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Com Midterm Review Answers - Sternbergss Triangular Theory...

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Sternbergs’s Triangular Theory of Love Symbolic Interactionism Theory – the ability to share symbols with others helps us come to know ourselves. Sapir-Whorf hypothesis – the language we speak affects how we perceive the world “I” vs. “You” statements – I : willingness to take responsibility for our own feelings and actions. You: avoid responsibility and blame others. Communication Accommodation Theory – explains our tendency to code switch. Code switching : ability to switch from one language code to another Social Knowledge – understand and achieve goals with other people in our culture Declarative Knowledge – knowledge of culture, roles, situations, and people Procedural Knowledge – knowledge of how to meet goals by using plans of action Types of Schemas (knowledge structure where we hold social knowledge) 1. Personal – what kind of person am i? 2. Self – what type of person am i? 3. Relational – exists in any personal relationship Self-Concept – content or structure of what a person thinks about him or herself Self Esteem – positive or negative evaluation of that self-information Encoding – the speaker sending the message Decoding - the receiver listening and reacting to the speakers message Psychodynamic Theories - asserts that gender developments is determined early in life Social Learning Theories - gender develops from positive and negative reinforcements Passion Commitment Intimacy
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Com Midterm Review Answers - Sternbergss Triangular Theory...

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