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HW1E - HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT 1 Deadline September 24th 2010 1...

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Unformatted text preview: HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT 1 Deadline: September, 24th 2010 1. Go to GSO’s website (www.gso.gov.vn), find the data on real GDP and its components (C, I, G, NX) at 1994’s price for the period 1995-2009. Then produce a graph to show how GDP and their components evolve over that period. Print out the result. Compute the percentage change of real GDP and their components over the period (e.g. Δ%GDP19952009=…). Hint No.1: use Excel for the graph Hint No.2: C = “Tiêu dùng cuối cùng, Cá nhân” , I = “Tổng tích luỹ tài sản” , G = “Tiêu dùng cuối cùng, Nhà nước” , NX = “Chênh lệch xuất khẩu hàng hoá và dịch vụ” 2. Question 6, p.38-39, Mankiw, 5th edition. 3. Question 7, p.39, Mankiw, 5th edition. ...
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