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One of the San Juan Islands in Washington State, Orcas Island has long been a favorite destination for generations of vacationers. Located approximately 60 miles north of Seattle, it lies in the Strait of Georgia between Anacortes and Vancouver Island. To the north, on the mainland, is Vancouver, B.C. With its fjord-like bays and sounds, deep harbors, lakes, streams, and waterfalls, Orcas is considered the most spectacular of the islands. The island is over 56 square miles in size and has more than 125 miles of saltwater shoreline. Winding roads fan out from the business and social center of Eastsound village to the nearby communities of Deer Harbor, Orcas, and Olga. One of the greatest assets of the island is Mt. Constitution in Moran State Park, which offers panoramic views of the entire archipelago and is surrounded by miles of trails and sparkling lakes. Bicycling Safety Orcas Island is the most challenging of the islands for bicycles. This is due to the narrow windy roads and hilly terrain. When bicycling on the island, consider the following safety tips:
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