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Sommariva 1 Nicholas Sommariva Maureen McCarthy English 101_002 6 October 2011 Archive Description: I Remain I Remain : A Digital Archive of Letters, Manuscripts, and Ephemera is a collection that represents a variety of lives from presidents to every day people. The archive is stored at Lehigh University and offers a glimpse into the past. After exploring what this archive has to offer I give it a four star rating out of five. The website offers a clean, crisp and user-friendly experience. This digital archive has over letters over five centuries old and features over 400 writers. It offers a look into areas of the past and is organized into categories: arts, daily life, features, honor, language, Lehigh history, science, travel, war and politics, working writer, and writing through the centuries. Searching the site worked well. I searched by name of people or by event, such as World War II, and in both instances appropriate articles came up. The
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