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Sightseeing No visit to Petersburg would complete without a tour of LeConte Glacier. Boat and air charters are available throughout the week to take visitors to this spectacular and picturesque glacier. Air charters and rental boats will take visitors to one of 20 remote rental Forest Service cabins for fishing and experiencing the solitude of the wilderness. Over 50 miles of picturesque roads run through Mitkof Island. These roads offer photo opportunities for wildlife including deer and eagles. The state’s Crystal Lake fish hatchery at Blind Slough is located at mile 17 on the Mitkof Highway. Little Norway Festival For four days in mid-May, you can see men and boys wearing the coats, knee breeches, and tasseled knee socks of old Norway. The women and girls wear beautifully
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Unformatted text preview: embroidered caps and aprons. Tablecloths of red, white, and Norwegian blue are spread under platters of seafood and traditional Scandinavian dishes. This all happens during the Little Norway Festival. During the festival, museum tours, plays, concessions, and a parade are available for everyone to enjoy. A festival dance includes polkas and schottisches that prompt whoops and stamping of feet as the dancers crowd the floor. Salmon Derby A four-day salmon derby, held in late May, provides an opportunity for anglers to vie for prizes and cash for catching fish. The Salmon Derby flier explains the rules of the derby and is available at the Petersburg Chamber of Commerce....
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