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Unformatted text preview: HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT 2 Due: Mon 10/04/2010 1. Consider the following production function: Y = 10 K0.3 L0.7, where Y represents output, K represent capital, and L represents labor. a) Compute expressions for the marginal products of labor and of capital b) Do workers or capitalists (owners of capital) end up getting paid the larger share of total output? What fraction of total output gets paid to workers? c) Suppose that an increase in immigration into the U.S. increases the U.S. labor force. Discuss the effect on the real wage and the real rental price of capital. Would workers currently in the U.S. be happy about the immigration? How about the owners of U.S. factories? d) Suppose that a hurricane destroyed large amount of capital stock in the U.S. Discuss the effect on the real wage, the real rental price of capital, total income of labor, and total income of capital. 2. Congress is debating whether to implement a tax cut. Suppose you are a policy analyst working for the Congressional Budget Office, and it is your job to analyze the macroeconomic effects of a permanent tax cut. Suppose you have worked out the following very simplified (closed economy) model to characterize basic features of the U.S. economy: Y = 10000 G = 2500 T = 1500 I = 2000 - 4000r Investment function C = 500 + 0.8(Y-T) Consumption function a) First find the equilibrium levels of the interest rate, investment and consumption for the economy described for the equations above. b) Discuss the effects on the economy of lowering the level of T by 10%. You should compute the new equilibrium values of the interest rate, consumption and investment. In particular, by how much would investment be crowded out by the tax cut? 3. Suppose a small and open economy can be described by the following equations: Production: Y = F(K,L) = 50K1/2 L1/2 Consumption: C (Y −T ) = 0.8(Y −T ) , Investment: I(r) = 30/r Net exports: NX (ε) = 100 – 320/ε with K = 50, L = 50, G = 500 , T = 600 , r* = 0.05 a) Calculate private savings, public savings and national savings b) Calculate the amount of net capital outflows c) Calculate the real exchange rate ε that maintains the trade balance at the long run level of output 4. Question 1 from “Problems and Application”, p.143, Mankiw 5th edition. ...
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