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AGREEMENT BETWEEN REINBERG MANUFACTURING AND LABOR WORKER’S UNION TRANSFERS AND MOVING EXPENSES 1. Employees shall be reimbursed for transfers resulting from their assignment to a location by REINBERG MANUFACTURING (hereinafter designated as RM ). 2. Employees transferring to another location at their own request due to bidding or exercise of seniority shall be provided with service charge waived, space available transportation for self and family. 3. Employees transferring to another station to avoid furlough resulting in reduction in force shall be provided with on-line space available transportation of personal effects up to 4,000 pounds at no cost to the employee. 4. Each employee requested by RM to be away from regular base on duty shall receive expenses. 5. RM will provide the LABOR WORKER’S UNION (hereinafter designated the LWU ) a copy of the applicable
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Unformatted text preview: RM regulations and subsequent revisions thereto. SICK LEAVE 1. All employees will be credited with eight (8) hours of sick leave for each month of their employment. 2. Sick leave may be retained but not accrued during periods of lay off or leave of absence. 3. An employee shall report to his RM supervisor that he is ill and unable to work at least two (2) hours prior to the start of his shift if at all possible. 4. The employee and the LWU recognize their obligations to prevent absence for other reasons than illness and injury, or other abuses of the sick leave provisions, and pledge their wholehearted cooperation to RM to prevent abuse. 5. If RM , at any time, grants additional sick leave or assistance to any employee, the LWU will deem this a precedence requiring additional sick leave or assistance in any other case....
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