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Unformatted text preview: KIN 320 - Classsroom Notes Ankle / Foot Anatomy Schaphiod common place for s tress fractures Fall 2010 1 KIN 320 - Classsroom Notes Fall 2010 2 KIN 320 - Classsroom Notes Fall 2010 3 KIN 320 - Classsroom Notes Lower Leg Anatomy W hen both bones break, watch out for vascular concerns. Fall 2010 4 KIN 320 - Classsroom Notes Tibial nerve Plantaris muscle Peroneus longus Tibial artery and vein Anterior tibialis Gastrocnemius Common peroneal nerve Lateral head of the gastrocnemius muscle Soleus Soleus muscle Peroneus brevis Extensor digitorum longus Superior extensor retinaculum Extensor hallucis longus Achilles Tendon Inferior extensor retinaculum BE FAMILIAR WITH THESE MUSCLES Anterior Compartment Ilio-tibial band Anterior tibialis Peroneus longus muscle Extensor digitorum longus Muscle Soleus muscle Gastrocnemius muscle Peroneus longus tendon Extensor digitorum Longus tendons Peroneus teritius tendon Peroneus brevis tendon Fall 2010 5 KIN 320 - Classsroom Notes Lateral Compartment Posterior Compartment Posterior Compartment Fall 2010 6 ...
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