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Persuasive Speech Name: Ryan Ingalls Date: Wednesday, April 15, 2009 Section Number: 002 TA Name: Geneviève Risner Section Leader Name: Karen Title: Inspi(RED) to Buy (RED) Products Topic: (RED) campaign, to aid in the fight against AIDS Purpose Statement: Don’t buy just any product when you can buy a (RED) product. Audience Analysis: A. Demographics. My audience may not know what (RED) products are and why the campaign exists. My speech will need to be very informative and persuasive in order to get people to buy a red product instead of a normal product. B. Psychographics. It is possible that someone in the audience may know someone who has contracted the AIDS virus or have HIV, which will possibly spark their interest more to buy a (RED) product. I will need to make my speech exciting as well because I am not the only speaker, so they may be bored of speeches by the time it is my turn to give my speech. C. Verbal Considerations. The demographics and psychographics require me to speak in an engaging tone. This topic is also very important worldwide, so I need to speak with a tone that demands attention. Also, because my audience may not be very interested or concerned with the AIDS pandemic, I need to speak with emotion that this pandemic is very serious. D. Nonverbal Considerations. Since the audience will have listened to speeches all class period, I have to keep their attention, by trying to re-establish the main-point I am trying to get at all throughout my speech. I will also try to mover around a little bit so I can seem less like a speaker and more like a friend type figure speaking about this issue.
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