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Unformatted text preview: 第 2 章 优秀简历范文 CHENG QU Cellular: 86-13975808495 ♦ Email: cqu_2003@hotmail.com EDUCATION B.S., Clinical Medicine, Xiangya Medical College, Central South University, China 9/1997— 7/2002 B.S., Hygienic Law, Xiangya Medical College, Central South University, China 9/1997— 7/2002 EXPERIENCE Volunteer Medical Consultant, ChangSha City Central Health Bureau 6/2001—Present Provides free medical services including general physical check-ups and medical advice to senior residents in ChangSha City 6/2001—6/2002 Internship, University Hospital of Central South University Worked in the emergency room to assists doctors and patients in various situations Research Assistant, Central Lab of the University of Central South University 7/2000—6/2000 Conducted Research in the filed of Cell Biology CORE COURSES Biochemistry(A) Pharmacology(A) Physiology(A) Pathophysiology(A) HONORS Outstanding Student, Central South University 1999—2000 第 2 部分 简 历 Champion, University Basketball League University Scholoarship for Athletics, Central South University 1998—1999 1997—1998 HOBBIES Basketball, Music, Reading and Travel. ·263· 第 2 部分 简 历 LI YING 762 Phoenix Revenue, Beijing 100840, P.R. CHINA QUALIFICATIONS Strong analytical skills in analyzing relationships between various numerical data, reasonability of the data according to business environment and developing trends. Broad industrial knowledge accumulated while completing different type of projects and interacting with clients from various industries. Good cooperative and communication skills; strong ability to work as part of a team. Solid academic background gained from Ling Nan Business school of Sun Yat-Sen University. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE PricewaterhouseCoopers, Shenzhen, P. R. China 07/2002—present Experienced Staff Accountant Participate in the setup of whole auditing work plans for projects. Analyze substantial accounts, process analysis into a final working paper, and draft part of audit reports. Coach staff accountants working on the same team. Arthur Andersen, Shenzhen, P. R. China 07/2001—07/2002 Staff Accountant Analyzed clients’ organizational structures, critical operation processes and business environment through Internet research, communication with company managers and spot observations; reported results directly to our team leader. Analyzed select accounts; processed the analysis into final working papers. ·264· 第 2 部分 简 历 Reuters Consulting, Guangzhou Office, P. R. China 03/2001—05/2001 Credit Controller(part-time) Categorized different clients into corresponding credit ranks according to the company’s credit policy. Collected outstanding AR and thus controlled the age of AR under a certain safety limit. Assisted clients dealing with tax issues related to the trades with the company for the purpose of facilitating their payments. EDUCATION 09/1997–07/2001 B.A., Economics GPA: 3.65 Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, P. R. China July 2001 Ranking: Top 10 Related Courses Taken: Business Management, Business Law and Contract Law, Advanced Mathematics, Statistics, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Accounting, Auditing, International Taxation, Taxation System in China, Public Finance. AWARDS University Scholarship for excellent academic achievements in 1999 and 2000. Excellent Student Scholarship awarded by Ling Nan Business School in 1998. ACTIVITIES Team leader of a term project designed to initiate the marketing of a tea product. The project earned an A.(09/2000—10/2000) Assistant Secretary of the Foreign Affairs Office of Ling Nan Business School. Vice-president of the Green Organization of Sun Yat-Sen University; organized a series of philanthropic activities inside and outside the campus.(1997—1998) Chief Percussionist of Ling Nan Student Orchestra.(1997—2000) ·265· 第 2 部分 简 历 DONG CHEN Apt 101 5th Street, Xizhimen District Beijing 100031, P.R.CHINA dchen@business.abc.edu Cell: 86-10-64452349 OBJECTIVE In the short-term, to obtain a Ph.D. Degree in the area of Market Research. Long-term objective is to become a top scholar/professor in the field of Market Research. EDUCATION BA, Department of International Trade, Central University, SSS, P.R.China, 6/1999—7/2003 expected, GPA: 3.65 MARKETING RESEARCH EXPERIENCE Market Researcher, Star Mobiles, SSS China, 6/2002—9/2002 Part-time Conducted a comprehensive consumer survey and interviewed 300 consumers. Generated a research report that was regarded as very useful by the Marketing director. Found that one third of college students buy mobile phone because to keep up with popular trends; only one third of college students bought the mobile phone because they need it; Approximately one third of students own a top line mobile phone worth at least RMB 2000 (US $250). Developed a product promotion plan, including an advertising strategy. Reached a profit margin of 80% for my 3 months at the company. ·266· 第 2 部分 简 历 HONORS Excellent Leader Award, University of ABC, 2001 People’s Award, ABC University, 2002 WangYi Scholarship, 2001 Honor Student, 1999—2002 COURSE HIGHLIGHTS Advanced Calculus: 92/100 Linear Algebra: 90/100 Microeconomics: 84 /100 Macroeconomics: 86/100 Organization Behavior: 92/100 Marketing: 82/100 Management: 86 /100 Business Writing in English: 94/100 ACTIVITIES Program Host, Science Online, University of ABC’s Radio Station, 1999—present Created a refreshing program, Science Online; Introduce the latest science breakthrough in China and abroad to program listeners; Interview students and professors on a regular basis. Director, Public Relations, Student Union, University of ABC, 2000—2001 Motivated team members in fundraising campaign; Collected a large amount of money from our alumni and several large companies. Tutor, SSS, 2000—2002 Taught 10 junior middle school kids; ·267· 第 2 部分 简 历 Profiled each student according to their personality and knowledge differences; Developed an appropriate teaching strategy for each student; Helped students get accepted to the No.1 high school in our city. HOBBIES Singing, Dancing, Swimming, Drama, Reading, and Travel. ·268· 第 2 部分 简 历 HUA GUO STRENGTH AND QUALIFICATIONS 10 years of research and work experience in optical design and fabrication; 5 years of LabVIEW programming experience. Highlights: Optical Waveguide Fabrication: Photolithography, Wet etching, RIE dry etching, Waveguide polishing, DC and RF sputtering, Magnetron sputtering, Electron beam deposition, Wafer dicing, Thin film thickness measurement, and Optical mask design; Fiber Optics Technique: Optical fiber cleaving and splicing, fused optical fiber coupler fabricating, Optical alignment and pigtailing, optical characteristic analyzing; Computer Programming: LabVIEW, C, Visual Basic, AutoCAD, Microsoft Access. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Network Inc., Beijing, China 11/01—Present Reliability Engineer Designed and developed various reliability testing schemes for company’s 1D MEMS based Wavelength Routing Element ( WRE ) and CrossWaveTM optical switches. Built a multi-unit optical characteristics performance test station, a switching latency test set, and a high power test system; developed and implemented test programs using LabVIEW. Created and provided critical daily test statistical reports for internal and external use; analyzed test results and made improvement recommendations. ·269· 批注 [d1]: Page: 1 Replace with “implemented” 批注 [d2]: Page: 1 Superscript TM 第 2 部分 简 历 Conducted Engineering Validation and Qualification Tests per GR-63, GR-1073, GR1209 and GR-1221 requirements. Generated Bellcore GR-332 Failure Rate Prediction on WRE and CrossWaveTM. CCC Corp, Beijing 03/01~11/01 Product Development Engineer Led the Planar Splitter product development project: defined and implemented the fabrication process; conducted component qualification. Led the Planar Splitters evaluation project: compared and analyzed various competitors’ products; designed and implemented LabVIEW programs to measure 1x8 and 1x16 planar splitter optical characteristic in different environments. Transferred the sub-micron alignment technique for AWG/Planar Splitter pigtailing from Company’s Europe facility to the U.S. MMM University, Department of Electrical Engineering, Beijing 9/98~2/01 Department Funded Graduate Research Assistant Designed and fabricated beam splitters with released requirements for acoustooptic and electrooptic tunable add-drop optical filter. Conducted research on Ti:LiNbO3 optical waveguide fabrication and parameter characterization. Designed and developed LabVIEW program for waveguide characteristic measurement. Designed optical mask for various optical beam splitters National Laboratory, Beijing, China 8/96~8/98 Research Staff Designed, fabricated, and demonstrated an all-optical-fiber wavelength-modulation sensor using biconical taper fiber. Designed and fabricated taper fiber filter for gain-flattened EDFA and achieved 14nm –1 dB gain bandwidth. Studied the effect different fusing conditions have on the optical taper fiber filter performance under. ·270· 批注 [d3]: Page: 1 GR-1209 批注 [d4]: Page: 1 Superscript TM 第 2 部分 简 历 PUBLICATIONS Polarization Dependence in Ti-Diffused LiNbO3 Directional Couplers, Applied Optics, 2002, Vol. 41 Issue 1, pp74. XXX, YYY, and ZZZ Modeling of Optical Biconical Fibers, Acta Optica Sinica,1999, 9 11) ( ,WWW, XXX All-optical Gain-clamped Iin-line Fiber Amplifier for Dynamic Gain Equalization of EDM Networks, Chinese Journal of Lasers A, 1998, A25 9) ( :799-803, MMM, XXX Biconical Taper FiberFilters, Acta Optica Sinica, 1997, 17(8):1117-1120, XXX EDUCATION MMM University, MS in Electrical Engineering(GPA: 3.9) 9/98~5/ 01 TTT University, BS major in Electronic Engineering(GPA: 3.6) 9/91~7/96 TTT University, BS minor in Information Systems(GPA: 3.6) 9/91~7/96 ·271· 第 2 部分 简 历 JING WANG 288 Good Hope Dr., Beijing 100300 Home: (555) 878-8888 ♦Office:(666)574-7066 ♦Email:wangjing@yahoo.com QUALIFICATION HIGHLIGHTS Extensive academic and industrial experience in optical testing, interferometers analysis, optical communication, diffractive optical elements fabrication, and optical system design; Substantive project leadership and customer management skills in product development, product testing, technology transfer and deployment, and impact analysis; Self-motivated, culture-sensitive and result-oriented team player; Two-time Recipient of Corning Plant Outstanding Associate Award. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES Optical Engineer, Optics Inc. SSS 08/99—Present Production: Managed and technically supported a customer recognized industry benchmark interferometer lab which is well temperature and vibration controlled for optical measurements of the products; Deployed the human-mistake-proof automation parts/samples analysis system to improve analysis accuracy; Gave Metrology training to company’s manufacturing technicians, with over 20 people receiving training and certification in the past 3 years. Other Areas Support: Worked closely with the Customer Focus/Product Engineering group and ·272· 批注 [ff5]: Is this very good? I don’t know your trade 第 2 部分 简 历 initiated the majority of the plant capability and impact analyses to better satisfy customer specification changes; debugged and installed customer required production software; Developed over 5 database performance measure tools to help Forming and Finishing process areas to measure the performance and control the quality; Furnished feedback to the Forming process development teams in the division level based on Metrology data;. Projects: Provided major technical support in transferring and improving a sister-plant technology of material characterization which increased the production yield of (your current plant?) by 10+% in a year; Initiated and performed a series of Upgrade of hardware (Interferometers) and 批注 [ff6]: Be specific: e.g., product development, quality control, customer management etc 批注 [ff7]: I am confused by the wording here: suggestion: Led and provided key technical contributions in critical projects of optical testing process capability enhancement and Metrology data analysis to support inter-divisional processes development and optimization software which improved the measurement resolution by two times and suppressed the measurement noise significantly; Conducted Repeatability/Reproducibility and Gage R&R study of the Metrology process to identify and resolve the causes of measurement errors; Designed and set up performance tracking systems for closer monitoring and more timely enhancement of Metrology Process; Designed the experiment to test and reduce the environmental noise in Metrology Lab by over 50%; Analyzed Metrology capacity based on the forecast and initiated the project for enhancement. Research Associate, Optical Sciences Center, University of AAA 5/99~8/99 Graduate Research Assistant, Optical Science Center, Univ. of AAA 8/96~5/99 Characterized holographic materials and fabricated different kinds of Holography Optical Elements (HOE); Applied HOEs in fiber communication, optic-interconnection, and optical data storage systems; work involved operating different types of Lasers including Argon, He-Ne, and Semiconductor; Conducted studies in diffractive optics analysis, Interferometer theory, Holograph ·273· 批注 [ff8]: always start with a verb 第 2 部分 简 历 materials techniques, Binary optic component design, Optical data storage system, and fiber optics system design. Assistant Electrical Engineer, Beijing XXX Ltd. China 04/95~09/95 Designed circuit for IC card system EDUCATION Ph.D., Optical Science, University of AAA 05/99—Present MS, Optical Science, University of AAA 08/96—05/99 Award: Research and teaching assistantship BS, Electronics Engineering, TTT University, Beijing China, 09/91—06/96 Award: Top10% in the Class SKILLS Software: Matlab, Minitab, Metropro and Zemax, Database applications. Computer system: MS Windows, SUN Solaris, Linux, Oracle, VB, Fortran, C, Language: Chinese (native), English (fluent) PROFESSIONAL TRAININGS Kepner-Tregoe Problem Solving and Decision Making High Performing Work Systems (HPWS) Knowledge Based Management (KBM) Process Excellence (6 sigma, Red X), Green Belt Certified Membership of SPIE,OSA ·274· ...
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