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ECE 210 University of Illinois Analog Signal Processing Spring 2009 Basar, Franke, Beauchamp Exam 3 Thursday, April 23, 2009 -7:00-8:15 PM Name: Section: 9AM 1 PM 2PM (circle one) Please clearly PRlNT your name IN CAPITAL LETTERS and circle your section in the boxes above. This is a closed book and closed notes exam. Calculators are not allowed. Please show all your work. Backs of pages may be used for scratch work if necessary. All answers should include units wherever appropriate. Problem 1 (25 points) ____ Problem 2 (25 points) Problem 3 (25 points) Pro blem 4 (25 points) Total (l00 points)
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- ------- Problem 1 a) Consider the function J(t) = e 1 u(1-t) . i) Sketch J(t). ii) Find the Fourier transform F(w) ofJ(t) . . ........ ) ~~ '\ b) Consider the convolution yet) = Sinc(2t) * Sinc(St). c. > \\ l.-.v') • ~'"Z- lI-J ) i) Find y(t). S \ V\ C- 7... + b.~ ~ le.c. ..- t- l 4' ) e.. ed- i\ ~ 'Z- F (w) = -------'I-- -f dr- · 0 __ yet) = ii) Specify the complete set of times t when yet) = o. c) For the system descriptions below, circle whether the systems are linear or nonlinear, time invariant or time varying and causal or noncausal. y(t) = SJ(2t) Gor NL TI or @ I yet) = f J(x)dx Q or TI or t9 o
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sp09exam3 (1) - E CE 210 Analog Signal Processing...

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