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Ryan Ingalls ISS 328 Sports Conjucture Conjucture: Kalin Lucas is more successful shooting free throws at home than on the road or neutral site Data: All Free Throws Attempted by Kalin Lucas during the 2009-2010 season ( Make Miss Home 78 20 Away 47 17 Null Hypothesis: The difference in performance is due to chance P-Value: 0.234586 (one Tail) It is a one tail test because the conjecture is that Kalin can shoot free throws better at home than away from home. The Chi Square Test shows that the probability of this difference or a greater
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Unformatted text preview: one being due to chance is 23.5%. This can also be said as the probability of erroneously rejecting the true null hypothesis is 23.5%. This is way over the usual criterion for statistical significance of .05. With this being said we can not be confident that these distributions are truly different and that Kalin can truly shoot better at home than he does away from home....
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