9:8:09 Motion of Planets and Laws of Motion

9:8:09 Motion of Planets and Laws of Motion - • Embraced...

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08/09/2009 07:37:00 Planets All go around the Sun in the same direction o Except for Pluto, they are in nearly circular orbits in thin plane. Retrograde Motion Like the Sun, planets usually appear to move eastward relative to the stars But as we pass them by in orbit, they move west relative to the stars for a few  weeks or months Noticeable over many nights; on a single night, a planet rises in the east and  sets in the west Ptolamiac Model Earth was the center of the universe Planets and sun orbit around the earth
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Unformatted text preview: • Embraced by ancient Greeks such as Aristotle ← Copernicus (1543) • Proposed the sun was in the center • Assumed each planets is on circular orbit around the sun • Science works for what it aims to do. Effectiveness form systematic testing and observation and natural explanations. ← Galileo (Early 1600’s) • First to use telescope to look at night sky • Discovered o Milky Way = myriads of stars o Phases of Venus Confirmed heliocentric model o Sunspots o Craters, maria on Moon o Rings of Saturn o 4 moons orbiting Jupiter ←...
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