L4 Relational Development

L4 Relational Development - RelationalDevelopment...

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Relational Development 19:01 Introduction Talk Card Goals: Self Presentation: Communicating our identity to others Relationship: Communicating our feelings and status to others Achievement: Communicating desires for self advancement Identity satisfies inclusion, control, affection needs Balanced “I,” “Me” is essential Identity Needs + Goals and Values Drives: Card topics and Card styles and Defines the relationship between the parties Key is to Focus on Relational Goals Need to Connect: Develop Relationships Definition of Relationship A social bond of intimacy Created through the exchange of messages Three kinds of information displayed when playing a talk card in a talk game: Cultural: Ethnicity, age, gender Social: Group membership Interpersonal: Unique, personal qualities, desires, attitudes Relational Messages in Topics: Personal information topic choices Topics respecting the other’s interests Topics chosen to direct behavior Relational Messages in Styles:
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L4 Relational Development - RelationalDevelopment...

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