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Review Sheet IAH 206 Pessimism/Optimism Concepts used to understand the effects of technology: Technology and opportunity Technology and social values Democratic control over technology Social stratification and technology Environmental Justice and Technology Racism/Classism and technology Celio Falls and Diamond Devices/Things Stone/steel axe example Basic content of any films ( Trashed, Homeland, Mindwalk , etc.) Dunn Beetle example Role of Farmers in Maize storage case
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Unformatted text preview: Winner’s examples Knowledge of relationships (interrelationships) Mechanistic world view (clock example) Hearth example Experts versus lay people Rational/irrational perceptions of risk Risk heuristics Demonstration /experiment Commodity Google article (points made in article and in class) Concerns of Cumbrian sheep farmers Technology, social stratification, democracy Aura/mechanically reproduced art Main point of Men on the Moon...
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