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MODULE 1: DEFINING NEWSLETTER ELEMENTS Designing a Newsletter The demand for newsletters in the private and business sectors has helped to promote the desktop publishing revolution. Affordable word processing and desktop publishing software, along with laser printers, significantly reduced the cost of producing professional-quality newsletters. Now, users with limited budgets can create multiple page documents in-house, providing organizations, businesses, or individuals with a cost- effective means of communicating. Newsletters are one of the most common means of communicating information and ideas to other people. Newsletters may be published by individuals, associations, clubs, churches, schools, businesses, consultants, service organizations, political organizations, government offices, and other organizations all over the world. Designing a newsletter may appear to be a simple task, but newsletters are more complex than they appear. Newsletters may be the ultimate test of your desktop publishing skills. Remember that your goal is to get the message across. Design is important because it increases the overall appeal of your newsletters, but content is still the most important consideration. Whether your purpose for creating a newsletter is to
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