03.Chapter04 - 第4章 如何组织、安排推荐

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Unformatted text preview: 第4章 如何组织、安排推荐信 写信日期:既可以左对齐,也可以右对齐。现代书信中日期、写信人地址、电话、 EMAIL 地址等基本上是左对齐。 称谓:介于地址与正文之间,上下各空一行,通常用 Dear Sir or Madam 或 To Whom It May Concern 来称呼。 第一句话通常较长, 正如上文所说, 要覆盖较多信息。 例如: am taking great pleasure I in recommending Mr. XXX XXX, one of my most outstanding and talented students in XXXX University while I was a Professor there from 1999 to 2002, to your graduate school of XXX for admission and assistantships。这句话讲出了被推荐人的名字、为何推荐、对被推荐人 的总评价,以及推荐人和被推荐人认识的由来。第二句话就可以接着注重渲染师生关系 的熟悉度, 不妨说: his/her major course professor of English Literature, thesis advisor, and As consequently good friend, I have been deeply impressed with his language talents, diligent working style and optimistic personality。这句话还点出了对被推荐人的具体印象和评价。 第二段就要具体展开优点,承上启下,这段可以写被推荐人第一大突出特点:灼人 的学识才干。“It did not take a long time for Mr. XXX to distinguish himself as an extradinary student who can raise the most penetrating questions about the popular issues in XXX field and pay into them the most considerable exploration. It is even striking to me and his fellow classmates that he also demonstrated profound understanding of the subject area in his well presented projects and exams. He received a final grade of A for it”。 第 三段可以转到申请人其他的优点上去,如为人处事的个性特点。例如: His interpersonal skills to coordinate and to cooperate are also very impressive. The frequent impartial commendations to him from customers won him favor among the co-workers. He gets along with team members with equal enthusiasm as to clients, which helps making the team a highly competent one, especially in the face of urgent assignments. I would say such traits will play a crucial role in his further success of a new field. 接下来的一段中,需再总体强调被推荐人的强项,并配以前文还没提及的有助于论 证的细节。例如:I sincerely trust that her personal plan to achieve greater personal fulfillment 第 3 部分 推荐信 and master further business management knowledge will be realized in a worldwide famous institute like yours. Also I strongly believe that her experience in business world, high intelligence, strong interpersonal relationship and great bilingual ability will assure her of a very successful completion of study at your program with great distinction among her fellow students。这个段落只有两句话,但推荐人极力支持的申请人语气已十分明显。另外,提 到的双语能力、人际关系以及丰富的从商经历也是非常有帮助的细节。 到此,如果不想加上套语的话,推荐信可以煞尾了。但在最后一段加上以下的套语, 书信会写得比较完整。如“Your favorable consideration towards this recommendation and her application is greatly appreciated. If I can be of any further help, please feel free to contact me.”。 正文完了后,还要致礼,通常用 Truly yours 或 Sincerely yours 等。签名的地方要尽 可能多地空出篇幅来。一般用圆珠笔或钢笔手签,以签中文拼音为佳。很多签名很潦草, 怎么看也不像印刷体中的字。 ·283· ...
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  • Interpersonal relationship, Mr. xxx, his/her major course, 证的细节。例如:I sincerely trust

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