Depleting Earth

Depleting Earth - Mathew 1 Our Depleting Earth Although...

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Mathew 1 Our Depleting Earth Although poverty has always existed, in the past couple of decades it has significantly increased because of natural disasters, collapse of governments, horrible economic outcomes, and other circumstances that have left nations in desperate need of help. But what’s more important, the welfare of our fellow human beings or the environment? Recently there has been plenty of discussion about what should be given funding and our attention. Some argue that preserving our depleting earth is more important than taking care of people who are starving, dying from disease, and seeking safety. By not helping these people, we are being inhumane and committing an unethical crime. Arguing that the environment will only get worse if we do not solve the existing problems is not very persuasive. We should be raising more funds, we should be holding benefits that make the public more aware of what is happening in countries beyond our borders, we should be less involved with our lives and help others with theirs. We should not be spending our money on all the things we desire, but should be giving that money to those who need things that we do not find significant. This can be proven in many ways. One of these ways include the use of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which says that food, water, excretion, and maintaining homeostasis. People who are in poverty are not going to think about how others do not respect them and how high their self esteem is (level four), they would be thinking about how they are getting their next meal or keeping their family alive. Most people who are living in populated countries say they want to help others out but are not educated on how to do so. This would put them in level five on Maslow’s pyramid, which means they are beyond their own needs. Once they have reached
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Depleting Earth - Mathew 1 Our Depleting Earth Although...

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