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Special Occasion Speech - Ryan Ingalls Section 002 SL:...

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Ryan Ingalls Section 002 SL: Karen Special Occasion Speech When you researched your business leader, what methods did you use? I am sure at least one you guys used the search engine Google, I know I did, which I also use at least once a day. Google is arguably one of the best search engines out today, and one of the most popular. If it weren’t for the guy I researched, Sergey Brin, we all would not have the ease in finding the information we seek when we go to Google. Sergey Brin is the co-founder of Google Inc., but what most people don’t know is how he came do be this famous man who is worth roughly 18.7 billion dollars. He was actually born in Moscow Russia in August of 1973, where his family lived a deprived life. In May of 1979, his family was granted their travel visas, and left Russia for the United States. In 1993 he graduated from the University of Maryland, and began attending Stanford University, where he quickly became friends with a guy named Larry Page. Larry Page ended up helping Sergey Brin with starting up Google, which began in just a rented
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Special Occasion Speech - Ryan Ingalls Section 002 SL:...

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