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30 Perfect Phrases for Medical School Acceptance strode into the room wearing a glowing smile and radiating easy competence. Addressing the woman as if the two had known each other for years, Dr. Platt effectively disarmed the old woman with some salty humor and then listened to every comment she made with an expression of intent interest and concern. Clearly overwhelmed by Dr. Platt’s charisma, the woman’s combativeness melted away, and she became the model patient, docilely answering every question and acceding to every instruction. Dr. Platt was just as effective with other patients. On morbid patients who acted as if their slightest symptom was a harbinger of death, Dr. Platt would focus a blinding congeniality and
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Unformatted text preview: air of supreme confidence that left each patient firmly optimistic about his or her condition. I watched fascinated as the doctors we were assigned to examined patients lymph nodes and administered bone marrow tests to determine which stage their cancers had reached. Although most had already progressed to later stages, the doctors did what they could, assigning the patients who could benefit from it to chemotherapy or radiation treatment. Most of the time, however, the doctors I saw were only able to answer their patients pleading looks with kind words and a sigh of frustration that they had waited so long to seek treatment. Despite the obvious differences...
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