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ENZYME ACTIVITY Stephanie Chanthavong December 8, 2009 Lab No. 6 Morrill Science Center III
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ABSTRACT This lab observed the effect of pH level on substrate concentration, and overall enzyme activity. The pH levels of pH3, pH5, pH9 and pH12 were tested along with the neutral controls of pH7: one being negative (no active enzyme) and the other positive (enzyme activity). Each of these pH concentrations were mixed with 1mL of substrate and 1mL of buffer. After two minutes, stop solution was added to each test tube to stop the enzyme activity. The test tubes were then placed in a centrifuge to separate the substrate concentration from the product. The remaining solution after removal of the product, was placed in a spectrophotometer to measure the absorbency of substrate concentration. The results of the spectrophotometer readings were not accurate even after creating alternate control test tubes (after the first set failed to meet the expectations of the spectrophotometer readings: negative control should have read o absorbency, and positive control should have had a high reading). The readings must have been tarnished due to contaminated pH supplies or more likely on the imbalanced ratio of pH concentration to other concentrations (substrate, buffer, stop). The highest reading of absorbency should have been visible in the neutral state at pH7.
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