10:26:09 Lecture Session 14

10:26:09 Lecture Session 14 - relationships, character...

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Lecture Session 14 26/10/2009 14:04:00 Perspective and Vision Does technology affect the way in which we perceive things? Think about the  differences between your perception and those of your parents, then your grandparents,  then people 500 years ago. If you can do this, then ask yourself whether you can  imagine why any differences are framed by technology. Borgmann’s world of things was a world in which the availability of commodities  was lacking. The technologies used to procure them required sophisticated social 
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Unformatted text preview: relationships, character traits, and expertises. This was the kind of world that Sharpe suggests of the Austrailians, a sophisticated world built around procuring commoditites that were not readily available through technologies that were difficult to make. ← What happened when the steel axe was circulated? I tbegan to change the perception of the Austrailians. They started to see the world differently in all senses – religious, family, personal, and so on. 26/10/2009 14:04:00 ← 26/10/2009 14:04:00 ←...
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10:26:09 Lecture Session 14 - relationships, character...

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