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ISP 205: Visions of the Universe Fall 2009, Section 1 The following is a study guide for the 3rd test. IMPORTANT CAUTIONARY NOTE: This is a general outline of the material that will be covered on the exam. It may be useful in helping you to spend your time studying the most relevant material. However, it is only an outline, and is NOT a replacement for studying your notes, the appropriate sections of the book, and the homework. - The Sun as a star - the fundamental processes by which it produces energy, Ch 10.1-2 - Surveying the stars (Ch. 11) Understanding the ”Hertzprung-Russell” (H-R) diagram is fun- damental to this subject. It is very important. How the luminosity and temperature of a star are determined, including the relationship between Fux, luminosity, and distance. Why mass is so important for a star. - The lives of stars (Ch. 12.2-4) What is the energy source for stars on the main sequence? Why and how they evolve o± of the main sequence. How the timescale for the evolutionary process
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