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KIN 3502: Tests and Measurement in Kinesiology Aerobic Fitness You may discuss the lab with other students but you must do an individual write up that represents your own work. Your submission time will be the time you submit an uncorrupted file to the correct drop box on Moodle. In addition, your lab will be considered late if you do not submit a paper copy by noon on that day. Part One: During the lab, you will complete the following tests of Aerobic Fitness: 1) 1 Mile Walk Test: pg. 286-287 (record 1 mile walk time, heart rate at end of walk) AND 2) PACER from FitnessGram OR 1 Mile Run AND 3) 2 minute step in place test Part Two: Written assignment Enter your scores (estimated VO 2 Max) for the tests you completed in the GoogleDocs spreadsheet. You will need to show your work to get full credit for this assignment. This is an example of showing your work: BYU Jog Test: weight= 60 kg, jog time = 10 minutes, heart rate = 170 bpm, gender = female VO 2 Max = 100.5 - .1636(weight) – 1.438(jog time) - .1928(heart rate) + 8.344(gender) = 100.5 - .1636(60) – 1.438(10) - .1928(170) + 8.344(0)
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3502_Aerobic_Fitness_Lab.docx - KIN 3502: Tests and...

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