if then primary substance in the metaphysics

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Unformatted text preview: not an ontologically basic item in the world—a scholar is just a human with a liberal education.”) If then primary substance (in the Metaphysics conception of primary substance) cannot be a form-matter compound, what is primary substance? The possibilities seem to be: matter and form. (Aristotle actually discusses more possibilities—this is a simplification.) Metaphysics Z.3: the subject criterion In Z.3, Aristotle considers the claim of matter to be substance, and rejects it. Substance must be separable and a this something (usually translated, perhaps misleadingly, as “an individual”). • Separable: to be separable is to be nonparasitic. Qualities, and other nonsubstances of the Categories, are not separable. They only exist in substances. Separability, then, amounts to independent existence. • This something: [there is much dispute over what Aristotle means by this odd locution] “Individual” comes close, except for the suggestion that only a primary substance of the Categories could count as a “this something”. Perhaps an individual plant or animal counts as a this something, but perhaps other things do, too. For Aristotle seems to count form as, in some way, a this something (e.g., H.1, 1042a28). But, as a rough gloss, individuality seems to be what is at issue. Now it may seem puzzling that matter should be thought to fail the “separability/individuality” test. For: Copyright © 2004, S. Marc Cohen 3 Last modified 12/4/2004 10:49 PM • Separability: It seems that the matter of a compound is capable of existing separately from it. (The wood of which a tree is composed can continue to exist after the tree has ceased to exist.) • Individuality: We can certainly pick out a...
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