11:11:09 Lecture Session 17

11:11:09 Lecture Session 17 - o Sustenin and Thaler, in...

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Lecture Session 17 (Collins and Pinch) 11/11/2009 15:04:00 Technology, Risk, and Politics The things we call technologies… … nuts and bolts (30-31) The idea we mist now examine and evaluate is that certain kinds of   technology are inherently political, and to choose them is to choose a   particular form of political life… One argument claims that… … in order to run (31) A second, somewhat… … more accessible systems. (32) How do technologies and artifacts affect us? How are technological politics possible?
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Unformatted text preview: o Sustenin and Thaler, in Nudge argue that there are many ways in which people are influenced without even knowing it. This is especially the case with respect to how technologies are designed to interact with human users, from credit card swiping consoles, to roadways, to cafeteria designs • How well do humans make judgments with regard to the everyday technologies we tend to use? • 11/11/2009 15:04:00 ← 11/11/2009 15:04:00 ←...
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11:11:09 Lecture Session 17 - o Sustenin and Thaler, in...

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