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Final Exam Review Answers

Final Exam Review Answers - Optimism/Pessimism Optimism...

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Optimism/Pessimism Optimism: Optimists hold the technology and its products are value neutral; technologies are passive tools which can be used for good or evil Pessimism: The attitude of pessimism is based on the idea that optimists have not gotten to the bottom of the problems produced by technologies, and they do not look at the social costs of technology. Technology and Opportunity New technology creates new opportunities for men and societies, and also generates new problems for them. It has both positive and negative effects, and it usually has the two at the same time and in virtue of each other
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Technology and Social Values (Mesthene 78) Technology has a direct impact on values by virtue of its capacity for creating new opportunities. By making possible what was not possible before, it offers individuals and society new options to choose from. Technology thus has the effect of facing is with contradictions in our own value system and of calling for deliberate attention to their resolution Lexus and the Olive Tree Olive Tree: It is basically our culture and our history, its what represents us, identifies us, and locates us in the world. It is basically our roots and our core beliefs Lexus: Represents our drive for improvement, prosperity, and modernization. It is basically the drive to pursue higher living standards. Dun Beetle The local tribe was dependant on the buffalo to survive. They had many ways to locate the nearest buffalo heard. One of there very simple ways was to use the dun beetle. The antennae of the dun beetle would always point towards the nearest heard, no matter how far they were away. So all they had to do was go to the hills in there area and look which
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Final Exam Review Answers - Optimism/Pessimism Optimism...

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