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Unformatted text preview: 第5章 推荐信优秀范文 01/20/2003 Computer Science &Technology College CCC University Add exact mailing address here: Tel: 86-00-12345678 E-mail: Dear Sir or Madam: I take great pleasure in recommending Ms. XXX, one of the most impressive students I have ever taught, for admission into your distinguished graduate program of finance. Ms XXX minored in computer science from 1996 to 1999 in the Computer Science & Technology College from 1996 to 1999. As her academic advisor and the instructor of several of her courses that such as Data Structure and Discrete Mathematics, I had the chance to get to know her very well in terms of her personality traits and academic background. She is energetic, intelligent, motivated and hard-working. She is also a quick learner, with aspirations to master new technology. Her course performance showed that she has strong logical abilities and a high sense of mathematical modeling. In addition, she participated in many academic activities related with new computer technology and was recognized for her strength in programming using C, VB, FoxBASE, etc. and in systems management. In school, she earned many credentials and high praise for her computer science expertise. She took the National Software Programmer Certificate Test, the most authoritative test in this field in China with success rate of only 15%. Among 60 students in her class, she scored the highest and was awarded the National Certificate, a high level certificate usually offered to experienced IT professionals. During her last academic year at this school, she attended several training programs in the IBM Technology Center on campus to learn more about e-business and os/2 第 3 部分 推荐信 warp server, the latter being the most widely used e-business platform in the world. To no one’s surprise, she earned the highest score on the administrator certificate test among 25 trainees. Teachers in the training center commended her on her abilities to combine network technology with management theory. I strongly believe that she is highly able to apply theoretical knowledge to the real world. As an example, she once demonstrated to me in a computer lab how she had applied a mathematical formula to the real-time stock market. There are many other examples to show her talents and hard-working spirit. In a word, she is such an exceptional student in all aspects that I strongly believe that she holds great academic and professional potential for developing financial management systems and for carrying out research. I sincerely recommend her and appreciate your attention to her application. Should you need any further information about this promising young woman, please contact me without hesitation. Sincerely yours, YYY Assistant Professor Vice Secretary of Computer Science & Technolog ·285· 成功留学文书写作必备 Dear Sir or Madam: I am very pleased to write this letter on the behalf of one of my best graduate students, Miss XXX. I whole heartedly support her application for the Cellular and Molecular Biology graduate program in your institution. Miss XXX has been working in my Cellular Engineering Laboratory since May 2002, first as a senior undergraduate student, now a graduate student. I first noticed her when she was a freshman in 1998, when she asked some interesting questions in a colloquium that I was giving to students. Later, when I taught Cell Biology in 2000, she clearly stood out among her peers as one of the brightest students in the class. Besides achieving an excellent academic record and being a hard-working student, I would like to emphasize that Miss XXX not only enjoys discussions with her teachers and fellow students but also has developed the ability to think independently. She is a very honest and responsible person, always living up to her commitments. I have also found she is very considerate and patient and always comes with a smile, making her welcome anywhere she goes. Even though I very much would like to keep her as my graduate student, I believe, from my own experiences, that it will be more beneficial for both herself and China if she can continue her Ph.D training abroad. Between 1994 and 1998, as a visiting scholar, I worked in several US universities (PPP University, University of MMM, KKK University) for total of three years. I currently have research funding from the National Natural Science Foundation and am working on a paper entitled, “30 Engineering Projects” about the SSS Province. I have published more than 10 papers in the field of botanical genetic engineering, and have one US patent. Knowing Miss XXX and being familiar with the academic culture in the U.S., I know that she will benefit greatly from studying abroad. I am confident in saying that Miss XXX is one of the best students I have ever had. I sincerely believe that she will make a significant contribution to the field of bioscience research if she is indeed given a chance. Therefore, I strongly recommend Miss XXX in pursuing her graduate degree in your institution. Thank you for considering my recommendation. Sincerely, YYY ·286· 第 3 部分 推荐信 Professor Department of Molecular Biology SSS University P. R. China September 26, 2002 ·287· 成功留学文书写作必备 Dear Sir or Madam: I feel that it is a great pleasure to recommend Mr. XXX as an outstanding candidate for admission to the Doctoral program in Industrial Engineering at your university. Mr. XXX once worked as one of the members of Logistics Task Force of our Integrated Supply Chain Project. As his supervisor, I am happy to write this letter to support him in realizing his goal. Mr. XXX was assigned to our team soon after he graduated from university in April 2001. From the tasks he has accomplished, he had already shown a great working and learning potential. At first, considering that new college graduates might be inexperienced, we only assigned him some relatively easy work. However, to our surprise, he always completed his tasks perfectly. His combined background in both Engineering and Management, and his previous valuable experience in logistics operation research certainly have built solid foundation for him to handle his job successfully. Additionally, his assiduous attitude constantly drives him to learn new things. For example, he has already made good use of his time by learning Project Management, Supply Chain Operation Reference-model and Oracle 11i. As a dedicated Business Analyst, Mr. XXX has done a fabulous job in a General Design Session and Facilitative Work Session, two sessions dedicated to the design process and to acquire users’ requirements. From designing and previewing processes to training users, Mr. XXX has taken each stage of his responsibilities seriously and worked diligently. During these sessions, he actively seeks advice from the end users and consultants, working closely with them. He has caught many subtle discrepancies and worked with the end users and consultants extensively to solve these problems. For example, in one session of designing the “Pick Order” process, he discovered the difference in defining the frequency of updating picking information to the database, and then discussed it with the end user, technical staff and consultant to decide whether they should adopt a real-time mode or batch mode. He always works hard to ensure that the processes meet or exceed HW’s to-be business development requirement. Another strength of Mr. XXX’s is his proficiency in English. Since most of IBM and Oracle consultants in HW are from the United States, England and Australia, fluency in English is a basic requirement for our team members. Due to Mr. XXX’s high mastery of English, he is able to communicate with English speaking consultants smoothly and comprehend their points ·288· 第 3 部分 推荐信 precisely, and thus greatly improving the efficiency of his work. I believe that, compared to other non-English speaking applicants, Mr. XXX’s excellent English ability will give him a great advantage in quickly adapting to the new language environment when pursuing graduate study in the U.S. in the near future. Mr. XXX’s focused attitude and great potential will guarantee considerable success in his future studies. I sincerely hope that you consider his application favorably. I will be delighted to see him realize his academic goals in your school. Truly yours, XXX Director of Logistics Task Force of HW Integrated Supply Chain Project Add: XXXXX Tel: XXXX E-Mail: XXXXX ·289· 成功留学文书写作必备 11/29/2002 School of Business & Management SSS University 88 SSS NNN JJJ, 123456 P.R.C. Tel: 86-123-123-1234 E-mail: XXX@XXXX.edu.cn To whom it may concern, It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to recommend Ms. XXX for admission to your program of Agricultural Economy. I regard her as one of the most intelligent and diligent students I have ever had at SSS University, where I have been a teacher and administrator for more than a decade. In the three years that I have known Ms. XX as her teacher in courses such as Calculus, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, she has profoundly impressed me with her great academic potential and practical research abilities. First of all, she has well demonstrated her talent and passion for mathematical theories and skills. She does extremely well in understanding mathematics formulas, reasoning from existing axioms and applying these axioms to real world problems. Her constant enthusiasm and excellence in class singled her out and earned her the top rank in her calculus class. I still remember very well the final exam in which she, with a score of 99, outscored the second best student in class by 13 points! Such academic strength has also enabled her to do very well in Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, where a strong mathematical background makes a huge difference. Secondly, I have been proud of her great initiative in obtaining hands-on experience. While working as a research assistant on one of my projects entitled “Rural Market Investigation for Little Swan Company”, she showed exemplary persistence and extraordinary scholarship. Her duties included the collection and analysis of data and she worked with great earnestness and commitment on this project. I was also impressed that she volunteered to spend her two-week summer holiday collecting data from sample families in Rongcheng area, a remote region in Shandong Province that other students often refuse to visit. To ensure the accuracy of her data, ·290· 第 3 部分 推荐信 she frequently stayed up late to meticulously process the data that was needed for my final report. I can honestly say that Ms. Li contributed a great deal to the final success of the project. Finally, Ms. XXX’s other personality traits will also benefit her future study. She is hard-working and while she works well on a team, she is also very independent in her own tasks. She seeks out and graciously accepts feedback about her work. She is highly motivated to learn and to apply practical knowledge where she can. Young as she is, she has good prospects to achieve more and deeper than most in her chosen field so as to fulfill her personal goals. I sincerely hope for your favorable consideration towards her application. Please feel free to contact me for any further information. Sincerely yours, YYY, PhD, Professor, Vice Dean ·291· 成功留学文书写作必备 11/10/2002 E-mail: Phone: Dear Sir or Madam: I am very pleased to recommend Ms. XXX XXX for her application of admission into your prestigious graduate program. As an instructor in the Foreign Languages Department of SSS University, I was her instructor in English Comprehensive Reading in 1999, English Grammar in 2000 and Fundamental Linguistics in 2001. Over the years, I have become well acquainted with her and am familiar with her academic strengths. Based on my general impressions of Ms. XXX, she is a highly acquisitive, respectably knowledgeable and strongly self-motivated student. I am impressed with her desire to master every grammatical question encountered in the English Grammar class during her sophomore year. Her scholastic questions usually led to long time discussions after class. In the study of basic linguistics, regarded as a comparatively difficult course among her classmates, Ms. XXX demonstrated her clear understanding of theoretical concepts, as well as a good observation and analysis of linguistic applications. In her assigned paper about history of English in China, she convincingly illustrated the process of English popularization. Her ideas on the effects of this process on Chinese society are fresh and distinctive. Her efforts in accumulating data, designing and conducting language experiments, and drawing conclusions clearly demonstrate her conscientious and hard-working spirit. She shows excellent research potential and always scored the highest in my courses. Over our long term acquaintance, I have also become familiar with Ms. XXX’s character and interests. She is a caring person, always willing to offer help to students in need. Due to her strong communication skills, she gets along well with students and faculty alike. Also, she has strong interest in contributing her future time and effort to the cause of education in China. Her independent and spontaneous social investigation of the current Chinese educational system led to several important findings and inspirations, which have been composed into a report and are under consideration to be published. With her persistent pursuit of her dreams, I am confident that she wills succeed in becoming an ·292· 第 3 部分 推荐信 excellent educator. Her plan to receive a complete and rigorous training in your program will be a great impetus to her career. I offer her my sincere blessing and hope for your favorable consideration. Please feel free to contact me for further information. Sincerely yours, YYY Professor in English 10/23/2002 ·293· 成功留学文书写作必备 10/23/2002 To Whom It May Concern: It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter of recommendation for Mr. XXX, XXX, for admission to the doctoral program of marketing at your university. Mr. XXX is a well-prepared candidate with good research potential and a variety of well-developed talents. I have acted as his student advisor since his entrance to college in 1999. I was also his course instructor for International Shipping Management, which he took in spring 2002. The long acquaintance allows me to say with confidence that Mr. Xxx is a smart, creative and hard working young man, with strong will power and an excellent academic background to achieve his personal goals. He has demonstrated this academic excellence in his class discussions and course projects. His contribution to these discussions and projects has been based on extensive theoretical and practical knowledge, presented with eloquent proofs and persuasive skills. He has also shown his creative thinking on the management and operations of international shipping. In one discussion about organizing sources of goods, many students based their ideas on familiar factors such as geographical locations, prices and reputation of shipping companies, as well as designated shipping lines to attract customers. However, Mr. XX brought forward the fresh idea of taking advantage of the services that excellent agents offer by arranging shipping focused on real situations of source goods companies and providing better services and prices. I later discovered that he had, in fact, been applying related theories from a sales promotion class to shipping marketing operations. His ability to combine interdisciplinary knowledge to different applications will be very beneficial to his future study and research. Mr. XXX has also demonstrated his strength and perseverance by working for an opportunity to attend graduate school abroad, especially difficult while taking foreign examinations. Moreover, he is a very honest person who prides himself on always telling the truth. In addition, his personal talents and charm, demonstrated by his outstanding performance in modern dramas at the annual student art festival and by his well-received radio programs, have made him popular among students and staff alike. I strongly believe, based on what I know of him, that Mr. XX will be a very successful graduate student. Your full consideration of this recommendation is highly appreciated. Please feel free ·294· 第 3 部分 推荐信 to contact me for any further information. Yours truly, Go, XXX Professor, Associate Chairperson in International Shipping Department ·295· 成功留学文书写作必备 11/10/2002 To Whom It May Concern: With great pleasure I am writing this letter to recommend, Ms. XXX, one of the most impressive students in the Department of Biotechnology at BBB University where I worked as the professor, doctoral advisor and chair of School of Life Science that directly administers the department. Since her class was first we enrolled into the new major of biotechnology, we have paid close attention to the academic development of each student in the class. In the many formal and informal symposiums involving students, faculty members and administrative staff, Ms. XXX singled herself out with her enthusiastic participation, broad and profound knowledge and original views. After we became more acquainted she often came to me to discuss issues with which she become concerned . From my observation in the discussions, she has several valuable traits that will greatly benefit her future research and career. First, she has demonstrated a comparatively high analytical and reasoning ability. She tends to question certain statements and results without directly accepting them. She spends considerable time seeking convincing explanations to her questions from any available resources. Her own views are often critical, resulting from a deep and logical analysis of them and an integration of her knowledge from different fields. Additionally, she has a strong curiosity to learn new things and can transcend common thinking to figure out creative and alternative ways to look at theoretical and experimental practices. Ms. XXX is strongly motivated to succeed and to accomplish the clear life goals she has set for herself. She plans to carry out more rigorous biological technology research to help propel the advancement of agriculture in China. Her passion shows in her close attention to the direction of current research, reports and knowledge related to her target field. Finally, I see that she can cooperate and coordinate well with others. She is a good team member, willing to work more and to share more than most students. Her other character traits include her honesty, sincerity, responsibility and emotional stability. I am confident that Ms. XXX will perform equally well in further studies, based on her strong ·296· 第 3 部分 推荐信 academic background. I sincerely hope that her application for admission into your program, and for a financial award, will be favorably considered. Please contact me for any further information. Yours truly, Zhang, XXXX ·297· 成功留学文书写作必备 Dear Sir or Madam: I am pleased to recommend Mr. XXX as a worthy candidate for admission into your Ph. D. program. Mr. XXX worked in my lab in the winter of 1998 while he was still an undergraduate student. I got the chance to know him very well during that period. He is an excellent student. Mr. XXX is a serious researcher with distinguished persistence. While in my lab, his work involved developing methods to evaluate power distribution. This task required not only proficiency in Electrical Engineering but also absolute patience. Even though some part of the work was dull, he completed it with boundless energy. He was always the first one at the lab in the morning, totally devoted himself to his work throughout the day, and was the last to leave the lab at night. Mr. XXX absolutely demonstrates valuable merits that are desired of a good researcher. I am also impressed by Mr. XXX’s ability to cooperate. When he first came to my lab, he worked together with my best research fellow, who was a graduate student. Although working on different aspects of the project, they often engaged in active discussion. Due to their openness and efficiency, the project turned out to be a great success. Mr. XXX has an optimistic and easy-going personality. He is considerate and always maintains good relationships with others. I am confident that Mr. XXX is a noble character. I believe that Mr. XXX’s background and experience will definitely assist in the promotion of research in your program. I'm sure you will find it worthwhile to invest in this student. For this reason, I strongly recommend him. If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me. My E-mail address is yyy@ttt.edu.cn. Truly yours, YYY Professor of Electrical Engineering Chairman of the Academic Degree Committee of School of Electrical Automation and Energy Engineering ·298· 第 3 部分 推荐信 11/20/2002 Dear Admissions Staff: As his classmate and best friend of four years, as well as his closest partner in student association, I, an administrator in Association of Industry and Commerce in XXX, feel honored to recommend Mr. XXX for your master’s program of Food Biochemistry. Mr. XXX is a smart and hard-working student. In the past years I have been deeply impressed with his rigorous and assiduous study and subsequent excellent performance. In the time that I have known him, he has won two scholarships and the title of Honor Student several times. In our last semester of school, we worked together as interns at the CongHua Food Freezing Factory. He steadily and meticulously accomplished every task assigned to him. His careful and complete consideration for his work greatly inspired me. During our final graduation project where we collaborated to research about the suitable extraction process of ganoderma polysaccharide, he again demonstrated his strict work ethic and scientific attitude. After careful design and inspection of every experimental step, the experiment showed very satisfactory results. Due to his attention to detail and accurate analysis and reports, we completed our project with great success. In addition to his academic performance, Mr. XXX is a very well-rounded individual in all other aspects. Once, as a class leader, he organized and encouraged our class to work hard and to outrank other classes of the same major in overall score. Also, he was very active in the management of the school’s student association. While working as a sports department chair from 2000 to 2001, he organized a 4-person soccer game and a school-wide sports meeting. With his athletic talent and respectable sports endurance, he led the other students in the university swimming competition and won several prizes. In 2000, the student union successfully hosted the first campus food festival. He assisted other departments in widely publicizing the event and decorating the site. On the whole, Mr. XXX has very strong organizational abilities, a high sense of responsibility and great enthusiasm for working for others. Due to his kind and caring nature, he always remained on very good terms with classmates, friends and instructors. Based on our long term friendship, I regard Mr. XXX as a very outstanding young man. One ·299· 成功留学文书写作必备 who has the potential to be a successful professional in his beloved field of Food Science after receiving further education in a world-class institution. Your favorable consideration of his application is expected and highly appreciated. Yours truly, XXXX, XXXX ·300· 第 3 部分 推荐信 10/05/2002 Dear Sir or Madam: I am very pleased to recommend Ms. XXX to the prestigious master’s program of Architecture at your university, Ms. XXX is a young, talented and ambitious architect with whom I have been acquainted with for 2½ years, from her part-time internship in 2000 in our company to full-time employment after her graduation,. Ms. XXX is a highly motivated and particularly hard-working person with a strong sense of responsibility and distinctive architectural design ability. She has demonstrated these qualities while she collaborated with us on the design of our company’s three key projects, namely, Fazhi Park, FeiHong Century Park and Peach Park, key construction projects in Miyun, Beijing. Ms. XXX has shown great enthusiasm and creativity in the parts of the projects in which she was involved. Specifically, she helped with the plane planning of the projects and the design of individual statues which are to be placed in the parks for landscaping purposes. Her strong theoretical background in this field has won her very positive recognition from the clients. Additionally, Ms. XXX has impressed me with her pursuit of high quality work, even when she accepts assignments with a strict deadline and a high work load. She always sacrifices her spare time to ensure the quality of the architectural drawings. Her proficiency in Chinese and English has enabled her to competently complete the translation of many articles about project design, a precious help to the entire company. She works independently but frequently communicates with other architects and engineers in order to exchange ideas and learn from them. She desires to learn new skills and information from books and hands-on projects. Her ablitity to cooperate and work well with her teammates has won her favor among them. Though we are unhappy to let her go, I sincerely support her personal plan to grow professionally in a worldwide famous institute like yours. Finally, I strongly believe that her practical experience and her personal traits and abilities described above will assure her of a very successful completion of study at your program. Provided that she is admitted, I know she will distinguish herself among her classmates. Your favorable consideration of her application and this recommendation is greatly appreciated. If I can be of any further help, please feel free to contact me. ·301· 成功留学文书写作必备 Yours truly, (Signature) Senior Architect/President Beijing Environment Art Design Office ·302· 第 3 部分 推荐信 09/01/2002 To Whom It May Concern: It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Mr. XXX for his application of admission to the doctoral program of marketing at your university. Mr. XXX is a well-prepared and talented candidate with vast research potential,. I have been Mr. XXX’s advisor since his entrance to our university in 1999. I was also his professor when he took my course, International Shipping Management, in Spring 2002. My long acquaintance with him leads me to believe that Mr. XXX is an intelligent, creative and hard-working young man. He has demonstrated impressive academic excellence in class discussions and group projects. As an example of his academic ability, Mr. XXX showed creative thinking on issues regarding Operations and Management of International shipping. In a discussion about organizing sources of goods, many students based their ideas on familiar factors such as geographical locations, prices and reputation of shipping companies, as well as designated shipping lines to attract customers. Mr. XXX brought forward the fresh idea of taking advantage of superior services. Later, I discovered that he had applied related theories from his Sales Promotion class to the Shipping Marketing Operations. I believe his ability to apply interdisciplinary knowledge in a variety of settings will be very beneficial to his future studies and research. Mr. XXX is a man of integrity. He tells truth about what he thinks of my class, even if he feels something that I may not want to hear. He is always eager to help his fellow classmates whenever there is a chance. These characteristics are especially noticeable in a time when so many students tend to care only about themselves. In sum, based on what I know of Mr. XXX, I have no doubt that he will, given the opportunity, prove himself to be a successful graduate student in your University. I strongly recommend him. Should you need further information about him, please feel free to contact me. Yours truly, XXX ·303· 成功留学文书写作必备 Professor, Associate of International Trade Department Email: xxx@abc.abc.edu.cn Phone: 8610-11223344 Fax: 8610-11223345 ·304· 第 3 部分 推荐信 October 5, 2002 To Whom It May Concern, At the request of Mr. XXX, a promising student of mine, I am very pleased to write this letter to support his application for admission and financial support in your Department. I first met Mr. XXX in 2001, when he took my course, “Production and Operations Management”. While many students considered this course difficult, Mr. XXX grasped the course material thoroughly and effectively. His attentive attitude and solid preparation showed in his knowledgeable answers to my questions and from his speeches in discussions and presentations. Engaging in independent thinking, he usually raised ingenious and creative topics. Despite his strengths, he was not egocentric. He was always willing to share his ideas with others and to take advice and learn from his classmates. His performance was so excellent that I later invited him to be my Teaching Assistant for this course. He introduced a number of new ways to teach the class, such as an on-line chat room to encourage student participation, and effectively taught the class many relevant management theories, achieving noticeable results. His strong background in theory, good presentation skills and creative teaching methods won him great respect from his students and from me. Mr. XXX always shows a great deal of perseverance, calmness and optimism when facing difficulties. As his advisor, I have assigned him to lead a couple of projects. Some of the projects were large and complex, such as developing a complete Equipment Management System for SOCL. He is not afraid to tackle new challenges. Instead, he has been so enthusiastic and dedicated to his work that he is able to stay focused, and to lead his team members to tackle problems step-by-step. In addition, his humor and witticism usually cheer the whole team up while they are under great pressure. These good qualities have added greatly to not only managing projects, but also all his studies and research. Mr. XXX has a strong desire to pursue new knowledge. He is constantly reading to keep track with the latest trends in academia. He once assisted me in translating some books on supply chain management and his extensive background in reading helped him complete the assignment smoothly. He has also attended numerous domestic and international seminars and conferences. Exchanging ideas with people from academia and industry has greatly broadened ·305· 成功留学文书写作必备 his horizons. For an outstanding student like XXX, I am glad to offer my strongest recommendation, and am sure he will be a valuable member in your research group. Sincerely yours, YYY Professor, Dept. of International Trade Department Vice Dean, School of Management YYY@abc.edu ·306· 第 3 部分 推荐信 09/24/2002 Dear Sir or Madam: I am very pleased to recommend one of my best students, Mr. XXX, to the prestigious graduate program of marketing at your school. I became acquainted with XXX when I took was a substitute teacher for his College English class in spring 2000. Dong is a warm-hearted person and very conscientious in whatever he does. He not only participated in my class with incomparable enthusiasm but also helped me greatly to improve my teaching methods to communicate effectively with quieter students in the class. His leading involvement in class activities affected everyone in the class, helping create very positive teaching atmosphere and improving the language abilities of the other students. At the end of the class,students were able to stand in front of their peers to retell stories and comment on them in English, an unimaginable task at the beginning. Meanwhile, Mr. XXX took his Teaching Assistant assignment as a class representative very seriously. His responsibilities included trivial details such as helping communicate with students from different departments and organizing all kinds of activities. His sincerity and good organizational and personal skills won him respect and recognition from fellow students. XXX has achieved high English proficiency through his innate talent for language and hard work. This proficiency is reflected in the high scores of his college English tests. He ranked among the top 2 percent in a class of 50. He can speak and write fluently in English. I believe this will enable him to attend lectures, presentations and seminars in an English environment with no language difficulty. Mr. XXX’s sincere nature, conscientiousness working spirit and self-motivation will enable him a further success in his chosen field. I strongly recommend him for your most favorable consideration. Should I be of further help, please feel free to contact me at yingl@english.abc. end.cn. Sincerely yours, YYY Professor of Foreign Languages Department BEC Examiner ·307· ...
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