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bicd 100 - lecture 10 - LECTURE 10 1 Chi-square test 2 Sex...

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Unformatted text preview: LECTURE - 10 1. Chi-square test 2. Sex Determination (including anomalies) MENDEL STUDIED SEVEN OBSERVABLE CHARACTERISTICS OF THE PEA PLANT X chromosome • Hermann Henking: In 1891, observed the X chromosome and called it the X body • Clarence McClung: observed the X chromosome in grasshoppers and called it the accessory chromosome. The name later changed to X chromosome. • Nettie Stevens and Edmund Wilson: In 1905 described the XX-XO system in grasshoppers- XX=female XO=male homogametic heterogametic sex Four siblings with Testicular Feminization (44 autosomes +XY) One sister (XX, not shown) was a carrier for the recessive allele and bore a child with testicular feminization. Sex Determination • • • • XX-XO: grasshoppers XX-XY: humans ZW-ZZ: birds, fish Haplodiploidy: (no sex chromosomes) bees, wasps, ants • Environmental: slipper limpets • Genic balance: Drosophila ...
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