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Discussion Questions 9

Discussion Questions 9 - Discussion Questions 9 1 What...

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Discussion Questions 9 1. What stays with us longer – good or bad events? Explain. Bad events tend to stay with us longer. We focus on those events because they make us feel greater emotion such as fear overpowering happiness. Those events that make us fear make us feel a greater need for leadership and in turn, makes a leader feel a greater need to keep bad things from us and hidden. When we do see a bad event, we have greater anxiety do to that fear and want making us remember it longer. 2. How do social structures and norms offer us defenses against anxiety? We have made our lives into such a way that we feel a sense of security. According to the author, “Civilization quells our fears by creating the illusion that we are living in a safe, orderly, coherent world.” We believe that our entire way of live has been built on keeping us safe to the point that we just hand our worries to leaders and relax into the flow of our culture.
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