Appendix2 - 附录 2 实用动词 参加某个活动 Engage...

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Unformatted text preview: 附录 2 实用动词 参加某个活动 Engage, Involve, Participate, Join, Attend, Undertake, 提高,进步 Take part in, Immerse, Devote, Enter Improve, Enhance, Enrich, Enlarge, Increase, Expedite 磨炼、积累 Polish, Sharpen, Accumulate 设计、研发 Create, Innovate, Design, Develop, Generate, Invent, Produce, 试验、操作 Devise, Conceive, Construct Build, Setup, Integrate, Make, Apply, Enable, Combine, Integrate, Incorporate, Synthesize, Formulate, Conduct, Implement, Deploy, Configure, Execute, Form, Install, Operate, Per- 分析、讨论 form, Prepare, Arrange Analyze, Discuss, Discover, Assess, Evaluate 追求、学习 Pursue, Study, Learn, Research, Grasp 完成 Fulfill, Finish, Complete, Accomplish, Establish, Achieve, Carry Thr- 提供、贡献 ough Provide, Offer, Contribute 获得 Obtain, Gain, Derive, Earn, Acquire 超越 Excel, Exceed 展现 Demonstrate, Present, Convey, Describe, Indicate, Reveal 适应、调整 Adjust, Adapt, Revise, Refine 挑选、选择 Choose, Select, Filter, Eliminate 与……不同 Vary, Differ 强调 Emphasize 假设 Assume 装备、具有 Equip, Master 同意、赞成 Agree, Approve, Applaud 不同意 Disagree, Argue 成功留学文书写作必备 专心致志 Focus, Concentrate 寻求、寻找 Look for, Seek, Explore 协调、合作 Coordinate, Cooperate 处理 Handle, Deal with, Act on 帮助 Help, Aid, Assist 管理、指导 Manage, Direct, Supervise, Lead, Instruct, Guide, Oversee, Head 经历 Experience, Endure, Struggle 教授 Teach, Train 阐明 Clarify, Articulate 提交 Submit, Hand in 赢得 Win 鼓励、激励 Encourage, Inspire 抓住 Capture, Grasp 影响 Influence, Affect 保持 Maintain, Keep 决定 Determine, Decide 使平衡、和谐 Balance 证实 Verify, Confirm 分析、解决问题 Troubleshoot, Diagnose 消减、精简 Trim, Decrease, Reduce ·312· ...
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