Lecture 9 - Lecture9:Coordination CreatingInterdependence...

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Lecture 9: Coordination -Creating Interdependence 19:01 Introduction Conflict Management is Key Constructive conflict is issue-focused Destructive conflict is needs-focused Managing Conflict Constructively Enhances Coordination Motive to Connect: Coordination Definition:  Creating interdependence To exchange resources And sentiment To achieve organizational goals Types of interdependence Pooled: common resources, but independent activities Sharing information and resources Useful when decisions are not needed by connection is needed Not useful when organizations must adapt to change Sequential: time-dependent Information passed from station to station Useful for top down management structure Not useful for adapting to change or stimulating creativity Reciprocal: input from others Individuals working together Not useful in a crisis when top down leadership is needed Or people don’t want to interact
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Lecture 9 - Lecture9:Coordination CreatingInterdependence...

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