10:07:09 Lecture Session 9

10:07:09 Lecture Session 9 - sure the production and use of...

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Lecture Session 9 07/10/2009 14:06:00 The foreground of technology What is the foreground and background of technology? Wine example (49) He finds three major…. Has been dissolved (51) Advertising example 52-53 Advertising does not create the consumer culture but regulates it. And it does  more than that. It brings it to the fore and makes it palpable. First, commodities… with the commodities… (53) Commodity In sum, what makes something a commodity in not interpretation or projection (a  psychological matter) but its structure and construction (an antological matter)? To be 
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Unformatted text preview: sure, the production and use of devices in turn rest on an agreement and understanding about the dominant way of taking up with reality. Thus the antological matter may have social foundation A Mere Stone Axe The relevance of the stone axe • Expertise (knowing where to find materials) • Use value for fires, building, infrastructure • Social relations (trading partners, gender relations, etc) • Social status (clan system) • Emotional (masculinity) 07/10/2009 14:06:00 ← 07/10/2009 14:06:00 ←...
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10:07:09 Lecture Session 9 - sure the production and use of...

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