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SECTION 1: COMPUTERS IN COMMUNICATIONS Computers have become central to the communications industry. They play a vital role in telecommunications, publishing, and news services. Telecommunications The industry that provides for communication across distances is called telecommunications. The telephone industry uses computers to switch and route calls automatically over telephone lines. Today, many kinds of information move over such lines, including the spoken word, faxes, and computer data. Data can be sent over telephone lines from computer to computer using a device known as a modem. One kind of data frequently sent by modem is electronic mail, or e-mail, which can be sent from person to person via the Internet or an online service. A recent innovation in telecommunications is teleconference, which allows people in various locations to see and hear one another and thus hold virtual meetings. Publishing Just twenty years ago, a book manuscript would have to be typeset mechanically or on a typesetting machine and then reproduced on a printing press. Now anyone who has access to a computer and either a modem or a printer can undertake what has come to be known as electronic publishing. Writers and editors use word processing applications to produce text. Illustrations and photographs are digitized, or turned into computer- readable files, by means of inexpensive scanners. Artists and designers use drawing and
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