Chapter 6 & 7 Notes

Chapter 6 & 7 Notes - Political Parties/Interest...

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Political Parties/Interest Groups A political party is a group of individuals outside the government who organize to win elections, operate the government, and determine policy 1. What do political parties do? a. Recruit and nominate candidates for political office. b. Help educate the public about political issues c. Coordinate policy among the various branches and levels of government d. The “out party” acts a watchdog and provides a check on the activities of the party in power. e. Run campaigns including nominating conventions. 2. Weak parties vs. Strong parties a. Strong parties or the “responsible party” model – i. Whichever party wins a national election has control over the government ii. They have “control” or party discipline over the members who serve their party 1. To run for office the party must approve it. Party Lists determine who can run in the district. iii. Members must vote party line or they could lose their seats. iv. Unlike the US, members serving in parliament also have positions in the government (bureaucracy) – if they don’t support the party, they could lose their jobs v. Cannot publicly criticize the party vi. The party leader is chosen by its members to be prime minister (President) vii. Since no separation of power or federalism, they control policies b. America’s 2-Party System (weak system) i. The US has a 2-party system – Democrats and Republicans dominate politics. Our system can result in a divided government ii. Reasons for a 2-Party System; 1. The first major political division in the country, Federalists
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Chapter 6 & 7 Notes - Political Parties/Interest...

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