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Appendix3 - 附录 3 聪明的、有天赋的...

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Unformatted text preview: 附录 3 聪明的、有天赋的 活跃、积极的 勤奋的、投入的 意志坚定、有持久力的 独立的 知识面广的 卓越的 有经验的 有创造力的 自信的 幽默的 有适应力、灵活的 严肃的 有趣的 独特的 运动型的 积极主动的 耐心的 有热情、有能量的 有思想的 成熟的 敏感的 著名的、杰出的 有说服力的 深层次、坚实的 有技巧的 实用形容词 Gifted, Bright, Intelligent, Clever, Talented Active, Motivated, Dynamic Diligent, Dedicated, Devoted, persevering, Hard-working Perseverant, Strong-willed Independent Versed, Knowledgeable, Learned, Well-educated Outstanding, Brilliant, Spectacular, Fabulous Experienced, Seasoned Creative, Originative, Innovative Confident, Self-assured Humorous Adaptive, Flexible Serious, Sober Interesting Unique, Un-equaled, Un-paralleled Athletic Motivated, Propelled, Actuated Patient Enthusiastic, Energetic, Vigorous Thoughtful, Sensible Mature, Full-fledged Sensitive, Tender Noted, Renowned, Recognized, Famous, Distinguished, Eminent Convincing, Persuading Profound, Sound, Solid Skillful, Proficient ...
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