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1 - buildings faster I however did not join as many...

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1.I participated in Psychology Studies to help Graduates with experiments 2. 3. Phi Sigma Theta NHS Member 4. Course Section Days Time Building/Room BIOL 1201 001 M W F 8:30-9:30 Cox/101 BIOL 1208 009 W 2:30-5:30 Life Science/133 CHEM 1202 001 T TH 9:00-10:30 Williams/103 CHEM 1212 006 M W 10:30-1:30 Choppin/111 MATH 1550 009 M W F 1:30-2:30 Lockett/5 MATH 1550 009 T TH 1:30-3:00 Lockett/114 5.
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My freshman year was a very fulfilling year that I will never forget. The most significant contribution that I made to LSU during my freshman year was that since I had been taking classes the summer before my freshman year, so when I moved into my new dormitory, my dad and I were helping people get their stuff up the stairs because the elevators were full. We had already experienced the rush from the summer so we knew to be the first ones there, so when I was done we just helped everyone else get settled in. Every time someone was in need of help to finding their class, I would go out of my way to show them how to get there and even give some helpful tips on how to get the certain
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Unformatted text preview: buildings faster. I however did not join as many organizations as I wanted to and I regret it a lot. I was always studying or helping the graduate students in the Psychology Department with experiments. If I had not done those things, I probably would not be filling out this application. My motto is to pay now, and play later-I live by that for every situation that I encounter. Therefore, I have been trying to keep up my good GPA and have helped tutor many of my friends which helped raised their GPA’s a sufficient amount. It was hard at first, but we made a study group and it ended up helping me as well because when I was tutoring them it was helping me understand the information even more. Although I am upset that I did not participate in the organizations at LSU, I would not be as satisfied than I am now, knowing that I have helped influence others to stay on the right track....
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1 - buildings faster I however did not join as many...

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