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March 14, 19-- Mr. Aaron M. Strong Human Resources Department Dallas International 6201 Great Ring Boulevard Dallas, TX 75231 Dear Mr. Strong: At the request of Ms. Annmarie Stockton, I am sending you this verification of her employment with Fairchild Manufacturing Company from January 1988 to the present. Ms. Stockton was originally employed on a part-time basis. After six months, she was hired for the full-time position of junior accountant in the accounting department. She held this position for two years and was responsible for computing the voluntary payroll
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Unformatted text preview: deductions for each of our 4,000 employees. During the past year, she has been a wage-and-hour spet in the accounting department. I highly recommend Ms. Stockton because she is willing to undertake anything assigned to her and carry it through to completion. You will be doing yourself and your company a service by hiring her. Sincerely yours, Rose K. Wooten Personnel Department urs...
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