Chapter 9 Notes - Presidential Elections Presidential...

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Presidential Elections Presidential elections have two stages; Nomination Process (determining who each parties nominee will be) and the general election (campaign between the parties nominees) Presidential nomination campaigns have four critical stages; Invisible primary, initial contest, mist clearing, convention o Invisible Primary: Prior to the primary season. Establishment of viability for president (i.e. whether a candidate can raise money) o Initial Contest: New Hampshire and Iowa are traditionally the first states to hold primaries and caucuses Caucus method: Have precinct caucuses where voters must physically go to a meeting and join a group who supports a particular candidate. The membership of each group is counted and the group with most members wins. State Presidential Primaries: voters go to a polling station and directly elect delegates In primaries, it is not winner take all, rather candidates get delegates in proportion of their vote However, today because of frontloading, the nominee is usually chosen early (this is an outlier election) Frontloading: where states move their primary dates are earlier in the primary season to gain more influence in the choice of nominees (Michigan and Florida punished) Frontloading favors “well known” candidates. With
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Chapter 9 Notes - Presidential Elections Presidential...

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