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American_Presidency_1st_exam_notes[1] - Jason M Vass...

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Jason M. Vass American Presidency 1 st Exam Notes How does Pres. Bush see the last year of his Presidency, will he play small-ball or big- ball. Presidential Powers Veto Power - Administrative Power - War-making Power - Pardoning Power - Treaty Making - Appointment making power - These are people who played major role in crafting the contours of the Presidential office. They based their judgments no only on Locke, Hobbes, etc.. They had 3 models to choose from how to shape the presidency. 1. Absolute Executive Power – the framers rejected this, because Executives in colonies before war had more power then they liked, They could dissolve congress, generate subject matter legislatures dealt with. Governors ruled in anyway they saw fit. First loyalty was to British crown. And since the crown became a symbol of British Rule, the framers rejected it. Voting in this period was limited to those who had a great deal of land. 1 in 50 white males could serve. Legislatures were made up of wealthiest elements in colonies and were easily bought off by King and governors, led them to support whatever the governor wanted. Only time Governor needed legislature was to get money that was used to run government. With outbreak of revolution, all the states were asked to create their own constitution and most states created a Governor that had only one year terms. Legislatures chose councils to check the governor, and when decisions were reached the Gov. only had one vote and members of council could easily overpower him. Governors cabinet was chosen by legislature, and in some states the governor himself was chosen by the legislature. The same model appeared in government at time of revolution especially in the Articles of Confederation, that did not even create executive it created the Continental Congress, since they needed an administrative agency they chose three people from state legislature to do this. This show how contemptuous people were of Executive authority. They then realized that without a strong executive that could provide civilian leadership that was needed to win war. The states that had not yet adopted a constitution, in 1777 New York State was in process of drafting const. and had been under heavy attack by British, and the state legislature was on run from British, and the constitution they created was different and provided a strong executive. The NY constitution rejected the notion of legislative supremacy, established a governor who would have the supreme executive power of state, had unitary executive that had
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powers not yet seen, and gave a three year term. Third they mad his service in office in determinant and could run as many times as they wanted. They were given power of commander in chief of the armed forces, and admiral of the nave, power to pardon criminals (to try and persuade NY residents who sided with British to pardon them and forgive their crime and win them over and get support for war), could convene legislature in extraordinary session. He had to inform the legislature of the state of the
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American_Presidency_1st_exam_notes[1] - Jason M Vass...

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