9:16:09 Lecture Session 4

9:16:09 Lecture Session 4 - • McDermotts assumptions...

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Lecture Session 4 16/09/2009 14:07:00  McDermott: Opiate of Intellectuals Mesthene’s essay is worth extended analysis because…. Ideology in this  country…(88) Mesthene’s abstract analysis and its equally abstract…   problems too? (90) Laissez – Innover Technology, in their view, is a silf-correcting system. Temporary oversight or  “negative externalities” will and should be corrected by technological means.  Attempts to restrict the free play of technological innovation are, in the nature  of the case, self-defeating. Technological innovation exhibits a distinct  tendency to work for the general welfare in the long run. Laissez-innover! What reasons to they give…. Accruing to their corporation (91)
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Unformatted text preview: • McDermotts assumptions about MEsthene o Mesthene appears to accept technological trends but then blunt the conclusions by attributing to technology so much flexibility and scientifically purity that it becomes an abstraction infinitely malleable in behalf of good, pacific, just, and egalitarian purposes o The men and women who are elevated by technology into commanding positions written various decision-making bureaucracies exhibit no generalized drive for power such as characterized, say, the landed gentry of preindustrial Europe or the capitalist entrepreneur of the last country 16/09/2009 14:07:00 ← 16/09/2009 14:07:00 ←...
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9:16:09 Lecture Session 4 - • McDermotts assumptions...

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