Chapter 2 Notes - Constitution (Chapter 2) - Constitutional...

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Constitution (Chapter 2) - Constitutional laws are assumed to be supreme laws. Beyond reproach. I. What is a constitution? i. Restricts the power of authority ii. Structure the institutions and rules of the government iii. Governs behavior of its citizens iv. Its laws are a sort of “higher” law b. Constitutions dictate the type of government i. Monarchies (rule by one) ii. Aristocracies (rule by few) iii. Democracies (rule by many) c. What type do we have? i. We have a mixed system. i.e. President, Senate and Representatives who share power (representative democracy) II. America’s Constitution a. World’s oldest constitution. It is relatively short compared to other written constitutions. III. The Beginnings of American Government a. The constitution framers incorporated two basic principles of government that had evolved in England i. Limited Government : A government on which strict limits are placed, usually by a constitution. ii. Representative Government : Government in which the people, by whatever means, elect individuals to make governmental decisions for all of its citizens IV. Declaration of Independence a. July 4th, 1776, Thomas Jefferson wrote most of it. Established the basis of
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Chapter 2 Notes - Constitution (Chapter 2) - Constitutional...

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