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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 7 Appendix Starting a new online business 1 Starting a New Online Business Creating a New Company or Adding an Online Project Step 1: Identify a consumer or business need in the marketplace Step 2: Investigate the opportunity Step 3: Determine the business owner’s ability to meet the need 2 Starting a New Online Business Online Business Planning business plan A written document that identifies a company’s goals and outlines how the company intends to achieve the goals and at what cost business case A document that is used to justify the investment of internal, organizational resources in a specific application or project 3 Starting a New Online Business Initial Funding of a New Online Business angel investor A wealthy individual who contributes personal funds and possibly expertise at the earliest stage of business development incubator A company, university, or nonprofit organization that supports businesses in their initial stages of development 4 Starting a New Online Business Secondary Funding a New Online Business venture capital (VC) Money invested in a business by an individual or a group of individuals (venture capitalists) in exchange for equity in the business Additional Funding: A Large Partner The IPO 5 Building or Acquiring a Web Site Classification of Web Sites informational Web site A Web site that does little more than provide information about the business and its products and services interactive Web site A Web site that provides opportunities for the customers and the business to communicate and share information 6 Building or Acquiring a Web Site Classification of Web Sites attractors Web site features that attract and interact with visitors in the target stakeholder group transactional Web site A Web site that sells products and services collaborative Web site A site that allows business partners to collaborate 7 Building or Acquiring a Web Site Building a Web Site Step Step Step Step Step Step 1—Select a Web host 2—Register a domain name 3—Create and manage content 4—Design the Web site 5—Construct the Web site and test 6—Market and promote the Web site 8 Content Creation, Delivery, and Management content The text, images, sound, and video that make up a Web page dynamic Web content Content that is updated infrequently commodity content Information that is widely available and generally free to access on the Web 9 Digital Content Delivery Life Cycle 10 Content Creation, Delivery, and Management Content Creation and Acquisition cross-selling Offering similar or related products and services to increase sales up-selling Offering an upgraded version of the product in order to boost sales and profit Promotion (e.g., coupon, rebate, discount) Comment (e.g., reviews, testimonials expert advice) 11 Content Creation, Delivery, and Management Creating Content: Content is usually created by the site’s owners and developers Buying Content: Content that is acquired from outside sources should be supplemental content, not primary content 12 Content Creation, Delivery, and Management Buying from a Syndicator syndication The sale of the same good (e.g., digital content) to many customers, who then integrate it with other offerings and resell it or give it away free RSS (“Rich Site Summary,” “RDF site summary,” or “Really Simple Syndication”) An XML format for syndicating Web content 13 The Syndication Supply Chain 14 Content Creation, Delivery, and Management Content Creation and Acquisition Content Providers and Networks premium content Content not available elsewhere on the Web 15 Content Creation, Delivery, and Management Content Creation and Acquisition Representative Content-Related Vendors ⌧ Content Delivery Networks personalized content Web content that is prepared to match the needs and expectations of the individual visitor 16 Content Creation, Delivery, and Management Content Creation and Acquisition Delivering Content by E-Newsletter e-newsletter A collection of short, informative articles sent at regular intervals by e-mail to individuals who have an interest in the newsletter’s topic Writing Effective Content Delivering effective content involves not only what is said, but how it is said 17 Content Creation, Delivery, and Management content management The process of adding, revising, and removing content from a Web site to keep content fresh, accurate, compelling, and credible Content Testing Measuring Content Quality Pitfalls of Content Management Content Removal Content Management Software 18 Content Creation, Delivery, and Management Catalog Content and Its Management For buyers who aggregate suppliers’ catalogs on their own Web sites, content management begins with engaging suppliers and then collecting, standardizing, classifying, hosting, and continually updating their catalog data Translation of Content to Other Languages The primary problems with language customization are cost and speed 19 Content Creation, Delivery, and Management Content Maximization and Streaming Services Many companies provide media-rich content, such as video clips, music, or Flash media, in an effort to reach their target audience with an appealing marketing message These and other content providers are concerned about the download time from the user’s perspective 20 Web Site Design information architecture How the site and its Web pages are organized, labeled, and navigated to support browsing and searching throughout the Web site deep linking Entry into a Web site via the site’s interior pages, not the homepage, typically through search engines or external links 21 A Simple Hierarchical Web Site Structure 22 Web Site Design site navigation Aids that help visitors find the information they need quickly and easily 23 Web Site Design Site Map and Navigation frame An HTML element that divides the browser window into two or more separate windows A Generic Navigation Bar 24 Web Site Design Consistency look and feel The elements, including layout, typeface, colors, graphics, and navigation aids, that visually distinguish a site from any other 25 A Web Page Layout Grid 26 Web Site Design Performance Speed ranks at or near the top of every list of essential design considerations, for good reason Visitors who have to wait more than a few seconds for a Web page to load are likely to hit the “stop” or “back” button and go somewhere else 27 Web Site Design Colors and Graphics The key to effective use of color and graphics is to design the site to match the expectations of the target audience Other rules that guide the use of color and graphics on Web sites are provided in Online File W16.12 28 Web Site Design Quality Assurance Quality assurance is about making sure the Web site design is properly tested before it is launched and ensuring that it continues to perform up to expectations after launch A lesson most Web designers can learn from total quality management (TQM) principles is to design the site for easy maintenance 29 Providing EC Support Services Who Builds the Web Site? Do It Yourself internal Web site development The process of building and/or maintaining the Web site with company staff Outsource external Web site development When the business hires another firm to build and/or maintain the Web site 30 Providing EC Support Services Hybrid partnering Web site development When a mixture of internal and external development is used to build and/or maintain a Web site 31 Providing EC Support Services Web site construction The initial content creation, design, programming, and installation phases of a Web site’s development Web site maintenance The on-going process of keeping the Web site open for business, managing content, fixing problems, and making incremental additions to the site 32 Providing EC Support Services Managing Web Site Construction Start with a plan Set goals early and stick to them Use a fixed-price contract Justify graphics and features 33 Providing EC Support Services Payments: Accepting Credit Cards card-not-present (CNP) transaction A credit card transaction in which the merchant does not verify the customer’s signature 34 Providing EC Support Services Web Site Promotion Internal Web Site Promotion signature file A simple text message an e-mail program automatically adds to outgoing messages search engine optimization (SEO) The application of strategies intended to position a Web site at the top of Web search engines 35 Providing EC Support Services Customer Relationship Management Listening to Customers e-mail discussion list A group of people who share a common interest and who communicate with each other via e-mail messages managed by e-mail list software electronic discussion (e-forum) A portion of the Web site where visitors can post questions, comments, and answers chat group A portion of the Web site where visitors can communicate synchronously 36 ...
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