pursue a Ph.D. degree to attain broader insights in this field and make an even bigger difference in people’s lives. My active participation in the Youth Volunteer Association led me to many field trips to places ranging from China’s most remote developing regions like Ningxia and Guizhou to the highly developed provinces such as Guangdong. Witnessing the inefficiency of many local ·171· 成功留学文书写作必备 organizations and the antiquated problem-solving culture, I became aware of the huge economic and cultural development gap between different regions. I conducted a detailed investigation and collected a comprehensive set of data on the economic, social, and culture aspects from these regions. Based on many interviews and my statistical analysis, I wrote a paper titled “Media Reformation and Social Democratization”. In this article, I discussed the social and political implications of China’s admission to the WTO and how media, especially Internet media, has the possibility to make a greater contribution to political reformation. The Internet, as a fresh new medium and with its increasing penetration in China, is making mass political participation one step closer to realization. In this infant stage of political transformation, I believe that the media should not only shoulder the responsibility of promoting democratization but also take full consideration of the instability that social democratization may bring to society. My paper pointed out that for media to merely participate in this reformation with an open mind is not enough; whether or not media is able to exercise the most conscientious tactics is key in this process. My paper was published in China’s core communication academic journal Modern Communications in December 2001 and drew out wide attention. My concentration on Broadcast Communication requires not only a solid knowledge in communication theories but also high proficiency in various computer applications. I have a solid grasp of computer languages such as Java and FoxBASE and have effectively applied them to several projects in which I have been I involved. For instance, when working with Professor xxxx in the Economics Department to study the psychological impact Internet has on its audiences, I conducted market analysis in several dot com companies using Java and FoxBASE. My findings on the characteristics of China’s Communication market won wide praise. Later, based on this research, I published a paper XXXX (name of the paper) in XXXX, a highly acclaimed journal. I became attracted to the part Internet plays in Organizational Communication after joining a research group led by a prominent professor of CCC University to study the interrelationship between the Internet and Organizational Communication. It is amazing to observe the fundamental role that telephones, fax machines, and computer networks play in an organizations’ management, cooperation, coordination, decision making processes, both internally and externally. Inspired by our research and determined to study more on this aspect, ·172· 第 1 部分 自 传 I selected Internet News as my minor during my sophomore year. Studying in this program offered me more opportunities to look at the relationships between people’s adoption of the latest networking technology and changes in perception to economic and social development in the society. Further, I studied the effect that advanced networking technology has on organizations’ cultures. I spent many hours reading in the library and discussing current issues with my advisor. The harder I worked, the more interested I become in this area. In the end, I graduated from the Internet News program ranked first in my class, the first class in China that studies Internet as a mass media. Studying in China’s best communication program was a privilege and I devoted every minute to taking full advantage of the dynamic academic and research environment in BBB. For me, maintaining an excellent academic standing is a prerequisite to engaging extra research and social activities. Therefore, I worked diligently to make sure I did not miss any opportunities. My hard work paid off. I not only won the No.1 place in my Department for three consecutive years since I entered college but also got elected as the 23rd President of BBB’s Student Union. Among the numerous awards I have won are the University Top Scholarships, the University Excellent Student Award, Beijing City Outstanding Student, and Beijing City Excellent Leader Honor. As the Student Union President, I organized many successful activities including the Annual Arts and Culture Festival in BBB. As a committee member in the 8th Beijing University Students Movie Festival, I got chance to interview China’s first-rate movies directors including Xie Fei and Feng Xiaoning. From them, I received many insightful opinions. My four years at BBB were the most amazing times of my life so far. Although I have received admission to BBB’s Master program after being exempted from the National Graduate School Entrance Examination and have come to love and be attached to BBB, I realize the importance of stepping out from one’s comfort zone to pursue more exciting and challenging experiences in order to reach one’s full potential. My aunt, my advisor, and two of my best friends all have experiences visiting and studying in the United States. Hearing them talking about the creative research atmosphere in the U.S. immensely stimulates my courage and eagerness to study abroad. Your prestigious program attracted my attention with its renowned faculty members and its leading position in the organizational communication research area. I believe it is the ideal place for me to accumulate advanced theoretical and practical experiences in this field. I ·173· 成功留学文书写作必备 plan to devote all my time and energy and obtain a Ph.D. degree from your program within four years. All people, including myself, had thought that I have been successful because I am “gifted”. That may be true but what is truer is that I succeed because I am determined to do so. In the winter of my junior year, during an interview on a construction site, I accidentally fell to the ground from a 2-story high building. My neck, back, and legs suffered severe injury. Adding to the unbearable physical pain was my doctor’s prediction that I would be confined to bed for at least three months and BBB’s suggestion that I take one year off. I was so depressed that I didn’t know what to do for several days. Then I told myself that my leg may be broken but my brain is not. I asked my classmates to record every class for me. For these classes I not only sent all the homework on time via Internet but also participated all the group discussion sessions that were required. In the last class, our group voted me to give a presentation on our research. That day is probably the proudest day in my life – after completing the presentation, while still leaning on my crutches, I saw my professor and fellow classmates all stand up and applaud me until I couldn’t hold my tears any longer. I won the highest score in that course, like I always have. China’s democratization process may be prove to be a bumpy and sometimes painful road. However, with determination and persistence, democracy will prevail sooner or later. I am determined to be part of the process. ·174· 第 1 部分 自 传 Computer Science Personal Statement One of the finest quarterbacks in Pro football history, Roger Staubach, said, “confidence doesn’t come out of nowhere. It is a result of hours and days and weeks and years of constant work and dedication.” Having focused on the studies of Intelligent Systems since I entered the Masters program at the Institute of Automation at the CCC, I have conducted extensive research in the field of intelligent systems, including fuzzy systems, neural networks and their applications and have published several academic papers in acclaimed domestic and international journals. I have come to recognize that it is the combination of my strong interest in intelligent systems and my solid mathematics and computer background that has taken me so far. I have full confidence that I am well prepared to go further and pursue my childhood dream —obtain a Ph.D. Degree in Electrical Engineering, eventually becoming a knowledgeable professor. After winning the First Prize in the highly competitive National High School Students’ Mathematics Competition in 1996, I was offered, without being required to take the entrance exam, entry to the best Mathematics program in China, the School of Mathematical Sciences in XXX University. During the four years that I studied at XXX University, I worked very hard and maintained a position in the top 5 students in the Department. During my junior year, driven by my long-time interest in Artificial Intelligence, I took an Artificial Intelligent course offered in graduate school and was ranked No.1 in the class, despite being the only undergraduate student. I was completely fascinated by what was covered in this class and was so encouraged by this experience that I decided to study Artificial Intelligence in graduate school. Since entering the Institute of Automation in the CCC as a Master’s Degree candidate, I have ·175· 成功留学文书写作必备 been working as a Research Assistant in the Center of Intelligent Control and System Engineering. Based on my research experience in the neuro-fuzzy based Traffic Flow Predication systems, I published and presented a paper titled “A Neuro-Fuzzy System Approach for Forecasting Short-Term Freeway Traffic Flows” at the IEEE 5th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems held in Singapore in September, 2002. My proposal on a new type of Neuro-Fuzzy system and its learning algorithm and modeling algorithm led to two more papers: “A New Neuro-Fuzzy System And Its Learning Algorithm” submitted to the International Conference on Fuzzy Information Processing Theories and Applications (FIP) held in Beijing, March, 2003 and “Mamdani Type Fuzzy Inference System Modeling Based on RBF Neural Networks” submitted to China’s authoritative journal Pattern Recognition and Artificial. Attending the CASIA Annual Conference on Automation and Information Technology held in Beijing 2002, I presented two papers: “A New Quick Learning Algorithm for RBF Networks” and “Signal Control Under Hybrid Traffic Flow of an Isolated Intersection”. My latest research paper “Study on the Signal Timing of Hybrid Traffic Flow” has been submitted to the Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System and is expected to be published in June 2003. While I am proud that my research findings have been reflected in a series of publications, I am even more pleased to see that my programming skills and dedicated working attitude have led to the successful completion of all projects in which I have been involved. For example, I designed and developed an effective E-Business website while working as a Student Researcher in the Joint Research Center sponsored by the Math School of XXX University and TTT Co., Ltd. when I was a junior in college. Working as a summer intern in the Multimodal User Interface Group at Microsoft Research Branch in China, I worked with my group members closely and built a mathematical pen model for the Chinese computer users. Later, working part-time in the same group, I developed an efficient Computational Geometry Algorithms that significantly improved the computation speed from 1 hour to 30 seconds. My latest progress is the design and development of a Communication Server Program used on the Traffic Systems for managing communications between traffic control center and field traffic systems. This program was implemented in Winsock and visual C++ and has been adopted in a commercial product named GreenPass iTOP CommManager 2.0 and is currently being tested in Ningbo. ·176· 第 1 部分 自 传 Doing research is only one of my hobbies. My other hobbies include playing soccer, watching and reviewing movies. I was an active member of the Department Soccer Team and the Vice Chairman of the XXX University Movie Club when I was in college. My extracurricular activities have brought excitement and joy into my life. In some ways, they always recharge my energy after many long hours of reading and researching. While conducting research on fuzzy systems, neural networks and their applications, I came across your program. I’ve read Professor XXX (name)’s XXX (paper, article) published in XXXX (journal) and Professor’s XXX (book). Their studies have opened up my scope in the field of fuzzy systems and neural networks and have helped my research immensely. Now, as I am choosing a Ph.D. program to continue my research in fuzzy systems and neural networks, I intend to work with the pioneers of this field. Since the faculties in your program have led the current research trend, I am eager to join your program and look forward to conducting worthy research with members of you faculty in the near future. ·177· 成功留学文书写作必备 Statement of Purpose “Goals determine what you are going to be.” ——Julius Erving My coming graduation puts me right in front of a career crossroad. After four years of undergraduate study, I must now choose my future path. Should I join the industry to work for a company; or should I pursue graduate study and go on with my research interests in Computer Science? My answer is the latter. After examining my interests and strengths, it became clear to me that my career is in academia. Developments in Computer Science and Computer Engineering have made the world a much more interesting and fascinating place. I am eager to devote myself to this field in order to discover the beauty of human intelligence and to help make the world a more wonderful place. Pre-college success kindled my interest in Science To become a scientist has been my dream since I was a child. I did my best at school to succeed in classes. I showed strong interests in natural science and mathematics at a young age. I won the second prize of National Mathematics Olympiad at age XX . This experience encouraged me to always work hard in order to remain at the top of my class. In 1996, I won the 3rd prize of National Mathematics Olympiad for junior middle school students. Finally I won the 1st prize in 1999’s National Physics Olympiad for high school students. My solid background in Mathematics and General Physics has given me great confidence in my ability to learn new knowledge. I was very fortunate to be exposed to computers at an early age. Although I did not own a computer at that time, I was totally fascinated by the magic computers could do and I made up my mind to pursue my dream in CS. Majoring in Computer Science gave me a wonderful education and research experience in college In the fall of 1999, I was admitted to the Department of Computer Science at XXX University as one of the top 10 students in the department, earning a high score of 643 (out of 700) in the ·178· 第 1 部分 自 传 National College Entrance Examination. The solid education background in Computer Science I have built during these four years has greatly broadend my scope and has shown me the boundless possibilities of the IT world. In 2001, I participated in the “XXX University Ethernet LAN Project” and was in charge of building networks for student dorms. After successfully completing this job, I developed a server software called “Long-distance Education and Examination System” with a team of four members. The time was limited so we worked diligently for more than two months in order to successfully accomplish the task. Working on hardware installation, configuration, and software programming proved my potential and ability to conduct research independently, as well as a part of a team. I was indeed pleased and proud when our software was implemented in production and functioned flawlessly throughout the whole campus. In the year of 2002, I joined the development of “CCC Governmental Financial Report Forms Database System”. The development team was made up of 16 designers and programmers. My work was focused on system requirement analysis and redundant data elimination. From this experience, I gained a deeper understanding on the very importance of cooperation and standardization. As a student in Computer Science, the experiences I have achieved in research projects strengthened my confidence to be a scientist. Diverse Fields broaden my horizon We live in the Age of Information. Researchers are required to have a wide range of knowledge in diverse fields. An engineer or a scientist with knowledge in areas outside ones specialty are usually able to think creatively and solve problems more efficiently. My success prior to entering college, coupled with my interests in physics and mathematics, has kept me well informed of the development of the frontier of modern science. My passion drives me to become a scientist in Computer Science, not just an Engineer. Reasons for applying for your department I consider …University ideal for me because of its high reputation in computer science, its beautiful campus and its unique facilities. I am interested in the Ph.D. programs in Computer ·179· 成功留学文书写作必备 Science, especially in bioinformatics, as well as computer networks, databases and functional programming. I think that my excellent performance in my undergraduate studies and research projects meets your Ph.D. program and financial aid requirements. I am confident that my hard work and intelligence will allow me to continue do well in the future. As John Dryden said, “he who wants to search for pearls must dive deep.” I am a person who will always dive deep to face challenges. ·180· 第 1 部分 自 传 Agricultural Economy Personal Statement Though the rural economy in China is under fast industrialization, it is still of an agrarian nature and facing inevitable competition from the rest of the world. By learning more about the field of agricultural economics, I aim at enabling myself to better understand the current situation and then to help propel the development of China’s rural economy. Born in rural China, I am familiar with the lives of people there and have had the long-term dream of contributing efforts to the improvement of living conditions. I feel that the best way for me to accomplish this goal is to learn advanced theories and applications of rural economical research from your program, and then appropriately apply this expertise based on the characteristics of our country. This dream first led me to the undergraduate study of XXXX (major) at DDD University in 1997. The four years of fruitful study have helped me build a solid foundation in areas such as economics, statistics, calculus, and linear algebra. I take much pride in the fact that of a class of 38 students, I ranked in the top three for all courses and ranked first in my major courses. My talent in mathematics, first recognized in middle school in Provincial Olympic Mathematics Competition, continued to be superior to the other students. My grade of 99 in calculus, 13 points higher than the second highest in the class, left many of my classmates in amazement. Meanwhile, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend lectures by well-known Chinese economists, such as Dr. FFF, whose insights certainly broadened my academic horizons. The critical thinking skills and the research tools I learned from the teachers and visiting scholars became powerful lenses through which I gained new perceptions of what has happened in rural China. In addition to my rigorous academic training, I value equally, if not greater, the importance of ·181· 成功留学文书写作必备 social practice and specific hands-on projects. In 2002 my English proficiency enabled me to get the significant job of teaching children enrolled at the Harvard Language School in RRR. This experience sharpened my language abilities and enhanced my communication skills. During my sophomore year, I worked as a part-time data analyst for FFF Company, a major domestic appliances manufacturer in China. I was engaged in the whole process from choosing samples to analyzing data, from which I learned basic research methods used by industries. When I was to graduate in 2001, I was exempted from taking an admissions test for continued graduate study, a privilege granted to very few students who keep extraordinary performance records. However, I chose to give up the privilege of graduate school for the purpose of accumulating experience in real world. Since graduation, I have been working as a full-time business analyst in China Netcom, one of the largest communications companies in China. My residential life on campus over the years helped to shape my character. At the age of thirteen, when most students at the age chose to stay with their parents, I began an independent life at a boarding school which had a better learning environment than that of my local school. For the last ten years I have been living with fellow classmates and making decisions on my own, an experience which I believe has contributed greatly to my independent-minded character, as well as my ability to work well with a team. On the whole, I am resolute, resilient and hard-working. I am fond of trying new things. I never like hardships but I not afraid of them. I can accomplish my work independently but I also enjoy teamwork in group projects. I enjoy moments of quiet reflection as well as fellowship time with others. I never hesitate to communicate openly with others about my needs, a trait which has won me friendship and respect. I believe that it is my integral character that has ensured my academic success so far. I strongly believe my character will continue to benefit me in a totally new environment, like an American campus, and beyond. Your school appeals to me for its distinguished educational and research reputation, as well as for its leading achievements in agricultural economics. Also, the rich learning and intellectual atmosphere in your university is another attraction. I have choosen to apply to this program because I am sure that doctoral study at your institution will give me the necessary training to fulfill my goal. I look forward to an opportunity to learn from the faculty members and to share my views of the issues in this area. ·182· 第 1 部分 自 传 Upon the completion of my prospective study, I would like to work as a professor and researcher, gradually realizing my dream of benefiting the rural area and helping rural citizens live a better life. ·183· 成功留学文书写作必备 Business Administration Personal Statement As an outstanding fourth-year, double-major undergraduate student and one of the planners of a biological high technology company, I see my future management career in a more challenging world with an open China receiving more foreign financial investment and transnational corporation involvement. Most of all, existing management concepts and systems built on the basis of domestic industrial corporations and non-profit organizations will be rivaled more severely. Under these circumstances, I feel the urgent need to pursue an advanced study of business administration in a western country, so as to better develop the company we are currently establishing and to fulfill my long term personal goals. Your distinguished graduate program of business administration is my top choice because of its well-designed courses and internship programs. The following describes my past achievements and future plans for the application to your school. Educational Background In 1999 I was admitted, with very competitive college entrance exam scores, into the English Department of Foreign Language School at DDD University, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in China. I chose to major in English Linguistics and Literature. The years of study at WWW brought me very high English language proficiency and a good background knowledge of modern linguistic theories and their applications. Meanwhile, English literature courses acquainted me with western history and cultures. The mental enrichment and enlightenment that these college courses brought helped shape my life viewpoints and way of living and will be a great wealth for many years to come. No doubt that my major area of study will, in many aspects, ease my transistion to future studies abroad. My excellent performance, especially after the first semester, qualified me to be admitted directly ·184· 第 1 部分 自 传 into the graduate program of our department, waiving any admission test requirements. However, I have chosen to bypass advanced studies in English Linguistics and Literature for further pursuit in the field I am studying simultaneously as the second major, business administration. I chose to take on a second major in business administration at the beginning of my second semester at FFF University. By the end of this semester, I will have completed all the required courses to earn dual degrees in arts and business. This strong interest incurred after I had taken some management courses and prompted me to frequently visit libraries and to attend speech and seminars in order to broaden my knowledge as much as possible. While I took delight in my good performance in courses such as International Trade Theory, Marketing, Outline of Global Economy, etc, I realized how important it is to develop management concepts based both on western and oriental cultures and traditions. In my eyes, this combination will be of more strength than those concepts built on single culture alone. Professional Experience My experiences in the “real world”, which I voluntarily searched for and have enthusiastically participated in, offered me great opportunities to apply learned knowledge and understand basic operations in companies. During the past summer break, I worked as an intern in FFF Co, mainly dealing with the overseas marketing. Through contact with overseas customers and gradual familiarization with import and export business operations, I learned a great deal of information that was not covered in textbooks. The enjoyment of real world learning also motivated me to continuously and systematically study management. Beginning this year, as one of the planners and founders, I am involved in the formation of SSS Co, a high technology company in the field of chemical and biological manufacturing. Now that the registration processes at the business and commerce offices have been completed, the first group of chemical and biological projects have been demonstrated and submitted as national scientific and technological planning projects, together with project recommendations and financial analysis reports. Through these processes, I have begun to further understand the fundamental operations of high tech companies and project application procedures. I have also learned how to make market investigations and how to conduct financial analysis at project and ·185· 成功留学文书写作必备 enterprise levels. Personality Traits and Interested Activities I am good at expressing my ideas appropriately and fluently both in Chinese and English. I truly believe that I have excellent communication skills. A good case in point is the volunteer work I undertook at the FFF International Dragon Boat festival. I completed the translating and guiding tasks with great competency. In addition, I am a coorperative team member. In a role as a student reporter while at FFF University, I collaborated with fellow students and teachers on interviews and reports, all of which were well received among students and staff. Moreover, I have often acted as a group leader in assigned group projects. In addition to my own active participation, I can deliberately encourage and lead group members to disagree and and then to come to a concensus in discussions and arguments. Additionally, I can always exceed the limitation of textbooks and look for reference in other resources, which enabled me to bring forward some fresh and creative ideas. I have organized and attended English associations, English corners, English speech contests, English vocal contests, etc. I won an outstanding prize at the university comprehensive contest that I attended. At the same time, in my work and study, I highly value the life principles to be honest, loving and conscientious in what I do, which are emphasized, by my intellectual parents and I, to be the fundamental base of every life pursuit. Future Academic and Career Goal My short term goal is to learn western management concepts and skills in a different cultural environment. After that, I plan to return to China to manage, with my partners, my Ruibang and make it one of the first-class high technology cooperations in China. I shall overcome any difficulties and endure any hardships to reach the goal. Conclusion Standing at the edge of graduation from the undergraduate study, where I have both sweated and harvested the fruits of my efforts, I am confidently looking forward to a new starting point leading to higher pursuit and achievement. I sincerely hope for your full considerations about my qualifications. A most favorable reply is greatly appreciated. ·186· 第 1 部分 自 传 Education Personal Statement With tremendous social, economic and political changes that have taken place over the past 20 years, the education system in China is in urgent need of deep reform. My understanding of the current educational circumstances, especially the weaknesses and inadequacies that are widespread in both public and private schools, has been a catalyst, urging me to contribute to the transformation of the current educational system into a more scientific and reasonable one. The systems should be better funded, designed and managed so as to meet the requirements set by the increasing globalization of education. With this in mind, I am planning for a more advanced study of foreign educational administration and leadership in your program after my completion of undergraduate study in July 2003. I look at advanced education as one of the crucial ways to train me to be a qualified educator. An educator who will make efforts to analyze and influence educational policies, create educationally beneficial networks, lead and support teaching and learning, and seek availability, quality and equity in the future of Chinese education. Family Background From childhood I have admired and respected professionals in the field of education. My grandfather was an elementary school principle for almost twenty years. His persistent hard work, strong sense of responsibility for the school, and organizational talent made a deep impression upon me. I regard him as a model educator. Through him I have been able to learn much about the current public education system in China, which has been the model for equally immature private educational organizations that have been formed in recent years. I have been informed of many facts such as the idea that schools are usually short-funded, a problem that creates classrooms that are crude and equipped with only the bare necessities, a problem which ·187· 成功留学文书写作必备 is much worse in schools found in rural China. The widely practiced educational principles overemphasize the academic performance of a student from elementary school through high school, with obedience expected and individualism and creativity discouraged. Students learn their subjects only by rote memorization. The entire teaching profession is short of fully trained teachers and leaders who can question the current educational shortcomings and bring forward innovative reforms. Additionally, research and practice in the field of high tech instructional methods is very primitive. Academic Background In 19XX, I was admitted into Foreign Languages Department of FFF University, majoring in English. In addition to the intensive and extensive English reading and writing courses to achieve language proficiency, I worked hard in the fundamental study of social science courses such as fundamental law, philosophy, aesthetics, western and oriental literature, etc. Learning theories and skills from these subjects enlightened me and has made it possible for me to apply this knowledge in research on educational issues. All that I have witnessed about educational system in China has triggered a desire inside me to go into the system and try to improve it. In my spare time, I have carried out self-designed investigations and research. One area of research that I am doing right now is about the emergence and development processes of private educational sectors in China. To conduct this research, I designed investigational aspects and questionnaires, contacted sample private schools for different age groups in major cities such as Beijing, SSS, etc. and gathered valuable data. Through analysis, I came to the conclusion that the development and perfection of the private educational system is an indispensable step in enhancing the Chinese educational system as a whole. However, the current private educational mechanisms are facing major barriers such as insufficient funding, unfavorable policies, unprofessional management, unstable teaching personnel, lack of integrated directions, and so on. For example, 40%-50% of the teachers in private educational organizations in SSS are part-time, 30% are retired teachers. Teaching staff comprised in this way inevitably lower the teaching quality and reduce the trust and confidence of students and parents in private education. In addition, poor funding is such a critical issue ·188· 第 1 部分 自 传 that much emphasis must be put on changing the current image of schools in order to attract capital investment from government, enterprises, charity, etc. My report on this subject is entitled “Barriers on Developing Private Education in China” and is under contact to be published. Teaching Experience My practical teaching experience includes sporadic teaching of arithmetic and Chinese in my grandfather’s elementary school and tutoring of English to middle school children. No matter whether in a large class with over 50 students, or in a small group of one or two students, I feel great sympathy for the children with a variety of personalities who are assigned difficult and excessive homework and who are expected to grow and respond to only one model of teaching. Their individuality tends to be obscured, creativity tends to diminish, and independent thinking tends to be weakened in this system. To counteract this system, I adopted totally new teaching methods while working with students. I respect their individuality by encouraging them to think and express their ideas freely, without demanding a fixed or “correct” answer. I guide my students to understand and memorize in the form of interesting games and activities, understanding that these methods help students memorize facts as well, or better, than assignments of tens or hundreds of math problems or rote memorization tasks. Students have fun while learning, raising the average motivation to study. Though these were just my experiments, I am very enthusiastic and optimistic about these new ways of teaching and learning in China. Cultivated Abilities and Personality As a person born to meet new challenges and changes, I am always ready to explore unfamiliar fields that fascinate me. I excel at meeting with people of different backgrounds and learning from them. I am constantly working to improve my communication and coordination skills. I am always willing to help or to contribute to worthy projects. I am a blood donor and registered for possible marrow donation. I insist on taking responsibility for anything that I am involved in, especially while I tutoring the students. I like to organize problems in order to work them out step-by-step. Currently, I am focusing on improving my analytical and logic reasoning abilities which have enabled me to carry out independent research and achieve positive results. ·189· 成功留学文书写作必备 Future Academic and Career Goal In the era of inevitable school reform, with needs and challenges of historic proportions, my short term goal is to become a rigorous student and complete graduate education at your university. I would like to achieve more emancipation in thinking and more profound penetration into human psychology, behavior, culture, management and so forth. I plan to gradually transform myself into a thoughtful, informed, well-educated school leader, with the ultimate dream of establishing a new and ideally modeled school system on a large scale in future China. Your full consideration and expected acceptance of me into your program will pave the way to realize my dreams. I am looking forward to your most favorable reply. ·190· 第 1 部分 自 传 Ethic & Philosophical Study Personal Statement From rigorous and fruitful study of philosophy at the undergraduate level and ethics at the graduate level at the most prestigious YYY University, I now would like to pursue even further research in a more concentrated field of East Asian Studies. The program at your school appeals to me so much that I am hoping for your full consideration of my application based on my rich academic, athletic, and social experiences described below. Educational Background Thanks to a wise and persevering mother, who, ironically, is almost illiterate after losing a chance to be educated during culture revolution, I was provided a full learning and living environment from a very young age. My mother often told me numerous brilliant stories, many of which enriched my imagination and are still well remembered. She also bought me all levels of books, which, to my way of thinking, is the best way for a boy to learn about the outside world. Unconventional in many ways as a child, I developed fully under my mother’s loving teaching and encouragement. From elementary school through high school, I was my mother’s pride and the envy of my peers due to my top academic performance and my other talents which were demonstrated in a variety of school activities. In middle school, I won the National Olympic Competition Prize in all the five required fundamental subjects of Mathematics, Chemistry, XXX, XXX, etc. This record has yet to be beaten at that middle school. In XXXX I was admitted to PPP University after earning an extraordinarily high score in the national college entrance examination. I chose to study in the department of philosophy because the department offered courses that covered a wide variety of subjects where my academic interests resided, such as philosophy, religion, arts, etc. During the first three years of the undergraduate study, I received a very thorough and profound training in philosophy. As ·191· 成功留学文书写作必备 always, I was devoted and hardworking and won recognition of academic excellence from faculty and fellow students. I was granted the title of honor student each academic year and was awarded TTT Scholarship in 1998 with an amount to RMB XXXX and theYang Qingqin Scholarship in 1999 for RMB XXXX. In the second semester of 1999, I took a selective course named Language, Character and Culture of the East, offered by the department of Oriental Studies. The lessons were taught by 16 professors specializing in different fields such as studies of Egypt, Middle East, East Asia, Southeast Asia. I found myself very fascinated by many introductory topics. For example, how does a special character of a civilization like sphenogram in the ancient mid-east area come into being? How do different languages affect each other in the history? Interests aroused from this course drove me to read books and related materials about Asian cultures and civilizations. I even taught myself Japanese in order to more deeply understand the history of Zen in Japan. As a proverb goes, something important starts indistinctively. My experience in this course inspired my deep interest in East Asia studies. Right before I was to complete my undergraduate study, I made an important decision to stay at YYY University in order to do some research in the field of ethics instead of directly applying to study abroad because I feel that ethics is the foundation of Chinese culture, perhaps even the whole East Asian culture. My experience in the excellent program of ethics at PPP University not only better prepared me for research in the more concentrated area of East Asia Studies, but also solidified my choice of a future profession in this field. Under the very professional advising and guidance from my graduate advisor, Professor RRR, once a visiting professor at Harvard University, I started to think critically about research issues. He also influenced the design of my personal goals in order to live a scholar’s life. With the many research projects and a graduate thesis being written in the past two years, I find my horizon of academic learning much broadened and my vision of life and self-cognition deeply enriched. I have also become more independent and more confident in my research capabilities. Past Social Practice and Research Achievement From 1999 to 2000, I worked part-time as a web editor in Department of Searching in RRR Company, the biggest internet company in china. I witnessed RRR’s successful landing on ·192· 第 1 部分 自 传 NASDAQ and the following stagnancy of internet economy. Curious about this phenomenon, I spent two month working as an intern at Deputy Alcalde in VVV, a small town north of Beijing, researching about how civil cultural hierarchy affects progress of the economy in an evolving society like China. From November 2000 to October 2001, I attended the Cup of Challenge, a nation-wide competition for college students. In that program we tried to make clear how the Internet has changed community lifestyles. We examed the phenomenon from various angles such as law, management, history and ethics. The ethics portion of the program was my responsiblity. It was sometimes difficult to do research and exchange opinions with people of various backgrounds. As part of the project, I sometimes needed to visit as many as 20 families for sufficient data to come up with a single statistic. Despite the difficulties, it was exciting to learn other people’s thoughts and to work with many friends from other fields. This experience allowed me to more deeply comprehend the meaning of teamwork. Finally, at the end of the competition, we finished fifth out of 150 participating groups. During the following year, I worked on a project sponsored by the National Social Science Foundation, directed by my graduate advisor, Professor FFF, a renowned ethical scholar in China. The topic of the project was Traditional Environmental Ethical Resources in East Asia. My task in this project was to search, cumulate and summarize related information in Chinese, Japanese and Korean classics and to analyze folk-customs in East Asian countries. It was a tremendous amount of work. For almost six months, I perused many books on East Asian classics word-by-word in order to obtain a comprehensive understanding of East Asian folk-customs. Gaining this understanding enhanced and deepened my interest in East Asian culture. I also worked out a clear academic direction to follow. As a result, the book entitled Environmental Ethics - Spiritual Resources and Philosophical Foundation was published. I am currently working on my graduate paper. The topic of this paper concerns the problem of Civil Disobedience, an important interdisciplinary theoretical issue often discussed in west but nearly untouched in China for certain political reasons. One problem I have encountered is the extremely limited resources with information about Civil Disobedience in Beijing. I have utilized every chance to get information about the topic. During the last 10 months, when Richard Bernstein, an expert in this theoretical area, and Jacques Derrida and Jurgen Habermas visited our department, I savored those precious chances to gain their brief but helpful opinions ·193· 成功留学文书写作必备 about my paper. Having experienced all the twists and turns in academic research, I am now confident that I will be able to complete it independently. My experiences in the last two years as a teaching assistant and editor of the periodical, “Philosophy Door”, a National Core Issue published by Department of Philosophy, have also extended my academic abilities. These achievements will most definitely benefit both my academic career and my life as a whole. Now I am confident that I am fully prepared and eligible to continue my studies in a new and advanced learning environment, especially like the one at your school. Activities Participated, Interests and Personality Cultivated My college academic and spiritual life have been enriched with enthusiastic participation in many interesting and challenging extracurricular activities. I have been an active member in biking and climbing clubs. In fact, I was one of the eleven students in GGG University’s history to have conquered Geal Dandong Peak, which is more than 6,000 meters above sea level in north Tibet. Experiences in the Student Union of Department of Philosophy as chairman, in Ministry of Student Affairs of PPP University as an assistant director, in China Construction Bank as an assistant cashier and experience of a Rainbow Volunteer in the 21st World University Student Sports Meeting have all enhanced my ability to effectively solve problems and sharpened my interpersonal communication skills. Application Purposes to Your School The thought of pursuing the doctoral study is both intellectually exhilarating and challenging to me. Your program is very appealing to me for your outstanding research achievements made in my target field of East Asia Studies. I am also attracted to your distinguished faculty members, balanced spectrum of research programs and extraordinary cultural and intellectual resources offered to students. I would like to reach a brand new starting point in my research life and devote my whole self to study at your school. I have the conviction that I will distinguish myself again, as I always have, among my fellow students with high levels of achievement. Your full consideration of this application for admission will be a great catalyst to the development of my research career. I am sincerely looking forward to your most favorable reply. ·194· 第 1 部分 自 传 Personal Statement As a new finance professional, working in a regional office of a main bank in China, I have familiarized myself with many of the main financial operations in our banking systems. I realize that these operations are being severely challenged by increasing foreign financial involvements, especially triggered by China’s accession to WTO. Faced with tough competition, as well as excellent opportunities, I feel a strong urge to further my study of foreign finance, banking, operations strategies in order to acquire knowledge and skills to and be integrated with what I already know about the current Chinese domestic system. I long for a successful future career in financial management, starting with my own business in the finance industry. Stimulated by these goals, I am earnestly planning advanced study in the department of economics with a concentration in finance and banking. Academic Background I received a complete and rigorous college education in finance starting from 1998 in the Department of Finance & Banking at CCC University, one of the top universities for liberal arts and sciences. The major courses I took included international finance, international trade, financial report analysis, finance marketing and investment, commercial banking business and management, international settlement, econometrics, insurance, etc. I worked very hard in the courses and excelled academically, receiving a high-level scholarship every year. In July 2002, I received the title of “Excellent Graduate” at CCC University and was granted a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. Realizing the strong relationship between my future financial career and other social sciences, I made great efforts to absorb knowledge in other fields such as political science, commerce, psychology, computer applications, statistical tools, etc. I paid frequent visits to libraries and attended many seminars and discussions, as well as presentations and speeches given on and off campus. From these speeches, I was able to learn more about complicated real world cases and deepen knowledge I had received from books and classrooms. Also, I have been inclined to question and confirm any statements or instructions that I feel suspicious of. In this way, my ·195· 成功留学文书写作必备 ability to analyze and think through problems logically was greatly sharpened. The fruitful four years at university left me with a comparatively complete academic background and created much interest and confidence in the financial career I have chosen to follow. Professional Background The internships that I enthusiastically undertook during summer breaks greatly enriched my understanding of actual financial activities and operations. In the consecutive summers after XXXX, I took an intern position as a financial assistant in the business department of HHH Co, a medium-sized manufacturing company with more than 200 workers and millions of dollars in assets. It was there that I got to know how an investment department makes decisions on capital flow; how the accounting department calculates production costs and profit; how financial activities are planned and audited; and how the computer software makes all jobs easier. Though I was not involve in very specific and strategic details, my hardwork reading documents and analyzing data reports enabled me to get a general idea of the complete picture of the department. During my senior year, I spent an entire semester doing an internship in GGG Regional Tax Office. This office is mainly concerned with checking the tax situation of companies and individuals throughout the region. From this experience, I learned about the taxation policies in China, and partially learned how these policies were implemented in the region. Being aware of the important role that taxes play in the national economy, I was saddened to learn about the many aspects of taxation and collection that need to be improved. The evasion of taxes by the rich through unfair connections and the enforcement of high taxes on the poor represents a dark side of Chinese taxation. During that period, I gained valuable contacts and learned many new aspects of the true nature of society. In the dealing with certain tax payers, I learned to communicate appropriately and to try to get things accomplished and taxes paid. Since graduation I have been working as a financial agent in the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), FFF Branch. My main job responsibilities include providing services and advice on money management to customers, including companies and individuals. Though it has not been long since I started working here, my ability to learn the main job tasks quickly and my amiable service have won me positive recognition among colleagues and customers. ·196· 第 1 部分 自 传 Also, I have learned how to efficiently use the most updated data application system. This has made me to realize how important advanced technology is for service to customers. Information stored and pulled through the system greatly improves the precision of information and quality of service experienced by our customers. I have diligently spent my spare time learning about other financial systems which, I believe, will be beneficial to my future studies and research. Shaped Personal Interests and Character Born into a family with a long history of business people, I have been influenced by my parents and grandparents with many business concepts and necessary characteristics for a good businessperson. The chances of joining my parents in business negotiations has long fascinated me and been my motivation to delve into the business world. Choosing business as my college major was based on this dream. Also, my parents maintained a persistent, hard-working spirit while they independently worked out their own field of business, providing me with a most impressive example of how to start a business from scratch. I was very enthusiastic in participating in many of the student activities in college, an enthusiasm that shaped my abilities in a variety of ways. I once acted as the Minister of the Sports Department in the student union, successfully organizing several sports competitions. This role allowed me to exercise my own personal style of leadership, to develop a strong sense of responsibility and to improve my communication and coordination skills. I also participated in the sports which kept me physically energetic, spiritually strong and generally easy-going. The work in the student organization also provided me with opportunities to interact with many students, faculty and staff at the school. In addition, I served as a tutor for over two years for international students studying in China. I particularly enjoyed this experience as it gave me the opportunity to learn about different cultures and to win trust and respect from people of different ethnic backgrounds. Future Academic and Professional Goals Challenged by the new era of economics and finance in China, I have a long-term plan for my career. In the next five to ten years, I will obtain knowledge and training by earning a graduate degree from your school. Next, I will seek financial analyst positions in profit and ·197· 成功留学文书写作必备 non-profit organizations. After accumulating sufficient financial and social experience, I plan to start my own financial consulting company which provides professional and quality financial services to enterprises and individuals. With mature management skills, I will develop my business with financial services new to Chinese people, such as life and health insurance based on western models. Most importantly, at the time my business is up and running, I will contribute to the welfare of the community by offering my expertise and my financial help to those in need. This, in my opinion, is the ultimate goal of life. Conclusion I am deeply motivated to fulfill my personal goals by first pursuing an advanced graduate study in the field of finance and banking. Your well-designed program appeals to me so much that I greatly appreciate for your serious consideration of this application for admission. I am anxiously awaiting your most favorable reply. ·198· 第 1 部分 自 传 Food Science Personal Statement Most Chinese people greet each other with, “Have you eaten?” “Eat more!” Though this may sound strange to non-Chinese speakers, the origin of these words indicates the prior concerns that Chinese people once had when they barely had enough to eat. Things have improved tremendously with economic reforms and the opening of market started in China almost twenty years ago, and the problem of feeding the largest population in the world has basically been solved. However, the Chinese still have a long way to go to have scientifically healthy and nutritious foodstuff. Currently, the food intake of average people is still simplistic and outdated. Reports of fatal food poisoning cases are often heard. There needs to be more research and investment in food science and engineering in order to bring China up to the international level. Born into a poor family with scarce resources, I have witnessed real results caused by changes in the food industry and have chosen to devote my life to the development of industry. To this end, after graduation from high school, I chose to start my undergraduate study in food science at SSSUniversity, one of the most esteemed higher learning institutes in the country. I entered this university in 1998 after a strong performance in the national college entrance examinations. Throughout the four years there, I was exposed to systematic concepts and theories of biological chemistry and food technology. The clear technical flow and mechanisms inherent in the food science and technology have particularly fascinated me. Besides studying hard in my major courses, I like to read extensively about related fields. After fundamental and rigorous academic training, I was awarded a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in 2002, with an overall GPA of 3.29, ranking me among the top 10 out of 87 students in my grade. My GPA in the food science courses was even higher. The most significant research experience I have had so far came from working on my ·199· 成功留学文书写作必备 graduation project. In May 2002, I finished my thesis entitled The Research to the Suitable Extraction Process of Ganoderma Polysaccharide, based on data gathered from experiments that my classmate and I conducted. The project was about how to raise the extraction rate of Ganoderma polysaccharide from Ganoderma Gaponicum. The experiment showed that the volume of water added and time and temperature of extraction have much to do with the extraction rate. Ganoderma polysaccharides are precipitated by alcohol with different strengths. The volume of Lead acetate trihydrate、Chloroform - n-Butanol was also investigated. In the research, the suitable extraction process was determined. Meanwhile, through this project, I was was able to sharpen my independent research skills, as well as my creative thinking ability. I also take great pride in a variety of activities I was actively involved in throughout my college career. Through these activities, I not only honed my leadership and communication skills but also acquired a pioneering spirit and the ability to effectively work with a team. For much of my time in college, from 1998 to 2001, I was the commissary in charge of studies in my class. Under my leadership, my class was given the title of Class of Best Academic Atmosphere, a designation given to only the best group of students in academic performance. Appointed by the school, I acted as the counselor to a class of first year students in 2000. In this position, I advised the freshmen on choosing courses and adaptation to college life. I also served as the sports department chair in the student union during 1999 and 2000. Under my supervision, we formed the first four-person soccer team and competed with other campus teams in October 1999. In November 2000, I organized an athletic meeting in the College of Food Science. Additionally, I helped organize the first university-wide campus food festival in 2000, the largest activity with a food theme in universities across the Guangdong Province. I believe that the team spirit, communication skills and other qualities I acquired through these activities will be conducive to advanced research in a university in the UK. Also during my college years, I took every opportunity to work as an intern or a full-time employee during school breaks and after graduation with the aim of broadening my vision and enhancing my social and practical skills. In 1999 I worked in DDD Factory, getting to know the working processes of the factory. I was an assistant to a consultant with FFF Co in 2001. The series of food factories I visited in November and December of 2001 included EEE Factory, RRR Factory, EEE Factory, HHH Factory, etc. Since July 2002, I am currently working as a ·200· 第 1 部分 自 传 full-time employee in WWW Cup Water Supply Improving Engineering Ltd. Co. Here I have been learning technical skills in water processing and water supply systems. To take full advantage of my intellectual capabilities at my young age, and to participate in the development of food industry in our country, I have been feeling the strong desire to seek advanced study in order to better prepare myself for the fulfillment of my personal goals. The United Kingdom is in a leading position in the world for advanced technology and original research ideas. XXXX University has world-class faculty members, advanced research facilities and a stimulating academic atmosphere. I truly expect that an education from such a place will decisively push the development of my potential into actual abilities. Additionally, the English language proficiency that I have achieved through years of consistent practice in written and in oral skills has given me confidence that I will be successful in my future studies, without concern for language barriers. After I complete my graduate study, I plan to come back to China to look for a position more suitable and more direct in realizing my goal to serve in the field with my new expertise. So it is with strong motivation and preparation that I am applying for admission to a full-time study in the master’s program of the Procter Department of Food Science starting in the fall of 2003. ·201· 成功留学文书写作必备 Marketing Personal Statement Faced with widespread foreign capital investments and transcontinental sector involvements in the comparatively immature Chinese market, I have found that the old Chinese marketing concepts and methods are being greatly challenged in the face of tough competition. As I learn more about my major field of business and administration at a university in SSS, which is currently seeing the huge impact of foreign economic factors, I increasingly feel the urge to learn, in as many aspects as possible, western concepts and strategies of marketing in order to build a successful future career in the teaching and research of marketing in Chinese society. With this in mind, it is natural for me to plan for advanced study of marketing in the United States, the country that leads the rest of the world in this area and which has the most excellent and creative research on marketing theories and practices. I am fascinated by the doctoral marketing program at your university, especially after I read research articles authored by professors at your school. Therefore, I am very pleased to apply to this program. My college education has helped me to build a well-rounded background. After a series of successful academic performances in China from elementary school through high school, where tough competition starts at a young age, I was admitted into the School of Transportation & Communication at DDDUniversity in 1999, majoring in business administration. Realizing the great significance of learning the college core courses when just begining my academic career, I worked very hard on courses related to mathematics, English language proficiency, economics, computer languages and applications in management field, etc. In addition to the high GPA I earned in those courses, I deliberately trained myself to learn from all resources available. I extensively used the library, internet and a variety of academic seminars and presentations to think deeply about all conceptions of various subjects. ·202· 第 1 部分 自 传 Take as an example the time I took Management Theories and Market Promotion, a course taught by an instructor who had been educated at SUNY. Through this course, I became familiar with fundamental theories in the field of management and was able to carry out many domestic and international case studies. I was particularly interested in the area of organizational theory, leading me to browse many books on this subject, and finally causing me to conclude that human factors are the absolute core of any market. This interest helped direct my research to focus on the influence of human factors on other factors in a market. At different levels of marketing, no matter the macro level, managerial level or the micro level, the methods taken should undoubtedly reflect that the human factors are in the leading roles in pricing, promotion, name brand establishment, etc. This is a very complicated topic involving social, economic, cultural and psychological perspectives. I am looking at this area as my long-term pursuit to build effective theories and practical methods, which will be applied to the Chinese market so as to contribute to the creation of a new and healthy market when China is emerging on the international market. One of the research tools that I have been paying great attention to is the relatively new field of information technology, which, on the basis of integrated and prompt information, has made market globalization possible, I have had a deep interest in computer operations since high school and have spent much spare time on analyzing computer data systems to learn how they provide statistical and accurate information for decision makers and how decisive the IT role is in modern management research and operations. In many course projects I learned to design questionnaires and to conduct surveys among target groups of subjects, as well as how to use computer statistical tools to analyze data and draw conclusions from it. Also I take pride in my English proficiency which I have made great efforts to achieve. The capability of speaking several Chinese dialects has enabled me to speak English fluently with a less pronounced accent, as was commented on by an American language teacher. In an English Writing course during my junior year, under the direction of a Harvard graduate, I independently finish a research paper entitled Cognitive Intelligence vs. Emotional Intelligence for Work Success. The 2000-word essay was written in entirely in English my English writing abilities were greately sharpened by organizing and wording this document. I also enjoyed the process of browsing through related books and articles to gather writing material. From this experience, I additionally learned how to carry out independent research and how to write ·203· 成功留学文书写作必备 research papers. Born into a family with working parents, I was disciplined from a young age to be self-dependent both at school and in life. My parents respected individual ideas and encouraged creative thinking. In this family atmosphere, I have been able to think and act independently and confidently. Self-discipline is also a lesson my parents taught me so that even when I am living far from them, I can design my own life plans and focus on them. Due to amblyopia, I developed after a high fever when I was two months old and did not have normal eyesight for a relatively long period of my life. It was not until after a series of prescribed exercises and a final surgery at the age of 12 did I regain normal eyesight. During this time, I not only realized how much care I received from my parents and doctors, an experience that has led me to have a willing heart to help those in pain or in need, I also learned about perseverance when I made up the study that I had missed. I am grateful towards my life experience which was valuable in molding my character. Many social activities I participated in college greatly enriched my life and improved my communication and organizing skills. Through these I was also able to experience the “real world” from the Ivory Tower of an institute of higher education. As a freshman, I helped host a new radio program, Science Online, at the university radio station. To produce the program, I read through a large number of magazines and related literature in order to keep up on breaking news in the field of science. Additionally, I once worked in the publicity department in the student union. As another example of my social activities, during one summer break I joined the college student delegation to visit the Midwestern region of China and got to know the social condition in that area. Also while at college, I tutored more than 10 kids on weekends and, through this experience, learned how to teach individuals with different personalities. I realized that special content and method design is key to a student’s performance and improvement at school. I also won trust and respect from the parents of these students. My specific research and professional plan for the next 10 years is to make further my study and research in a doctoral program in an American business school, eventually earning a PhD degree. Meanwhile, I hope to do research projects in industry cooperates or other organizations. Afterwards, I shall come back to China for a long term career as a top scholar, conducting more detailed marketing research, teaching and publishing. It is my lifelong goal to help make the ·204· 第 1 部分 自 传 Chinese markets an internationally recognized one. Your full consideration plays an influential role in my research development. A favorable reply is greatly appreciated. ·205· 成功留学文书写作必备 Mass Media Personal Statement In 1986, I was in great shock as I witnessed the explosion of the Challenger spaceship on TV. One minute later, a reporter in a black wind jacket appeared on the spot and reported on TV what had just happened. His calm eloquence while reporting this tragic event greatly impressed me. Young as I was at that time, I imagined myself being the first person at the scene of many important events and using mass media to share what I see, hear and feel to audiences across the nation. Since that time, I have been living with the dream of being a practitioner in mass media. In elementary school I acted as the announcer at the school radio station. In middle school, I was one of the reporters in the school newspaper editorial department. After graduation from high school, with the ambition of becoming a TV personality, I succeeded in beating out many other candidates in nation-wide selection for admission into the BBB, the most distinguished higher institute in China for training radio and television professionals. I majored in Radio & Television in the Television Department. In college, I took TV Producing Techniques, American TV Play, Documentary Shooting and Producing, TV News In-depth Report, etc. and scored very well. As a top student in both academic performance and social practices, I was awarded different scholarships every academic year. I was very active in a variety of social activities while in college. During my sophomore year, I acted as the president of the Student Drama Club. In the summer of 1999, together with other club members, I planned, organized and held the first Drama Night in the history of BBB. In the event, I acted in main role of Hamlet, from Shakespeare’s famous drama, which I also adapted and directed, and our performance received an exceptionally warm response from the audience. During the rehearsals and performance of the play, I began to feel the charm of English language and feel that my language ability greatly improved as a result of this ·206· 第 1 部分 自 传 experience. In the fall semester of my senior year, I collaborated with four other classmates on a project called “TV Producing Techniques”. Together, we directed and produced a short TV musical entitled “Go on a Sightseeing Tour”, which also finished first in a school project’s contest and was sent to the Beijing College Students Music TV Products Programme. Through this project, I not only mastered many production processes but also deeply learned the significance of teamwork in producing TV programs. During the winter break of my senior year, I was doing an internship in the Department of Documentary Film at the SSS TV station. On Dec. 30, 2000, I set out with two playwright-directors on a ship from SSS WuSong Port. After an entire day and an entire night, we arrived at an uninhabited island, the farthest one in east China. Through a total of 18 hours waiting, with food in short supply, at 5 am on Jan. 1st, 2001, I shot the first sun light in the new century as it shone on the land of China. The special project was broadcast in the 2nd programme of SSS TV station the next day. This experience enabled me to learn to work in bad working conditions. I also became aware that such abilities are required from everyone who decides to be a mass media professional. I feel more mentally prepared for any possible hard work in my future career due to this experience. After graduation from college in 2001, I was hired by XXX TV Station. After being a journalist for the financial channel, I was sent to work in Beijing. In May 2002, as the XXX TV station reporter in Beijing, during an APEC forum of Finance and Development projects, I interviewed Mr. EEE, the president of the Bank of China, on the domestic financial situation after China’s accession to WTO was approved in September 2001. As this was Mr. EEE’s first official exposure to the public after the WTO approval was announced, the news caused a nationwide stir. This TV interview was also rebroadcast and quoted by international mass media. This valuable experience marked the first time in my life as a reporter to interview a very highly ranked official. I learned, while interviewing special news figures, how to bring forward my purpose and questions and how to complete the interview properly. It also enhanced my courage and confidence in on-the-spot interviews. Other important public figures that I have since interviewed include Mr. EEE, Vice President of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (equivalent to Vice Secretary of State in America, and Michael Balsheski, ·207· 成功留学文书写作必备 chief American representative at the China-US WTO negotiations. For two weeks in November 2002, I attended an advanced workshop entitled Sino-America TV News In-depth Report, co-hosted by the BBB and China Central TV Station. Under the personal supervision of Mr. QQQ, a senior producer of the renowned news magazine, 60 Minutes on CBS, as well as the winner of an Emmy award, I went through step-by-step training about the theories and practices in producing in-depth TV news reports. The workshop generally covered the four steps of planning, shooting, editing and writing. I also had the opportunity to review and comment on sample reports broadcast by 60 Minutes and 20/20. This two-week-long training allowed me to directly learn advanced concepts about in-depth reporting on American TV news, and was a great enrichment to my creative skills in this field. In addition to everything described above, I am proud of my abilities in planning and organizing social activities. During my junior year in college, I collaborated on an activity with the theme of protecting our earth. In addition, I have a loving heart which has prompted me to adopt two deserted dogs and to donate blood each fall. I did much volunteer work for World College Students Sports Games held in Beijing in 2001. I also take great pride in my communication skills. While Redstone, the CEO of Welcome, the world largest media company, was visiting China, I won a competition that allowed me a special ten-minute interview with him. I believe that my participation in all of these activities show my good will and strong character. Through years of academic training and practice in different branches of TV programs, I found that I deeply love the field of mass and am accustomed to speaking and expressing my emotions through the camera to the public. To further develop in this field, I have set my short-term goal to earn a master’s degree in mass media in the United States. After achieving this goal, I plan to return to SSS and act as a main producer in TV news doing in-depth reports and interviews for a regional TV station. My long-term goal is to accumulate experience in a management position in TV media in order to reach my final goal of establishing a media company of my own. I hope to develop this company into a main provider of information consultation services and entertainment with the help of multimedia technology through graphics, television, radio, etc. ·208· 第 1 部分 自 传 With much experience and a deep love for the mass media, I am applying for admission into your distinguished graduate program in great earnest. I sincerely hope for your full consideration. ·209· 成功留学文书写作必备 Physics Personal Statement Encouraged by the words of Confucian about persistence in pursuing, in the correct way, what seems to be unobtainable, I have chosen to devote myself to the exploration of the mysteries of the universe through the field of physics. Though perhaps I will not able to reach all that seems unobtainable, I am seeking ways to do just this. My plan to pursue graduate study in your doctoral program of Physics, eventually earning a PhD degree, is exactly one of these ways. I am enthusiastically and tirelessly working on the applications for acceptance into your program after my expected graduation in June 2003 from the Department of Physics at PPP University in China. Why I Choose Physics My everlasting passion for science began in childhood and has now become a firm life pursuit. My parents deliberately helped shape my interests in science by bringing me several scientific readings and stories. The curiosity caused by this led me to a spontaneous seeking and absorption of information in this field. I have always been my parents pride at school. Especially after I chose to continue with high school education instead of any vocational schooling, the latter being the quickest route for me to help with my family’s financial situation. I cherished the chance to work very hard in science classes. My excellent performance, deep understanding of complex subjects and problem-solving abilities enabled me to participate in the Olympic Competitions of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, in which I won first prize in mathematics and physics at the provincial level, and finished the first in physics in the province and 21st nationwide. From these highly challenging competitions, I saw my capabilities and strengths in observing, analyzing, synthesizing, and memorizing information in the field of physics. It was shortly after this Olympic Competition that I chose Physics as my ·210· 第 1 部分 自 传 major and was eventually admitted into PPP University in 1999. My Academic Preparation and Potential in Physics The past three years of fruitful study at PPP University have been a precious opportunity for me to build a strong foundation the field of Physics. Based on what I had accumulated in many scientific subjects before college, I have more extensively learned about such fields as Solid State Physics, Modern Solid Physics, Laser Physics. In this most prestigious school I have received teaching and guidance from renowned professors and scholars whose research and findings are leading the field of physics in this country. Here I have opportunities to join seminars, discussions, presentations led by famous scientists such as TTT, RRR, and so on. These opportunities have kept me informed of the most updated and advanced studies in physics, inspired me on how to think about problems, and encouraged me to make myself a better scientist in the future. In my spare time, while other most students go out for entertainment, I become engrossed in a large number of scientific articles and journals written in Chinese and English. My hard work has paid off and I am ranked at the top of my class every semester. My academic performance has been highly recognized and praised by advisors, teachers and fellow classmates. The specific experiments and research projects that I have undertaken since my junior year have benefited my theoretic understanding and exercised my practical abilities. In 2001, I worked on a semester-long experiment entitled “Measuring the Quantum Efficiency of PIN Photodiode”, carried out under the direction of Associate Professor Zhang Jietian. I showed strong initiative and great effort in this project and achieved further learning about several aspects of physics such as designing experiment methods, deciding on experiment facilities, analyzing experiment data, etc. Meanwhile, I began to become concerned about developing areas in physics. Under the direction of Professor EEE, I wrote a research report that summarizes major achievements made in these areas. Through the process of gathering information, verifying data and writing, I became more thoroughly aware of the most recent research directions. Also, I have been conducting research on PBG for half a year, directed by Professor WWW. The practical experience obtained from this has taught me how to choose a research area, how to get it started, how to look for solutions when stuck in experiment difficulties, and how to start thinking from a new development point of view. These broad and ·211· 成功留学文书写作必备 systematic trainings, as I believe, will play a crucial role in my preparation for advanced studies in physics. Beneficial Character Developed for Further Devotion to Sciences Being quiet and introverted, a quality inherited from my parents, I am able to fully concentrate, with few distractions, on fulfilling my aim of climbing to the peak of physics research. The faith of persistence in the way to reach this peak has prompted me to utilize my time well and to work hard. Also, my excellent past performance and background provide me with the confidence I will need to achieve new findings in physics. A goal that, in my eyes, is as beautiful and fascinating to me as it was in my early childhood. Furthermore, it is characteristic of me to focus without reservation on my passion and take great delight in any progress I can achieve in this field. For these reasons, I sincerely believe that I am well prepared to expand the field of scientific research. Conclusion My specific short term goal is to be more rigorously trained in a concentrated area of solid state physics and to earn a Doctorate degree from your school. In the long run, I will be a research scientist and continue my exploration in this seemingly limitless field. I know that my hard work will pay off and my joy rewarded. I dream of sharing my findings and influential research results with brilliant minds in this field. Because of your distinguished faculty, gifted student body and active academic atmosphere, your department is the very place to make my dream come true. I would certainly appreciate a most favorable consideration of my application. Give me a chance and I will show you my best. ·212· 第 1 部分 自 传 Plant Science Personal Statement I have long cherished the dream of a career that probes the technology of plant science and applies that expertise to the development of Chinese agriculture. This goal originated with my passion from middle school through college to explore the mysteries of life science. This passion has been stimulated by a deeper understanding of the current situation of Chinese agriculture. Agriculture in China falls behind in meeting the needs of the larger population in China and is under extreme pressure to compete with foreign rivals in providing agricultural products of similar quality and quantity. To efficiently and fruitfully fulfill this goal of improving China’s agricultural system, it is of great importance that I further my study of plant science in a higher and more concentrated educational program that builds on my solid academic background. I feel no doubt that studying at your school will allow me to start from a new point in my academic development should I be granted acceptance into your doctoral program after you have judged my qualifications. Education Background In my first biology class in middle school, I became fascinated by the magic world of living beings that the teacher exposed to us. Out of curiosity, I began to collect information and seek knowledge about various living organisms. A more complete understanding and stronger interest obtained in these early years led me to the Department of Biotechnology in the College of Life Science at NNN. The rigorous and solid undergraduate education enabled me to acquire more systematic and profound theoretical and practical knowledge from textbooks, lab experiments, seminars, and other resources. Meanwhile, I gained a clearer awareness of research that is going on in this area. Interdisciplinary knowledge also broadened my horizon and allowed me to see how biological research results can be applied in industrial, agricultural, ·213· 成功留学文书写作必备 medical areas in terms of costs, prospects, benefits, etc. The major courses I took while studying at NNN included Molecular Biology, Experimental Technology in Biochemistry, Advanced Biochemistry Experiment, Cell Biology, Experiment of Molecular Biology, Gene Engineering, Cell Engineering, etc. I put much effort in these courses and achieved very good results. Many experiments we conducted were part of the curricular course arrangements and they were fundamental in making me familiar with various experimental purposes, processes, instruments, design steps, etc. These skills give me the potential to carry out self-designed experiments in the future. Personal Traits One of my main talents is my ability to focus on an aim and to persevere through challenges in meeting it. I have had an unfading enthusiasm for learning biology since a young age. This interest developed during my undergraduate studies and has deepened since realizing the future field of plant science. Other positive traits include my willingness to work with people and ability to cooperate with many different types of people. I believe that I have excellent interpersonal skills. Many of my curricular lab assignments have been successfully accomplished with partners. Meanwhile, I take pride in my increasing ability to solve problems, analyze data and reason logically, All of these skills are the necessary tools in mastering theories of plant science. I cherish as the path to experimental success the endurance and hard work that I constantly put into long term experiments. Finally, I always take full responsibility for the activities in which I become involved. Event that Confirmed my Future Research Interest The course of plant cell engineering has driven my interest in plant life science so much that I plan to focus my future research in this area. At the time I first began studying plant cell engineering, an event happened in our rural economic market that caught my attention and greatly pushed my determination to pursue an advanced study on how the development of plant life science can promote traditional agricultural techniques. China used to be a main exporter of soybeans. In recent years, genetically altered soybeans produced in the United States entered the Chinese market at very low prices. The amount imported to China eventually equaled the total amount of domestically produced soybeans, changing China from the main soybean ·214· 第 1 部分 自 传 exporter to a main soybean importer. This event prompted me to ask why China can not produce high quality soybeans in the same quantity as the US does. I am encouraged to find that we can use the modern biological technology to to obtain dramatic improvements in agricultural products by breaking natural obstacles found in genetic crossover and mutation among species through cell and molecular operations on genes. By developing plant technology and its wide applications, we will also be able to meet, in large part, the needs of a large population so as to reduce the dependency on imported foreign products. This discovery excited me and hardened my conviction to focus on this area in future research. Specific Academic and Professional Goals My short term goal after graduating from NNN in July 2003 is to pursue graduate study leading to a PhD degree from an American university like yours, where I can learn in more depth about the most updated theories and practices in plant life science. After completion of my doctorate degree, I will return to China. After seeking a plant science research and development position, I plan to carry out specific projects aimed at the direct improvement of traditional mechanisms of agricultural production Based on my academic and personal achievements through the years, I am enthusiastic and confident in my ability to fulfill my academic and career goals. I sincerely hope for your full consideration and appreciate any further contact from you that will lead to a most favorable reply. ·215· 成功留学文书写作必备 Computer Science Personal Statement Only one out of twenty young people have the opportunity to receive higher education in China. I am fortunate to have obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from one of the most prestigious universities in China, HHH University of Science and Technology, in 2000 and have been studying toward a Master’s Degree since then. My current research focus is on Computer Applications on the Internet, specifically Virtual Experiment Platform for Distance Education. This project is sponsored by the National Invention Foundation and was initiated to help move China from elite education to mass education through the means of distance learning. The significance of this research and its implications in China have not only driven me to work diligently to find the best solution but also strengthened my interests in applying computer networking technology to distance education applications. I believe pursuing a Ph.D. in this field will help increase my knowledge and experience to eventually derive the best feasible distance education solutions for millions of intelligent young Chinese people who do not currently have an opportunity to attend college. The majority of today’s distance education applications, including those that provide Virtual Experiment Platforms, are web-based. Although these applications are user-friendly, their data usually is too simplistic. To build a virtual learning environment that truly mirrors real life experience, an advanced approach is necessary. Together with several other graduate students in the Computer Science Department at HHH University of Science and Technology, I have developed an advanced integrated Virtual Experiment Platform. This platform is based on client/server architecture and uses TCP SOCKETS, which is mainly implemented in C++ to deliver an almost real life lab experience for distant users. The central Virtual Experiment managing and processing server, the remote systems, and the Internet comprise an effective ·216· 第 1 部分 自 传 system that allows lab managers to prepare for experiments, students to set up tests, and teachers to instruct operations at anytime from anywhere. Compared to most applications that store experiment processes on the server, this new architecture levitates the server data processing load and reduces the intensity of the internal data flow. This has lowered the bandwidth requirement thus making it attractive to large-scale universities that have not yet acquired sufficient bandwidth. The development of this project has required sound knowledge in C++, Computer Networking, and Database. I devoted many long hours in the library and lab to the development process in order to finally complete this project successfully. Based on my research findings, I have published two papers in the HHH University of Science and Technology Academic Journal. Both of these articles, “Study on Virtual Experiment Platform for Distance Education” and “Role-based Access Control in the WWW environment,” have received positive feedback from many students and faculty. Currently, this platform has been implemented on a small-scale and performs well. By the end of 2002, the Computer Networking College of Yichang Three Gorge University will deploy this platform and offer distance education to its students. As more and more universities in China are considering the implementation of the Virtual Experiment Platforms, I feel a strong sense of pride and an even stronger sense of responsibility. There is a huge population in China eager to receive higher education. However, due to limited resources, not every hardworking and intelligent person gets the chance. More advanced technology and wider adoption of distance education applications will certainly help provide these people with a new channel to obtain knowledge. To better server people by learning the most advanced knowledge in this field, I have decided to study in the Ph.D. program at your university after receiving my Master’s Degree next summer. I believe I am well prepared for the new challenge. I have built a solid knowledge base in Database Structure, Database Systems, Computer Networks as well as various programming languages including Pascal, C, C++, and Assemble Language. As my interests growing stronger, I worked harder. My academic performance improved dramatically during my undergraduate years, as was demonstrated by my move from being ranked 10th to being ranked as the top student in my class. I was awarded Excellent Academic Performance Scholarship numerous ·217· 成功留学文书写作必备 times. Not content with on-campus experience, in the summer of my junior year, I worked as an intern at the 968 Information Center of WWW Telecommunication Bureau. There I conducted a series of statistical analysis on the Center’s daily information flow using POWERBUILDER and generated daily reports. While working there, I also designed a lottery program on SYBASE that, for marketing purposes, selects winning customers based on their phone numbers. My undergraduate thesis was titled, “Design of the IC Card Reader/Writer.” Using PROTEL, the electronic circuit design software, I designed a circuit board and then based on the circuit diagram, I made the circuit board. This design allows information to be displayed either on the LED on the circuit board or on the computer monitor. While I have accumulated solid knowledge in software developing through taking courses and working as an intern, I reached a better understanding of computer hardware and electronic technology while working on my thesis. While in graduate school, besides spending plenty of time on my research, I have taken many courses including Process Technology for Computer Graphics, Image Process and Analysis, Advance Computer Networking, Design and Implementation of Database Systems, Object Oriented Method, Interface Between User and Computer Virtual Environment. Whether it is working as an intern or doing research at graduate school, I have benefited greatly from my studies. I am confident that all these experiences will be the cornerstone of my Ph.D. study in the near future. Although I have accomplished some achievements, my successes do not always come easily. I specifically remember some difficult days in high school. I had made up my mind to study Computer Science at HHH University of Science and Technology even before entering high school. However, our school notorious for its high failure rate on the college entrance examination. The chance of being admitted to HHH University of Science and Technology was next to zero. I did not let this dissuade me from trying. I was so determined to pass this exam that I consistently gave myself extra homework and eventually reached my goal. I did not give up on my CET6 either. Although I did not pass at the first attempt, I worked harder on the weaker aspects of my test and passed it on the second try. William M. Jeffers said, “For the industrious, thinking, right-living young man the future holds ·218· 第 1 部分 自 传 as many rewards as any period in our nation’s history.” I am looking forward to studying in your prominent Ph.D. program, where I will devote myself to the continuous development of advanced distance education applications in order to help brighten the futures of all those who are thirsty for knowledge. ·219· 成功留学文书写作必备 Electronics Engineering/Electrical Engineering Personal Statement As Harbin Institute of Technology’s first and, currently, only student studying toward three simultaneous degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Business Administration, I am often asked by my peers where I gathered all the energy to even think about doing this. My answer to them is that if they had lived their childhood in a remote isolated town like mine, a place with virtually no learning opportunities, and then one day through their efforts, they had the chance to study at one of China’s top Science and Engineering universities, it would be only natural that they would want to devote all they have to absorb the world of information available to them. Realizing no student from our small town’s high school had ever gone to college, my parents, with great expectations for me, sent me away to live with my grandparents in the city the year I finished elementary school. At age 11, I assumed the responsibility of becoming a top student in my class and taking good care of my often sick and aged grandparents. Those days were tough. I was so eager to please my parents and to fill the mixed determination and guilt they felt for letting me leave home to break a path for my future at such a young age that I not only worked diligently at school but also did all the labor at my grandparents’ house. My hard work paid off. In 1999, at age 17, I was admitted as the youngest student in my class to the school of my dreams, III. Majoring in Electrical Engineering, I was ranked second in my class in my freshman year and won a Freshman Scholarship. Due to my excellent academic performance, when an opportunity to major in Business Administration, in addition to Electrical Engineering, came during my sophomore year, I did not hesitate to throw myself into this program. This special program requires an average GPA of 80/100 and a “pass” grade on every final exam. Failure to meet these requirements would result in automatic disqualification ·220· 第 1 部分 自 传 in the second major. Engaging in this program certainly doubled my workload. However, I deem it worthwhile since the experience stretched my potentials, improved my abilities on a broader scale, and provided me with a wider vision than that of my peers. Though this process was difficult, requiring many midnight study sessions in poorly lit and even more poorly heated student dormitories, I managed to maintain the No.2 standing in my class. My desire to take full advantage of III’s dynamic academic atmosphere and my positive experiences of succeeding in two majors boosted my confidence and drove me to take on further challenges. In my junior year, I enrolled myself in the Computer Science program as my minor. This program requires an average minimum GPA of 75/100 and “pass” on every final exam. Although the additional coursework required me to give up even more of my virtually nonexistent free time, I greatly enjoyed learning various aspects of Computer Science, including software programming and hardware design. My computer knowledge has benefited me greatly in my current research. My optimistic character, high intelligence, determined attitude, and, most of all, my persistent hard work won me a Research Assistant position in a research group led by Professor FFF, a well-known scientist in the Electrical Engineering field and a distinguished faculty member at our university. I was so intrigued by our research that instead of returning home that summer, I spent my entire break conducting research on the “Use of CCD Digital Cameras in Satellites.” Our research currently focuses on two aspects: (1) simulating and modulating the CCD digital camera, and (2) building data structures and programming adapted software to interpret the data. Through this research, I gained substantial firsthand experiences in applying the theories I have learned in classes to real life research. After painstaking efforts of testing and validating various models, our group succeeded in setting up a working model. We are now working to find good algorithms to integrate with the data. Professor FFF was so deeply impressed by my excellent performance and maturity that he suggested I go abroad to pursue graduate study. To prepare for this, adding to my already full workload, I used my early mornings and late nights to study for the TOEFL and GRE and took them in my junior year. As a result, I successfully passed the most intensive period of my ·221· 成功留学文书写作必备 academic career to date and scored a high 2240 on the GRE. Every time my friends ask me how I can handle all my responsibilities, I tell them if a person enjoys what they are doing, the workload seems much lighter. As much as I am interested in my studies, I have not limited myself to only classes and researches. I served as the Vice Student Chairman of my class, as well as the Student Representative for several courses. I am an active member of III’s reading and dancing clubs. Reading is my hobby. I enjoy reading biographies of great people such as Einstein, Fayman, Bill Gates, Carnegie, Napoleon, and Hill. I am also very interested in Psychology and have read many books by Freud and Jung. Reading in my spare time not only helps me relax but also constantly lifts my spirits and gives me with more energy to go further. As I am graduating from college with three degrees, I am looking forward to going even further than what I have accomplished so far. Looking back on my difficult experiences at a young age and my determination to succeed at whatever tasks I set my eyes on in college, I am proud that I have become a goal-oriented man with integrity, diligence, and determination. I have become the person that my parents had hoped I would become. I have full confidence that I will succeed in your prominent program. I plan to devote all my energy to conduct research with your distinguished professors and to continue to excel. ·222· 第 1 部分 自 传 Statement of Purpose A debate has existed since the last century about whether or not a machine will ever be able to imitate all that a human being does. Can we possibly create thinking, feeling, and intelligent beings? This question is the driving force behind my strong interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI). My aspiration to be an AI scientist dates back to my early childhood. Artificial Intelligence is so intriguing to me that I have always been totally fascinated by the splendid expectations of the future of AI technology. Even though there have been no great breakthroughs in AI field over the past twenty years, there are still some people working hard on it. I am one of those who believe that one day AI will contribute to the world in its magic way, but not the way of “Terminators” in sci-fi movies. I began my research in the field of Artificial Intelligence when I was a graduate student at XX University. In XXXX, my first AI model, “Neural Network System for Test” (Version 1.0, Alfa), was used for model recognition and was successfully developed independently by applying feed forward NNs and Hebb study rules. I then developed the Beta version with feed forward NNs and Backpropagation algorithm, also called the supervised learning model and widely used in some practical fields. Following these two successful models, I started to develop the “Neural Network System for Test” (Version 1.0, Gamma) with advanced inheritance algorithm, and Hopfield feedback network system (Version 1.0, Theta) to simulate a dynamic nonlinear system. Additionally, with the programming experience of these AI models, I developed a new algorithm for computer graphics that was published on Computer Graphics “20XX International Academic Publishers”. These experiences have given me a great opportunity to understand the nature of Artificial Intelligence, and have strengthened my confidence to become a scientist. Although I have achieved many successes in developing AI models and algorithms in the past three years, I still feel that I have not dug deep enough in the AI field. As I proceed with my research, I have come to realize that a more advanced and systematical study of Artificial ·223· 成功留学文书写作必备 Intelligence and Algorithm is necessary for my future research career as a scientist. In many people’s eyes, AI is simply a kind of trivial “Computing Technology” based on its mathematical theory; however, I believe that someday in the near future, our dream of “self-evolution of machines” will surely come true. For the pursuit of this dream, I believe that a pursuit of a Ph.D. degree is the indispensable way to deepen my knowledge and understanding of the AI world. Your university is ideal for me. It has a distinguished educational and research reputation. But what has impressed me most is that many of your on-going projects are similar to mine. If admitted to your program, I will be able to make full use of my research experience to finish this degree. My solid background in Artificial Intelligence (especially machine learning) and algorithm design and analysis will help me more in the following topics, both theoretically and experimentally: Artificial Neural Network. Multi-Agent Learning. Computer Graphics Algorithm I am confident that my diverse research experience, firm commitment to Artificial Intelligence and algorithm have qualified me to undertake different challenges. I look forward to fulfilling my dream by working efficiently and ·224· hard at your esteemed institute. 第 1 部分 自 传 Personal Statement Witnessing my Dad successfully fight to survive cancer, I learned to appreciate life and the opportunities it presents. I was in my first year of high school and could not have cared less about homework and exams. Spending most of my time hanging out with friends on the street, I seldom opened my books. It came as no surprise when I failed all courses except Chinese and English. I remember it was on the day I boasted about getting “A”s in these two courses without even trying that my Dad told me he had cancer. He was calm and serious. I was speechless, ashamed, and desperate. All my life, my Dad had spoiled me and built a secure home for our family. I never worried about anything. As my sad and panicked tears poured down my cheeks, my Dad said to me, “XXX, it is time that you grow up, be strong, and make good use of yourself.” Saying good-bye to my relaxed life style was not easy, but it became easier every time Dad recounted a story of my childhood when I visited him at the hospital. His favorite story was the fishing trip we took together when I was four. He recalled all my funny questions and the eccentric “suggestions” I gave on how to catch a big fish. “You were so curious and bright!” “I knew then you were a different child.” “Just be yourself, take your time, and you will catch up”, he said in a weak voice but with much confidence. I was so determined to prove Dad is right that I concentrated on my studies completely and rose to No.1 in my class the following semester. Dad likes to attribute his gradual recovery to my academic progress. Although I know his doctors and his optimistic attitude made the real difference, I am proud that he thinks that way and most of all, I feel so fortunate that my own personal “cancer” was also cured by this experience. The following year, I scored high in the most competitive National College Entrance Examination and got accepted to XXX University. I couldn’t stop my tears when I dashed to my Dad and broke the good news to him! In his firm warm arms, I vowed to myself that never again in my life would I waste time. I also vowed to treasure each opportunity trusted on me and give all I have to achieve my best! ·225· 成功留学文书写作必备 During the four years in college, majoring in Corrosion and Protection of Metals in the Mechanical Department, I consistently worked hard and achieved great academic success. Applying the theoretical knowledge I learned from the various courses I had taken, I successfully completed my thesis research XXXXXX successfully in 6 months. Besides maintaining good academic standing, I also participated in many social activities. I was one of the founding organizers of the Student Union and organized many large-scale parties and activities. Due to my presentation and leadership in the Community Volunteers’ Association, I was awarded the “Honor Citizenship” by the local government. I was indeed proud when my advisor made the remark at the graduation ceremony that he was proud to have worked with a diligent, responsible, charming, and influential student like me. After graduation, I worked in SSS at the Painting Department of JJJ Co., Ltd, the major ship manufacturer in China. During this period, I had a chance to apply my knowledge learned from the university. In three years, I worked very hard and completed two research projects perfectly. “Her passion for the job is incredible. She puts all her heart and energy into the job and can’t bear any mistakes,” my colleague would say when introducing me. In the three years that I have worked for this company, I have kept careful and responsible habits while painting the surfaces of ships. Generally, it is not considered suitable for women to work at the worksite and I am the only female in my painting department. However, to gain important information, I went to the worksite by myself. During my second year at the company, I began to design the painting technology and process and I was put in charge of painting two self-unloading ten-thousand-ton ships coded H2227 and H2228 when they were first made by my company. Despite the construction complexities and execution difficulties, I worked out an effective painting process after I analyzing the blueprints and making process recommendations to the experienced engineers. This painting process set an example for the later work that was similar in nature. I have also served as an assistant to our principal engineer who studied the painting on oil tankers that work under special circumstances such as icy conditions. As my work and research becomes more complicated, I am finding that my knowledge is very limited. For example, while the clean-up of rust is the most tiring and dirty process, it is ·226· 第 1 部分 自 传 necessary to guarantee the painting quality. Until now, no effective and economical technology has been introduced to improve this process. Does the kind of paint exist that does not demand a clean surface? Dirt-proof paint is harmful to marine organisms and pollutes the sea. Is there a kind of paint that does not pollute the sea? In addition, how to improve the cohesion of the paint layers; how to improve the corrosion resistance, durability and shock resistance of paint film; how to improve the corrosion resistance of the material in order to reduce the large quantity of paint used in painting? All these questions drive me to enrich myself and do more research in order to find answers. I successfully passed the GRE and TOEFL in spite of my busy schedule and have decided to apply to study for a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering in your engineering school. My major interests in the future reside in the following areas: the properties of new materials, corrosion and protection of materials, and environmentally friendly chemical technology. If you feel that any other areas are more suitable for me, your comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated. I am attracted to the history and reputation of your graduate engineering school and look forward to studying under the prominent professors in your program while using the advanced facilities in your department to conduct worthy research on ship surface painting. After gaining substantial experience, I plan to return to China in order to devote myself to the promotion of the development of chemical technology in China. ·227· 成功留学文书写作必备 Personal Statement I have immense love and admiration for my illiterate farmer parents. They don’t speak fancy words, yet they taught me to be humble, true, and kind to myself and other people; they do not make much money, yet they always made sure I had adequate money for tuition and books; they had great expectations for me, yet they never forced anything on me. I began to appreciate my parents’ unconditional love and sacrifice when I was just a little boy. Ever since I discovered that earning good grades made my parents happy, I have studied diligently at school to be the best student I can be. My childhood dream was simple and clear: to become a highly educated person. As I am writing this personal statement, I realize that, in some sense, I have already achieved my childhood goal. I will soon graduate from XXX University, one of China’ top universities known as the cradle of engineers, as an exceptional student honored with numerous awards. On the other hand, I realize that I am just getting closer to my goal. I still have lot to learn. For this reason, I am applying for the acceptance to your graduate program, a vital step in reaching my ultimate goal. I first became interested in electronics when I was in middle school and received a cassette player from my physics teacher on my fifteenth birthday. Curious about the circuit diagram printed on the cassette’s introduction booklet, I asked my teacher how it worked. Although he explained to me patiently, I could not quite grasp its wonder at the time but I was determined to do so. In high school, I read some illuminative books about electronics recommended by my physics teacher. In my spare time, I made electronics devices such as doorbells. When my experiments finally worked, I was fascinated. I found that being able to put what I have learned into practice is a great pleasure. Later, at our school’s Science and Technology Fair, my paper “A New Way to Measure Resistance” won the first prize. I performed excellently in the National University Entrance Examinations and without any hesitation, I chose to study Electronics Engineering at XXX University. While studying at XXX, driven by my intense interest and clear goals, I have worked very hard and steadily remained in the top 5% of my class, with an overall GPA of 3.56 in the highly ·228· 第 1 部分 自 传 competitive Electronics Engineering Department, which is comprised of top students from all over China. I am particularly good at mathematics and physics. My excellent academic record has earned me many honors and scholarships. Eager to learn more than what is taught in class, I often read books and journals concerning the cutting-edge electronics technology in order to broaden my scope. I am also enthusiastic about the lectures given by prominent professors, from whom I can absorb innovative ideas. XXX places great emphasis on undergraduate students’ independent research ability. Under these circumstances, I have not only developed meticulous research habits but have also mastered scientific analytic methods. When still a junior student, I was selected to join the state laboratory of fine functional electronic materials and devices, led by a prestigious professor EEE, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. There, I had the precious opportunity to work on characterization of semiconductors such as GBT. During my internship, I also obtained first-hand experiment experience from working in several large IC manufacture companies and institutions including National Research Institute of Electricity and Electronics. I feel that I have benefited greatly from these experiences. I not only work hard academically but also participate in various activities enthusiastically. I am the leader of XXX University’s Delegation, taking part in “Protecting the Wetlands Action”, a campaign launched and sponsored by World Fund For Nature (WWF) and reported by China Youth Daily. Our team’s innovative prospectus about investigating the living environment of Red Crowned Crane, a precious and endangered bird with only 3000 left on earth, in one of world’s biggest Red Crowned Crane’s gathering place Yancheng, Jiangsu province, earned us 5000 RMB worth of financial support given by WWF. Only nine other teams in China received this grant in 2001. Our month-long investigation proved to be a great success. I was also the Office Director of the Student Union. I once tactfully convinced the Ever Bright Bank to sponsor our National Day Party with the agreement to offer them the naming rights if they solved our financial problems. During my tenancy, I also managed and organized many instructive and popular activities such as Do It Yourself (DIY) and Voluntary Blood Donation. Due to my consistent hardworking attitude and conspicuous work achievement, I was awarded “Excellent Office Director of the Student’s Union”- an honor given to only a few students each year. All of these unique social experiences have greatly enhanced my leadership and communication abilities. ·229· 成功留学文书写作必备 In recognizing my outstanding academic record, excellent research ability and prominent performance in social work, my soon-to-be Alma Mater has offered me to exempt me from the entrance examination if I choose to enter graduate studies at this school, a privilege given to only top students. However, I turned down this offer because I long to study abroad. One reason is that, due to the low budget of Chinese education funds, some lab experiments in Chinese universities are so out-of-date that conducting certain demanding experiments is difficult or even impossible. Another reason is that I realize, frankly speaking, that China’s electronic industry is far behind the times. During my internship in YYY company, whose calculate amplifier was the first in China and was used on China’s first man made Satellite OrientalRed, I found all so-called advanced equipment in their streamline are bought secondhand from American companies. To my astonishment, one of these “advanced” systems used to control the oxidation (a vital process in manufacturing IC) is still using 14-inch software that is too outdated to find on the market. Since America is in the leading position in electronic industry and education, it is an ideal place for me to take full advantage of my potential to grasp information that is at the forefront of technology. Furthermore, the culture in America is so diverse that I feel I will be able to acquire broader perspectives and more profound insights. My research interest is semiconductor device/physics, as well as Semiconductor Processing and Technology. In my mind, devices are the most basic components of circuits. To achieve a deeper understanding of devices is very helpful to the design and fabrication of IC. The success we had on diode and transistors is revolutionary in the history of electronics. I would also like to make great achievements on this field. Among hundreds of graduate schools in the United States, I consider your university the best and most suitable for me. Your department has up-to-date research facilities and impressive research funds, which shows your program’s leading position in the US. Under your esteemed faculty’s guidance, together with my solid academic background, I’ m sure my childhood dream will become a reality. After my graduation, I will devote myself to the development of China’s electronic industry. I not only want to be a man of success but also to be a man of value. ·230· 第 1 部分 自 传 Personal Statement In the year 2001, I received the honorable title, Lucent Global Science Scholar, and was invited to visit the Lucent headquarter and Bell Labs in New Jersey. The made me to aware of the vast distance between the scientists working there and myself. It also encouraged me to pursue a further study to earn a Ph.D. degree in research of computer technology. Strong Background Established It was 15 years ago, when I was just seven years old, that I received my very first computer, a primitive version that it provided very limited functionality, with BASIC the only available programming language. As soon as I got to know what BASIC could do, I became deeply absorbed in it. Before I was granted a waiver of College Entrance Examinations and admitted directly into the Class of Gifted Students at Tongji University, I had mastered programming languages such as BASIC, PASCAL, C, HTML, SQL etc. and established my first personal website, distinguishing me from my fellow students. Without hesitation I chose Computer Science as my college major. Owing to my proficiency and experience in programming and website design, Dr. Gong selected me as her teaching assistant when I was just a freshman. I aided in the writing of her book about HTML by giving her some examples and ideas of specific skills in web page design. Prof. Gong also gave me a chance to deliver a brief presentation to sophomores about introductory programming in HTML. An experience which proved to be very successful. It was the first time that a freshman had given a speech to sophomores in the history of Tongji University. I was also the youngest teaching assistant on campus. As a freshman, I mastered all the fundamental courses such as Advanced Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Advanced Physics and C++ language. Besides studying hard in the classroom, I also paid attention to my all-round personal development by learning tai chi and to play the Chinese bamboo flute and by joining other extracurricular activities. ·231· 成功留学文书写作必备 Top Award Honored as a Lucent Global Science Scholar The Lucent Global Science Scholar (LGSS) Award is one of the highest honors that a Chinese college student can ever get. In 2001, there were only 108 students around the world that were granted this award, 50 of whom were from the U.S., the other 58 from 21other countries including 5 undergraduate students from China, a country with a total of more than 10,000,000 students studying in higher institutes each year. After chains of tests, I was among the last candidates competing for the five awards, with the final decision made by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) and International Institute of Education (IIE). Thanks to my strong background knowledge of Computer Science and the excellent English proficiency, I delivered an exceptional speech about the Future of the IT Industry. A burst of applause from the judges at the end of my speech declared my final success. I was offered a $5000 scholarship, the largest scholarship a college student is eligible to receive from a single award in China. Additionally, I was invited to the United States for a visit and to participate in a contest designed for the 108 LGSSs. After sightseeing for three days in New York City, I visited Lucent headquarters and Bell Labs in Murry Hill, New Jersey. Although the buildings of the Bell Labs were not as mysterious as I had thought, the advanced devices and the excellent scientists very much impressed me. The speech given by the scientists gave me a clear picture of the frontline research in the IT industry. The face-to-face talk with Dennis M. Ritchie on how to find one’s own style in doing research also inspired me. The most challenging task was the contest. All 108 students were divided into four groups and each group was asked to design a “killer app” to compete for the main IT product in 2008. My design, “ES2”, a PDA-like PC with a foldable touch screen, was finally selected as the “killer app” of my group. I was also elected to be the president of the group presentation. I divided the whole job into different parts, with every member having a part to fulfill. We also prepared a short video to demonstrate the advantages of our product. With all the effort my team made, we created a perfect presentation. With the declaration from the president of the Bell Labs that my team had won the contest, we were so exhilarated that all members jumped up and hugged each other. That moment was so moving that it is deeply embedded in my memory as if it happened ·232· 第 1 部分 自 传 yesterday. During my visit in the U.S., I introduced the Chinese Bamboo flute to my foreign friends and showed them how to play tai chi, the essence of Chinese Kungfu, since I thought it was such a good opportunity to share our different cultures and to further our mutual understanding. Much Research Experience and Great Research Abilities Armed with sound training in basic theories and applied technologies, I have put them into practice by participating in on-campus activities and summer internships. As the president of the Microsoft Club, I designed a user-friendly database for record keeping. I also created and maintained the club’s website. Through these projects, I was able to hone my programming skills in HTML, Java, and JavaScript in order to improve our web pages. During my first summer internship, I designed and implemented a relational media management database for Mingtai Corporation, a database consulting company based in SSS, using PowerBuilder and Oracle, The following summer, I developed an online shopping cart application in ASP and JavaScript for XXX Corporation, the largest company for selling digital products in SSS. In addition to the advanced techniques in problem solving, innovative scheming and efficient programming, I learned how to provide services in the easiest ways to meet the foremost needs of customers. These experiences deepened my understanding of the IT field and further strengthened my goal of becoming a successful IT professional. During my junior year, Prof. RRR took me into his research group as a research assistant to work with his graduate students. I worked on a project that required overall planning and detailed implementation. The goal was to implement the students’ grade database with secure remote access for off-campus students. At first, I was overwhelmed by the large amount of information required for the technology of secure remote access. However, after I finished reading several books on this field and investigated the feasibility of several technologies in this project, I was able to complete a detailed assessment of the requirements under the guidance of Prof. RRR. The best solution was the Virtual Private Network, which could meet all requirements. After a year of research with Prof. RRR, I developed the ability to administer, manage and troubleshoot both physical and operational aspects of the networks. The experience of designing, implementing, testing, and evaluating a project greatly enhanced my ·233· 成功留学文书写作必备 programming abilities, especially in the initial design phase. Prospects at ****** University After carefully reading the overall introduction of your program from the Internet, I found that my research interests in Networking Design and Optimization are similar to the research interests of some professors in your department. Many courses in your program such as “******” and “******” fascinate me very much. Nothing has proven more challenging and intriguing to me than in-depth research in the ***** Research Group since their areas of research so closely match mine. With my rich experience in R&D and advanced training in your program, I am confident that I will be able to take great strides toward fulfilling my professional objective. ·234· 第 1 部分 自 传 Personal Statement I wish to pursue a Ph.D. degree in your University in order to extend my academic and career development. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, I have worked in an electronics company as an experienced electrical engineer for two years. I think it is the right time that I go back to school and study in a doctoral program of EE. A Ph.D. in EE will give me invaluable knowledge for my career by researching cutting-edge hardware product design and development. Your university provides the ideal place for me to do this research. I am confident that my education and research experience, from both university laboratories and industrial companies, prove my commitment to the EE field. I also believe that the experienced professors and the advanced academic environment of your program will help me achieve my professional goals. I have been interested in electronics since my childhood. Electronics such as the radio and television were very magical things to me. My parents’ appliances were seldom in good condition because I always took them apart in order to discover the mysteries behind their magic. I always saved my pocket money to buy reference books on electronics and electronic devices. Even before entering college, I designed some simple circuits and fixed defective home appliances, giving me my first practical experience. Electronics fascinated me and I was filled with strong desire to design and improve electronic devices. My great interest in EE was cultivated at that time and from there my entire career path was defined. After graduating from high school, I was admitted into CCC University after being exempted from the entrance examination. Based on my interests, I naturally selected EE as my major. Four years of comprehensive training in the EE department provided me excellent mastery of electronics theories and practices. I excelled in all courses including the most difficult ones: Basics of Analog Electronic Techniques (93/100), Basics of Digital Electronic Techniques (99/100), Curricular Project of Electronic Technique (95/100), Signal and System (96/100) and Electric Power Electronics (80/100). Furthermore, I actively involved myself in practical research and laboratory work at the university so that I could integrate textbook knowledge ·235· 成功留学文书写作必备 with hands-on working experience. My was able to enrich my knowledge exponentially through these kinds of experiences. I began laboratory work relatively early compared to most of my peers. During my junior year at CCC University, I joined the Electronics Lab of the EE Department and had the opportunity to conduct research in the field of Embedded System Design. This was my first, and most important, step into a professional research career. During the process, I got chance to use the Microchip Technology Inc.’s newest generation of the PICmicro microcontroller (MCU) to design my embedded system. I selected the best microcontroller for my application and became familiar with the MPLAB Integrated Development Environment (IDE) software and many others including Assembly Language and C Language based on the PICmicro microcontroller (MCU) and PC (personal computer), Protel98 in schematic and PCB circuit board design. I often became so absorbed in this interesting and original research that I would work on the programs and electronic circuits in the laboratory all day and all night. Even when I went back to my apartment, the problems were still on my mind. In July 1999, along with two other team members, I was selected by our university to attend the National Undergraduate Electronics Design Contest. In the following three months, we completely devoted ourselves to prepare for the competition that was to be held in September 1999. Our task was to use the microprocessor provided by the Microchip Technology Inc. to establish an Intelligent Phonetic System. The main functions of this system were to sample, compress, store and play back voice signals. Since the original voice signals transmitting through the microphone were mixed with other noises, a noise canceller was necessary. After being filtered through the noise canceller, the voice signals would then be amplified before entering into the A/D converter. Because of memory limitations, the digital signals first had to be compressed using certain algorithms. Later, the stored digital data needed to be converted back into analog voice signals. The whole process was controlled by the microprocessor. My job was to build the hardware, including the analog and the digital circuits for the system; the other two students were in charge of the software development. We had to cooperate efficiently to accomplish the task within the allotted time. Our hard work paid off. We won the first prize in the competition after three months’ collective effort. This experience was a milestone in my research career. I not only obtained invaluable research experience, but also understood the importance of cooperation. It was after this project that I made my finial decision to take the ·236· 第 1 部分 自 传 research career path. After graduation, I joined an electronics company as a hardware designer. At the time, I was so exited about the fact that my childhood dream had finally come true. Working for this company, I learned many new skills. For instance, I learned programmable logic, FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) and the hardware language VHDL on Xilinx Platform. I also proved to my colleagues and the project manager that I was an excellent hardware developer. The ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) that I designed has been widely used on our company’s products. For example, it was used in the terminal computer as the POS (Point Of Sale) for banks and supermarkets. During this period, I gained valuable practical research experience and learned to take advantage of high-tech media to effectively communicate and work with others. I find the most efficient method of learning is through interacting with people who share common interests and concerns. I often use the Internet to discuss problems with other electrical engineers. I also frequently browse some important electronics companies’ web sites to check if there are any new tools or services that might be helpful for my work. This approach has broadened my horizons and improved my flexibility. The Internet has become a creative source for me to solve problems. However, it is also during this time while working in this company, I have begun to realize that I am still way behind many other engineers, especially those abroad. China’s electronics industry has a long way to go before catching up with that of the US. I believe that the 21st century is a critical time for the rapid development of electronics technology and I have set my long-term career goal to become an expert who can influence, or perhaps even lead, this revolution. Therefore, it is vital that I pursue higher education through further systematic training in the field of Electronics Engineering. I believe that attaining a Ph.D. Degree from your university will be the cornerstone on which to achieve my goals. I believe that this degree will provide the academic training, experiences and skills needed to achieve my success in the EE domain. I am confident that my educational background, research experience, passion toward this field, and dedication has well prepared me for graduate study. I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and working with you and my prospective classmates in the near future. ·237· 成功留学文书写作必备 Personal Statement My interests in electronics started when I was just a boy, spending hours designing and making various electric toys. Among all of my early attempts, my favorite creation was a powerboat. Although it was not as fancy as the one we bought from the store, it worked, and most importantly, I had built it. Looking back, I believe my childhood dream of becoming an Electrical Engineering scientist must have come from my strong desire to learn how to build a better powerboat. Determined to reach my goal, I worked hard at school and in my spare time. During my middle and high schools days, I won several National awards in the Students National Mathematics Competition. My solid mathematics and physics knowledge helped me greatly when I began to study electronics in high school. I discovered that I could grasp concepts quickly. Excited about my progress, I started making complicated electric systems. At the very moment when I was able to talk with my friends on the interphone I had made, I knew I had found my career goal. Robert Browning once said, “our aspirations are our possibilities.” In 1998, after earning the highest score on the National College Entrance Examination at my high school, I was admitted to my dream school, WWW University, the school with one of the best Electrical Engineering programs in China. Entering WWW University was yet another new start to accomplish my goal of becoming a scientist in the Electrical Engineering field. I studied even harder in college than I had in high school. Several years’ hard work had prepared me well with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a demanding academic program. While keeping my GPA among the highest in my Department all through college, I broadened my knowledge base and familiarized myself with the latest research by reading papers and attending various seminars and lectures. My perseverance and preciseness gained from the numerous experiments in childhood enabled me to stay competitive with my peers in laboratory work. Understanding the importance of good organization and leadership skills to a successful scientist, I enthusiastically participated in many social activities in college. As the Captain of our basketball team, I led our team to two championships in our department league. In 2000, I ·238· 第 1 部分 自 传 won the election to be the Head of the Student Union in the Department of Computer Network after campaigning on a proposal to build a new computer network for students on campus! Later, I successfully organized the Department in order to complete the project as promised. Because of my outstanding academic and social performance, I was awarded the People’s Scholarship all four years during college. Furthermore, in 2000, I won the XXX Scholarship, the highest scholarship given by WWW University. Attending seminars and reading papers helped me realize that, to be a scientist, research skills and hands-on experience are critical. In 2002, I joined the Laboratory of Multimedia Technologic and Network. I participated in the development of a computer network security detection system based on association rules. Based on the methods of partition and confidence, our team successfully applied the Frequent Pattern Tree to optimize the Apriori algorithm and significantly improved the performance of the security system. Taking an active part in the development process of the project, I gained not only substantial experiences in algorithm development and optimization but also advanced skills in software design and development. My work experience at the State Key Laboratory of Software Engineering has so far been the most challenging and valuable professional experience for me. The State Key Laboratory of Software Engineering is a prestigious research institution in China that seldom accepts undergraduate students. My outstanding performance earned me an opportunity to conduct research under the instruction of Dr. XXX, a prominent young professor in the wireless communications field in China. The project that I worked on involved a Graphical Information System capable of analyzing the coverage of base stations. This was one of the very first attempts in this field in China. In this project, I needed to read the latest research work, only available in English. This offered me a good opportunity to improve my English and refine my research skills. Although I was prepared with solid programming skills and a strong knowledge background after three years of study, I found myself overwhelmed in the first few weeks by the variety of wireless communications technology used in the project. The only way for me to keep up was to work hard and that was exactly what I did. In a very short period of time, I finished Theodore S. Rappaport’s Wireless Communication Principles and Practices, an English-written textbook that is used in graduate-level courses in China. Besides reading numerous research papers, I also actively engaged in many in-depth discussions with my director and other team members. All these efforts quickly brought me up to the speed. I fully ·239· 成功留学文书写作必备 comprehended the project and started suggesting ideas for the design of the system model. I am extremely proud that my ideas contributed substantially to the project. After development started, I found I have more confidence in turning the design ideas into practice with my profound C++ programming skills. Furthermore, I have studied several books on software engineering and C++ programming. This has greatly enhanced my coding skills. Having enjoyed the intense team atmosphere and having learned so much from the researchers in the group, I deeply appreciate this experience and believe that I can overcome any difficulty in the future. Henry Adams once said, “a teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” I was fortunate to have the opportunity to study under Dr. XXX, who holds a Ph.D. Degree in Applied Physics and Master Degree in Business Administration from University of MMM and GGG University. Dr. XXX has had a great influence on me. He once shared his view with me on achieving excellence. According to him, there are three databases scientists need to create. The first one is for storing and supplementing knowledge; we need to constantly enrich ourselves with new knowledge. The second database is for collecting and storing academic resources and references; we must read widely and profoundly to stay ahead. The third is for our friends and teachers; we must get to know and try to understand people with various backgrounds and perceptions in order to broaden our scope and inspire our creativity. I have been a student in China for 20 years. I realize that each of my databases only has a few rows. I need to go abroad to read advanced books and get to know and learn from people with different ideas to gradually build up my databases. ·240· 第 1 部分 自 传 Environmental Science Personal Statement I owe my home town, China’s most elegant and exquisite city DDD, thanks for giving me the opportunity to become aware of the environmental issues at a young age; to always do what I can to help protect our environment; to succeed in my major of Environmental Engineering and Chemical Engineering at college; and to decide to pursue higher education in the field of Environmental Engineering and Civil and Environmental Engineering in order to obtain broader and deeper knowledge and experiences. My mother’s fondest childhood memories of DDD are catching fish in the crystal clear creek that ran by her house, reading books in the tranquil gardens, and inhaling the fragrance of the best jasmine tea in the world. Unfortunately, my mother’s favorite creek was never that tempting to me. Instead, for as long as I can remember, the creak has always been murky and stinky. I could hardly imagine that laughter and happiness were once there. Later, I learned that bad pollution, and most of all, people’s ignorance of environmental protection ruined the river. DDD is an ancient cultural city with a history stretching 2500 years. It is also an industrialized city home to many electronics, chemical, and machinery companies. Growing with the booming industry is the increasing pollution problem. Feeling so strongly about keeping the beauty of DDD, I decided that I would do everything possible to protect our environment. That is the reason why, since elementary school, I have volunteered in all kinds of groups and activities to help the environment, from planting trees to promoting the awareness of environmental protection and recycling. That is also the direct reason why I chose Environmental Engineering and Chemical Engineering as my major when I entered college. I want to make a difference! During my four years in college, I not only studied hard but also took every opportunity to ·241· 成功留学文书写作必备 learn and do as much as possible. Although I barely ranked in the top 100 when I entered XXX University, out of 350 students in my class, I have climbed to No.2 now that I am graduating. To broaden my knowledge scope, whenever there is an environment- related seminar, whether it discusses domestic or international environmental technology and issues, I am there. I was fortunate enough to attend a seminar given by Mr. XXXand his wife. Their story of devoting their whole lives to the development of China’s environmental protection touched me so deeply that it strengthened my interests and sense of responsibility to give all my energy to the study of Environmental Engineering. After I joined the Environmental Protection Association of XXX University, I helped organize various student-based activities such as the Used Battery Recycling Campaign, Environmental Awareness Exhibitions, and the ZijinShan Trash Elimination Campaign. All these activities have received positive feedback and have been adopted as the annual activities at XXX University. My solid knowledge has equipped me with strong confidence and has helped me form a habit of always looking for the best solution to tackle problems. For example, the traditional way of measuring Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) is the Potassium Dichromate method. Using this method, the complicated operation process takes a significant amount of time. To find a more efficient way, under my advisor’s instruction and together with several other students, I developed a faster and more effective technique to measure COD. I also like to gain a deeper understanding of theoretical knowledge learned from the class by conducting my own experiments. For instance, after learning Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS), I was so eager to test it that, right after class, I went to the supermarket and bought all kinds of salt, including iodized salt, to test and verify what I had just learned. I also collected various kinds of foundation that my friends used for their make-up in order to measure the amount of lead contained in each kind. Doing all these experiments has been fun and has provided me with better understanding of a variety of theories. My four years at XXX University were, without any doubt, the best years of my life so far. The knowledge and academic experience I gained, although limited, built a sound foundation for me to keep climbing higher in the field of Environmental Engineering. The social activities and groups I joined, on the other hand, gave me invaluable chances to establish and strengthen my organization, communication, and leadership skills. In my freshman and sophomore years, I was elected Head of Sports Department of the Student Union. In my junior year, I was the Vice ·242· 第 1 部分 自 传 President of the Student Union. I organized many large-scale activities including sports competitions, art and culture events, debates, seminars, workshops and volunteer programs to help seniors. My kindness, enthusiasm, sincerity and responsible attitude helped me carry out these activities successfully. I believe my education background and social experiences have well prepared me to seek and face new challenges. Ever since I decided to enter graduate school at a prestigious university in the U.S., I have been conducting careful research to choose the program that best suits me. Because I have come to realize that remarkable people usually have strong influences on me and can inspire me to do creative and significant work, I pay special attention to an institution’s faculty in my school selection process. Professor A has carried out extensive field and model studies on population, water and energy resources, and environmental problems in nearly 30 countries, including China. His most recent work focused on the relationship between Chinese electric power developments and their impact on global warming. His research focuses on the effects of population on natural resource development, on the conflict resolution in international river basins, and on improved methods of managing natural resources and the environment. His research has an emphasis on the use of analytic optimizing methods to incorporate both the natural phenomena and the engineering controls that impact global change in water resources, and an emphasis on the development of indices of environmental quality and sustainable development. I have great interest in his research focus. I have intimate knowledge of and personal experience with China’s environmental issues. I believe that, if given the opportunity to work under him, I could be of great help in his research. In addition, since my plan is to return to China after obtaining a Ph.D. degree, I believe that conducting extensive research in China from a different angle would benefit me and the Chinese people immensely. Professor B has conducted extensive research on the dynamics of water presence and water pathways in the terrestrial environment. Her current research interests lie in the physics of the hydrological cycle in regions of complex terrain, focusing on precipitation, soil moisture, vegetation dynamics, and land-atmosphere interactions. I also have great interest in her research focus. Research on the physics of the hydrological cycle in regions of complex terrain has great implications for China, a diverse and vast land. I believe, if given the opportunity to work under Professor B, my knowledge of China’s situation can be of help. Further, since my ·243· 成功留学文书写作必备 plan is to return to China after obtaining a Ph.D. degree, I believe in-depth knowledge and research experience gained through these studies will benefit me and the Chinese people immensely in the near future. Professor C is currently exploring how advanced technology can provide decision makers with a wider range of optimal, or nearly optimal, environmentally friendly alternatives from which to choose. I have great interest in this direction. I have seen too many policies in China made with no technological support. Almost all of the policies made under these circumstances fail to solve the real problems. It is absolutely critical that policy makers know about technology and have the option to choose from a wide range of reasonable options. I believe my witnessing and experiencing these bad policies will help contribute to Professor C’s research. Furthermore, since my plan is to come back to China upon receiving a Ph.D. degree, I believe insightful knowledge and research experience gained through these studies will benefit me and the Chinese people immensely. Professor D is currently involved in a wide variety of research projects to improve the accuracy of atmospheric transport rates that are incorporated within models. Additionally he is working to better understand how transport influences the distribution of long-lived trace gases in the stratosphere. He also leads a group of faculty from across the University in a multi-disciplinary study of problems posed by the rapid pace of industrialization in China, affecting the local, regional and global environment. The research under the China Project seeks to identify more environmentally sensitive paths for China's development. I have great interest in Professor D’s research focus. I have intimate knowledge of and personal experience with China’s environmental issues. I believe, if given the opportunity to work under him, I could be of great help in his research. In addition, since my plan is to return to China after obtaining a Ph.D. degree, I believe conducting extensive research on China from a different angle would benefit me and the Chinese people immensely. Professor E is working to discover how the atmosphere works as a chemical and physical system, and to understand the interactions between the atmosphere, vegetation, soil, and oceans. Research on these interactions has great implications for an agricultural country like China. I believe, if given the opportunity to work under Professor E, my knowledge in the China situation can be of help. Further, since my plan is to return to China after obtaining a Ph.D. ·244· 第 1 部分 自 传 degree, I believe in-depth knowledge and research experience gained through these studies will benefit me and the Chinese people immensely. As I am writing to explain my qualifications, and my eagerness to study in your prominent program and start conducting research next fall, I can almost imagine the sense of responsibility and pride I would feel to find my mom’s exhilaration if, one day, I am able to bring back that sweet, shiny brook of her childhood. ·245· 成功留学文书写作必备 Psychology Personal Statement One of the greatest writers in the 20th century, Thomas Wolfe, once said, “If a man has a talent and cannot use it, he has failed. If he has talent and uses only half of it, he has partly failed. If he has talent and learns somehow to use the whole of it, he has gloriously succeeded, and won a satisfaction and a triumph few men will ever know.” I heartedly agree with him and have been working diligently to make full use of my talent in Mathematics ever since I was in elementary school. As the youngest, and the top-ranked student in my high school class, I easily entered what a U.S. former President called “China’s Harvard”, PPP University, after earning excellent scores in the highly competitive National University Entrance Exam. Inspired by my good friend and high school teacher, Mr. XXX, who once remarked that Mathematics is the science measuring nature while Psychology is the science measuring human beings, I chose to study Quantitative Psychology in order to apply my gift in Mathematics to Psychology. After studying and conducting research in the psychological field for three years, I am completely enamored with this fascinating field. My passion for Quantitative Psychology has driven me to go beyond basic degree requirements. After completing required courses, I took a graduate-level course, “Advanced Statistics for Psychology and Behavioral Science”. In this course I learned advanced methods such as Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) and confirmatory factor analysis. In addition, I have read extensively on research methods including on how to conduct surveys and design questionnaires. Realizing the importance of using effective statistical analysis tools, I taught myself AMOS, SAS, HLM, and LISUAL and have become an expert whom my classmates and colleagues often come to for help solving their statistical analysis problems. I spent so much time studying statistics and became so intrigued with it that my friends suggested I write a ·246· 第 1 部分 自 传 Study Guide. Indeed, I have not been able to stop thinking about Statistics and wanting to learn more. When I was reading Robert B. McCall’s Fundamental Statistics for Behavioral Science, in English, as I was turning each page, I couldnt help but pay close attention to the statistical methods McCall used and I kept evaluating the feasibility of the methods, the logical reasoning behind them, and the validity of the conclusions. Finishing the book, I not only improved my English proficiency significantly but also achieved an in-depth understanding of Statistics for Behavioral Science. Although most of my peers began taking on research responsibilities in their senior year, I began my research in my sophomore year, working as a Research Assistant for Professor XXX. Our research focused on the “Influence of Risk Situation on Undergraduates’ Risk-taking Tendencies”. This April, I started an independent research project entitled, “Risk-taking Dynamic Model of Achievement Motivation”, with Professor XXX as my advisor. My findings confirmed the Dynamic Theory of Risk Decision. All subjects chose riskier tasks as of the choice sequence increased. However, it was observed that the variation of the levels of achievement motivation affected the speed of this increase: members of the high achievement motivation group increased faster than the low achievement motivation members. Furthermore, we found an interesting result: only in the early stages does Atkinson’s risk-taking model of achievement motivation theory makes sense, which means the decision-making process might be a dynamic, not just a static, progression. Grasping every opportunity to enrich myself, although already going full speed in my Psychology studies and research, during my junior year I began to read many books related Economics and have since audited many courses in Economics Department. I believe the “rational person assumption” and “bounded-rationality assumption” will help me comprehend people from a different angle. Research methods used in Economic studies, especially the methods used in Econometrics, are necessary supplements to our psychological research. Currently, I am taking a course on Sociological Statistics. It has given me great help with the study of stochastic sampling and sociological methodology. My studies and research experience in Quantitative Psychology, especially on SEM, have brought me a great sense of fulfillment. As SEM has become more and more widely used as a fundamental method in Psychology, specifically in Social and Personality Psychology, I have a ·247· 成功留学文书写作必备 strong desire to further develop my specialty in this area. My accumulated research experiences have given me expertise in a variety of research methods and facilities. Through these experiences, I have not only learned to effectively work with other people but also to efficiently work independently. I believe that my rigorous attitude, meticulous logical reasoning, and the strong problem-solving ability have well equipped me to face further challenges. Although I have received admission to PPP University Psychology Department’s Graduate School after being exempted from the National Graduate School Entrance Examination, a great honor every undergraduate student dreams of, I turned it down to pursue a Ph.D. degree in a prominent University in the U.S. The University of Virginia has a strong Quantitative Psychology graduate program. Your faculty takes leading positions in the research frontier in this field. I deem it a perfect place for me to continue my studies and research. I understand competition to become a Ph.D. candidate in your program is high. However, I believe that with my solid background in various fields including Mathematics, Statistics, Psychology, Economics and my boundless enthusiasm to do great research, I am a great fit for your program. While many people assume that I know little about working hard to achieve a goal because I have such a gift for Mathematics, they are wrong. A gift is nothing if a person does not know how to make it shine. I am proud that the effort I have put into my studies and research have significantly broadened my horizons and helped me become more confident in my professional career. I became even more sure of myself after I lost 80 pounds in three years by diligently swimming and jogging everyday while keeping up with an intense study and research schedule. Having a fit appearance certainly boosts my confidence; furthermore, the process has significantly firmed my belief that where there is a will, there is a way. I plan to devote all my energy to succeed in your program and contribute all I have to the success of your program. Upon receiving a Ph.D. Degree, I plan to return to China to help drive the development of Psychology in China, a certain benefit the Chinese people. I am interested in comparing the psychological findings in the eastern world with those of the western world and deriving approaches that will best suit China’s economic, social, and cultural environment. I believe that only when I make myself useful to my people, will my talent become truly meaningful. ·248· ...
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